Bitumen batch mix plant

Do you know what is a bitumen batch mix plant? Before that, the bitumen mix plant is introduced first.It is a type of blending equipment that mixes the hot aggregates and fillers (powder, cement and etc) with various particle dimensions in a certain percentage, makes use of bitumen as the binder, and mixes them right into an even mixture at a defined time and temperature level. Presently, there are primarily two types of bitumen mixi plants: forced or compelled bitumen batch mix plant and continuous drum bitumen mix plant. This post mainly presents the bitumen batch mix plant.

bitumen batch mix plant

Profile of Bitumen Batch Mix Plant

Luton asphalt batch mix plant includes but nou limited to these models shown as bellows:

Model: QLB60

Capacity: 60t/h

Model: QLB80

Capacity: 80t/h

Model: QLB100

Capacity: 100t/h

Model: QLB130

Capacity: 130t/h

Forced batch mix plant is applied to dry out the primary cold aggregate in the dryer drum by countercurrent heating, heat it to the needed temperature, and after elevating, screening, metering (mass), blend it with rock powder and liquid bitumen measured by mass in the mixer to develop asphalt mix.

Bitumen batch mix plant, that is, heating and drying of aggregate and also mixing of combination are performed intermittently. The equipment is used to stir each pot separately. The mixing of mixture is carried out in batches, and also the mixing period of each batch is 45 to 60 seconds. The outcome depends upon the devices design.

The production process of the forced batch blending plant is normally that each element (smashed rock, sand, rock powder, bitumen, etc) is accurately determined in proportion, fed as well as mixed periodically and in batches, that is, batch metering – batch feeding – batch compelled mixing – batch discharge. The aggregate shall be calculated after drying. The drying and heating of cold aggregate and also the mixing of mixture are accomplished in two different assembly gadgets (drying drum and mixer) specifically; The heating technique of cold aggregate drying out is fire countercurrent type.

Types of Bitumen Batch Mix Plant

According to the mobility, there are mainly two types of Luton bitumen batch mix plants, namely mobile asphalt batching plant and fixed or stationary batch mix plant.

Luton mobile bitumen batch mix plant has but not limited these models: QLBY10, QLBY15, QLBY20, QLBY30, QLBY40, QLBY60 and QLBY80. The capacity is from 10t/h to 80t/h. And Luton stationary bitumen batch mix plant has but not limited to these models: QLB40, QLB60, QLB90, QLB105, QLB130, QLB175, QLB200, QLB240, QLB320. The capacity is from 40t/h to 320t/h. The specifications of the two types of bitumen mix plants are shown as bellows.

specification of stationary bitumen batch mix plant

Specification of Stationary bitumen Batch Mix Plant

specification of mobile bitumen hot mix plant

Features of Bitumen Batch Mix Plant

Generally, Luton forced bitumen mix blending plants can ensure the gradation of mix, and the proportion of aggregate and bitumen can reach a fairly precise level. At the same time, the aggregate gradation as well as asphalt aggregate ratio can be changed any time as required. As a result, the bitumen mixture generated by blending is of top quality as well as can fulfill different building needs.

Especially, Luton bitumen batch mix plants also have these features:

High level of automation;

Great drying and heating impact, reduced recurring water material of finished material;

The two shaft blending host has extremely blending capability, and the mixing is also as well as quick;

Scientific and environment-friendly design of dirt removal, sound reduction and sewer discharge system can effectively fix the problems of dirt exhaust, acid discharge and noise control, and create a clean and dust-free manufacturing atmosphere;

Weighing system has high measuring precision, good working stability as well as strong anti-interference capacity;

Smart control system is featured by humanized design, straightforward procedure and also excellent information administration capacity;

Screening system has high screening effectiveness and long service life;

Completed material storage space system has the attributes of big ability and anti-segregation.

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