Assemble Steps Of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

When your self loading concrete mixer truck is arrived, it is the first thing to get it out of the container and assemble it together. How to do these things? LUTON makes an operation list for the assemble steps of self loading concrete mixer truck.

Assemble Step1 – Receiving Products & Check

Check Container

Check whether there are serious bumps on the body of the container. If there are serious bumps, the location is needed to be photograph and recorded, and the internal location is also a key check point after unpacking.

Check the integrity of the seal ( the appearance of the seal is confirmed according to the actual situation).

After confirmation, unpack the container and unload it.

assemble steps of self loading concrete mixer truck

Check Goods After Opening Container

After open the container, do not rush to unload the cargo first.

Instead of it, the first thing is entering the container for inspection, the main contents are as follows:

  • Check whether the parts are bumped or damaged. If there is any abnormality, take pictures and videos first.
  • Check whether the type and quantity of parts and components are the same as those in the invoice.
  • After confirming that it is correct, unbind, shipping out parts and components (cab – mixing tank – cement hopper or accessories – drum, etc.)

Remarks: It is not allowed to unbind all at once and ship out sequentially.

Assemble Step2 – Take Out Products From The Container

  1. Remove the straps and wedges from the cab. Use forklifts (at least 3 tons) and slings to fork out the cab and place it in a safe place.
  2. Take out the cab, drum, and all the small surrounding parts or accessories (parts that can be moved) to avoid unnecessary losses.
  3. Remove the straps (wire rope) and wedges from the mixing drum, use at least a 3-ton forklift to fork out the mixing drum and put it in a safe position, and cover the left and right sides of the mixing drum with the removed wedges to avoid rolling.
  4. Remove the fixing points related to the self loading mixer truck and the container. For example:wire ropes, slings, wedges (front wedges), etc. Do not remove the fixing of the truck itself for the time being), and the main out of the container.
  5. Park the truck at the installation position, tighten the handbrake and cover the tires with the removed wedges ( to avoid rolling).
  6. Use a forklift to support the back of the base of the cab. Remove the support plates and slings that fix the base of the cab, and then slowly lay the base flatly.

Remarks: Do not remove the two wedges on the rear side of the rear wheel to avoid operation errors and reversely driving.

Assemble Step3 – Assemble And Install

Assemble Tires

Use a jack to jack up the vehicle on the right side, remove all the nuts and then use a socket (27-30) wrench to tighten all the nuts on the other tire. Install Mud Tile.

Assemble Drum

  • For hoisting of the drum, there are one sling at the front and back, each sling is with lifting capacity of 3 tons, the length of the sling is about 3 meters, and the crane is more than 3 tons.
  • Fix the reducer with the 4 double nuts, insert and open-end wrench from the square hole to lock the bolt head, and lock the double nuts with a wrench, check the followings:
  • Connect the oil pipes in sequence and lock them tightly.

The installed drum is as the following.

Assemble Cab

  • Lifting cab by using a sling or wire rope, sling loading capacity is 1 ton, length is 1m, lifting capacity is over 3ton.
  • Fixed the cab. Open the cab, install the fixed bolts each at 4 corners.
  • Connecting Cable In Cab –Multifunctional power cord plug
  • Connecting Cable In Cab — Wiper, reversing image
  • Connecting Cable In Cab –Weighing System Cable
fix the cab
fix the driving cab

Assemble Step 4 – Finishing Work – Fixing

The Function Of The Hinge

It is mainly used to fold the base of the cab when loading the cabinet, and it will lose its actual function after the product is assembled.

Fixing Work

Weld the entire circumference along the route of No.1 and fillet welds with a weld height of 5mm.

Congratulations to finish installation!

self loading concrete mixer with capacity of 4m3 per batch