Advantages of Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Luton Group is a professional self loading concrete mixer manufacturer over 20 years, goods exported to over 100 countries including Africa, Aisa, European and America..

Self loading concrete mixer truck, is widely used for houses, building roads, bridges, tunnels, infrastructure construction; Especially suitable for construction and transportation of concrete in remote mountainous areas and narrow environments; favored by domestic and foreign customers.

So what parts does the self-loading concrete mixer consist of? what are advantages of self loading concrete mixer produced in Luton? Please review the following:

Advantages of Luton Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Advantages of Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Steel wire vacuum tire

Strong and wear-resistant

Strong grip

Lifespan up to 30,000 kilometers

wheel side decleration

Wheel side deceleration, double brake caliper bridge, good braking performance, large ground clearance, strong pass performance.

Luton chassis

Loader chassis, low chassis, low center of gravity, strong stability, suitable for a variety of complex working conditions.

supercharged engine

Yuchai or Weichai and other well-known brands of supercharged engine, four-wheel drive, climbing 30° with full load, climbing ability is strong.

mixer drum

The mixer drum and cab rotate 270° synchronously, with a wide field of view and all-round paving.

driver cab

Luxury A/C cab, high comfort, equipped with anti-rollover chairs, reversing images, high safety performance.

hydraulic slewing bearing

Fully sealed worm gear type hydraulic slewing bearing, ductile iron process, 6 tooth bite, 5 year warranty, low failure rate.

hydraulic motor

Hydraulic motor Sonny brand, imported from the United States, durable.

electronic weighing

Electronic weighing, can play a small ticket, with its own water tank, automatic metering of water, accurate ratio, good concrete quality.

manganese steel bucket

Manganese steel bucket, large capacity, wear-resistant, with hopper vibrator, unloading clean non-stick bucket.

cyclinder body

Cylinder body, robot welding, uniform and full weld, high wear-resistant material of blades, three spirals, mixing evenly.

Specification of Luton Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Discharge Capacity1.2m31.8m32m32.6m33.5m34m35.5m36.5m3
Engine ModelYUNNEI
Yuchai 4102Yuchai 4102Yuchai 4102Yuchai 4105Yuchai 4108FAW XICHAI 6110Weichai Deutz 6105
Rated Power58KW78KW78KW78KW85KW91KW92KW~110KW92KW~110KW
Gear4 forward
4 back
4 back
4 forward
4 back
4 forward
4 back
4 forward
4 back
4 forward
4 back
4 forward
4 back
4 forward
4 back
Oil Tank16 Liters16 Liters16 Liters16 Liters16 Liters16 Liters16 Liters16 Liters
Water Tank400L500L500L500L620L660L860L1465L
Water SupplyTime RelayTime RelayTime RelayTime RelayTime RelayTime RelayTime RelayTime Relay
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)6400*2550*24507300*2650*37507300*2650*37507800*2720*30007800*2720*33007500*2800*36008450*3100*45808450*3050*3860

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