Concrete Pump Price In UAE

In recent years, with the development of local economy and infrastructure construction, Concrete Pump Price In UAE has attracted much attention from local construction contractors and machinery investors.

It is enough to prove that flexible and efficient concrete pump has been widely used in UAE concrete construction production.

About UAE

concrete pump price in UAE

The UAE, located in the east of the Arabian Peninsula, is an oil-producing desert country in West Asia, known as ‘the flower of the desert’.

Along with the overall development of the country, the UAE’s construction machinery industry has also been considerable developed, and the demand for construction machinery is continuously increasing.

However, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the construction machinery market in UAE is also in a downturn amid the overall decline of the global economy. The price of concrete pumps in the United Arab Emirates has also been affected to some extent.

Factors affecting Concrete Pump Price in UAE

Take LUTON products for example, concrete pump price of these hot models (output capacities is 30-80 m3/h) in UAE now ranges from $15,000 to $38000.

In fact, there are many factors affecting the fluctuation of concrete pump price in UAE. It is strongly recommended that you make a budget and make clear the factors affecting concrete pump price before purchasing the concrete pump you need in UAE.

  • Brands and manufacturers
  • Types of concrete line pumps
  • Conveying capacities of concrete pumps
  • Mainly configurations ( engine types, main hydraulic oil pump etc.)
  • Pipeline types and length ( steel pipe, high pressure pipe, hoses, etc.)
  • Designing process and technical difficulties
  • Materials prices (steel, rubber hoses and other accessories etc.)
  • Market supply and demand situation

Certainly, the whole cost of a concrete pump is not as same as the concrete pump price in UAE. It includes many aspects, such as:

  • The tax of purchasing a concrete pump
  • The insurance cost
  • The transportation cost
  • The maintenance and repair cost
  • The worker’s wages and resources cost

Of course, there are also other factors affecting concrete pump price in UAE not be mentioned here. Contact to us now to get more information.

A Case of LUTON Concrete Pump Used In UAE

There is also a case of LUTON Concrete Pump used in UAE for a customer’s investment.

This friend from UAE is looking for an ideal concrete producing method online for his high-rise building project located at a remote town in UAE. After reading the articles in LUTON website, he contact us online with some questions.

According to the actual situation of the project and the requirement volume of concrete material, a set of cost-efficient and stable concrete mixing and conveying equipment is recommended to him.

A set of 35m3/h concrete batching plant HZS35 and a HBT40 diesel concrete pump.

After listening to the technical consultant’s professional and detailed plan analysis, he had a deeper understanding of Lutong’s products and strength, and decided to adopt the selection plan we customized for him and purchased the entire supporting equipment.

When the customer from UAE received the goods, he was very satisfied with his concrete machines. And, after a few months of use, he again gave high praise to LUTON products:

“I was shocked by LUTON HZS35 concrete batching plant and HBT40 diesel pump! They still work perfectly even at 38 ℃ without any problem!

Their expert recommends this combination for my building complex construction, and they matches so well. Really professional!! “

No wonder China’s infrastructure constructions are completed so fast.”

Sure, LUTON is professional on construction machinery, not only in producing and designing area, but also in after-sale service.

Becides UAE, construction machinery of LUTON GROUP are widely sold in more than 100 countries around the world, including India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri LanKa, Indonesia, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Vanuatu etc..

Contact us for more details about concrete pump price in UAE now.

Configurations and Prices of LUTON Concrete Pump Hot Models

Model ParameterBS30DHBTS40CHBTSC40-10-82RHBTS60-13-90HBTS60-12-82RHBTS80-16-110HBTS80-16-129R
Main oil pumpJinda RexrothKawasakiKawasakiKawasakiKawasakiKawasakiKawasaki
Main pumpcapacity71 ml/r112 ml/r112 ml/r112×2 ml/r112 ml/r140×2 ml/r112×2 ml/r
Theoretical capacity (m3/h)304040/30(High/Low)6060/36(High/Low)8085/50(High/Low)
Electric Motor37KW45KWWeichai 82KW90KWWeichai 82KW110KWWeichai 129KW
Control system componentsSchneiderSchneiderSchneiderSchneiderSchneiderSchneiderSchneider
Price Range$15,000~ $20,000$16,000~ $18,000$22,000~ $23,000$25,000~ $27,000$23,000~ $25,000$29,000~ $32,000$34,000~ $36,000

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