Applications of Stone Crusher Machine

Stone crusher machine, also named as mining crushing equipment, which can usually process the mined natural stone into high quality sand and gravel aggregate, is widely used in various construction fields, and today we will introduce the main applications of stone crusher machine in various fields in turn.

Applications of Stone Crusher Machine

Four Applications of Stone Crusher Machine

1. Infrastructure

The development of every country is inseparable from infrastructure, and whether it is the construction of roads, airports or bridges, dams. High quality sand and gravel aggregate is indispensable.

Infrastructure construction usually requires high quality aggregates of different sizes, and the requirements for stone are very strict. Especially for projects such as highways and airstrips, there are strict standards for the grain size and proportion of aggregates, which need to be equipped with reasonably configured stone crushing plants to meet such high requirements. In the face of the strict requirements, we usually configure the equipment to meet the customer’s needs in terms of capacity, granularity and discharge size ratio.

2. Making Concrete

Granite, basalt and other hard rocks are crushed to within 20mm or 30mm by stone crusher machine, which can be used to make different standards of quality concrete. The crushing equipment can sieve and categorize different sizes of materials according to the demand, which can be added according to the percentage of different sizes when making concrete by plant. In case of high standard concrete, which requires high quality of aggregate, the crushing plant can also be used to produce granular quality aggregates to meet the demand.

3. Brick Making

The stone is crushed to 5mm, 10mm, or 13mm by a stone crushing plant, which is usually the best stone size for making various bricks. High quality aggregates increase the overall hardness and strength of bricks and are the most important raw material for making bricks. Therefore, using stone crushing plant and brick making equipment, you can get a complete process from natural stone to making bricks.

4. Sand making

The crushing equipment includes sand making machines that can crush stone to 0-5mm sand, so the sand making process is also popular in some markets. Since in some countries, natural sand is getting less and less with continuous mining, so the government banned the mining of natural sand. And as you can find out by the previous introduction, sand is an indispensable and important raw material in any construction field, so crushing machine sand is thus born. The mechanism sand produced by the crushing plant, with high capacity, excellent granularity and no damage to the environment, has become an important source of aggregate in many countries.

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