Bitumen Batching Plant


Bitumen batching plant is a complete set of equipment for production of finished asphalt mixture batch by batch. Due to the mixer, there is a time interval between two mixing batches, so it is also called intermittent asphalt plant. The mixing of mixture is carried in batches, and also the mixing period of each batch is 45 to 60 seconds.

Luton bitumen batching plant includes but nou limited to these models shown as bellows:


Model: QLB60

Capacity: 60t/h


Model: QLB80

Capacity: 80t/h


Model: QLB100

Capacity: 100t/h


Model: QLB130

Capacity: 130t/h


specification of Stationary Bitumen Batching Plant

Working Process

working process of asphalt batching plant

First, the cold bin conveys all kinds of aggregates to the drying drum through the belt conveyor for water removal. After drying, the aggregates are sent to the vibrating screen through the hot elevator for screening.

The sieved aggregate is sent to different hot material bin chambers, and the relevant weight is measured by electronic scales at each chamber door, and then falls into the mixing tank; At the same time, spray the weighed hot asphalt into the mixing tank.

Various mixtures in the mixing tank are fully mixed to form finished materials. The finished materials are transported to the bucket. The bucket is transported by rail, and the finished materials are discharged into the storage tank or directly into the transport vehicle.

Features of Bitumen Batching Plant


The production of asphalt batch mix plant generally involves accurate measurement of each component (crushed stone, sand, stone powder, asphalt, etc.) in proportion, intermittent batch feeding and batch forced mixing, that is, batch metering – batch feeding – batch forced mixing – batch discharging. The aggregate is calculated after drying.

The drying and heating of cold aggregate and the mixing of mixture are carried out in two separate assembly devices (dryer drum and mixer) respectively; The heating method of cold aggregate drying is flame countercurrent type. It has a high degree of automation, high quality of asphalt mixture preparation, good drying and heating effect, small residual water content of finished materials, and a wide range of applications. However, a large amount of dust is generated and the cost of dust removal equipment is high.

Advantages of Bitumen Batching Plant


Precise proportion control

Compared with the continuous asphalt plant, the bitumen batching plant has an extra procedure of secondary metering, which ensures the proper proportion and dosage of each aggregate and reach a high gradation.

Regulable mix proportion

You can adjust and set the mix proportion according to the requirement for the formula.

Energy saving

The bitumen batching plant has good drying and heating effect, so there is small residual water content of finished materials here. Therefore, it doesn’t need to consume extra fuel for water removal.

High quality bitumen mixture

Equipped with a double horizontal shaft mixer, the aggregates of different particles and asphalt can be mixed in a forced way. What’s more, the bitumen batching plant has the feature of precise proportion control, so you can get the quality finished asphalt mixture.

Wide Adaptability

The bitumen batching plant is suitable for various scale construction projects due to its high premium finished material asphalt and another characteristic- the mix proportion can be changed at any time.

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LUTON Group CO., Ltd is a professional asphalt plant manufacturing corporation of China and also a leading exporter of asphalt mixing plant equipment and other civil and road construction machinery.

With a history of more than 20 years, LUTON Group contributes to providing its clients with high-quality asphalt plant equipment and top-ranking after-sale services.

The bitumen batching plant is featured by higher heat utilization, less fuel consumption, premium quality asphalt mix and wide application range. It is mainly applicable to these projects such as constructions of high grade highways, motorways, municipal service roads and other job sites that have a strict requirement for the quality of asphalt mix. All in all, owning a bitumen batching plant is the optimal choice if you need to produce and use the high quality asphalt mix at less fuel consumption.

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