150 TPH Crushing Plant Sold to Middle East

Luton 150 tph crushing plant sold to Middle East in 2019. At the beginning of 2019, a customer from UAE asked us for crushing equipment with detailed needs and strict requirements. After more than half a year of communication and comparison, we stood out among many competent suppliers and the customer placed an order from us for a stone crushing line with a capacity of 150tp.

Brief Introduction of 150 TPH Crushing Plant Sold to Middle East

The customer was from the UAE, but the equipment was to be used in Palestine. When we learned that the stone often mined in the area is limestone, we recommended the impact crusher to the customer. This type of stone crusher, crushes the stone by striking it, so it can get aggregates with excellent granularity and suitable size.

Impact crusher

This is despite the customer’s limited space on site and strict requirements for the percentage of final discharge size. With our years of accumulated experience and detailed explanations, the customer approved that our equipment can fully meet the customer’s needs.

We finally provided the customer with a production line consisting of feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen and belt conveyor with a capacity of 150 tons per hour.

The whole 150 tph crushing plant sold to Middle East is controlled through the central electric control cabinet, which is easy to operate. Moreover, the design size of the whole production line is completely within the scope of the customer’s site, solving the problem of insufficient area of the customer’s site.

150 TPH Crushing Plant Sold to Middle East
150 TPH Crushing Plant Sold to Middle East

Sent to Our Cutomer

Due to the urgency of the customer’s equipment needs, we ramped up production and had all the equipment ready within a month and sent it to the customer via container.

Test Run of 150 TPH Crushing Plant Sold to Middle East

After the equipment arrived at the customer’s site, it was installed quickly and put into operation smoothly with the help of our technicians.

The equipment has been in operation for many years and the whole line has been running well since the customer maintained it on time and replaced the parts regularly.

150 TPH Crushing Plant Sold to Middle East

Quality Certificates

LUTON GROUP CO.,LTD  is a joint-stock enterprises , already have over 20 years exporting experience with the certification of ISO 9001:2000 quality management system,CE (European Standard),BV certificates and own 6 national patents, our products have passed the metrological qualification certification of the State Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau.

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While we insist on quality, we also provide our customers with solutions that meet their needs, so that the equipment can be used to maximum effect at their sites.

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