Bitumen Production Plant


Bitumen production plant, likewise called bitumen processing plant, is a sort of petrochemical devices that is made use of to generate base asphalt via the purification or distillation of crude oil. In this purification procedure, fuel and diesel are removed from the raw oil, leading the heavier bitumen left behind. Of course, the above is only about its original concept. At present, bitumen processing plant mainly refers to the complete set of equipment used to produce asphalt, namely asphalt or bitumen mixing plant. And is mainly applied to the constructions of housing building, tunnels, roads and highways, bridges, jumbo airports and so on.

bitumen production plant


Bitumen production plant, or bitumen mixing plant is used to mix cold aggregate in different particles, liquid asphalt and fillers in a certain proportion, then heat them to a required temperature, and finally get the finished asphalt mixture.

Luton has but not limited to these models as bellows:


Type: Continuous Drum

Model: LBD-20

Output: 20t/h


Type: Continuous Drum

Model: LBD-40

Output: 40t/h


Type: Continuous Drum

Model: LBD-60

Output: 60t/h


Type: Continuous Drum

Model: LBD-80

Output: 80t/h

QLB60 bitumen production plant

Type: Stationary Batch

Model: QLB60

Capacity: 60t/h


Type: Stationary Batch

Model: QLB80

Capacity: 80t/h


Type: Stationary Batch

Model: QLB100

Capacity: 100t/h


Type: Stationary Batch

Model: QLB130

Capacity: 130t/h

The bitumen production plant consists of cold feeder system, belt conveyor, dryer drum, hot aggregate lifting system, vibrating screening, filler supply system, weighing gauge (one is designed for metering the aggregates in different particle), mixing system (main mixer), dust collecting system (gravity dust collector, cyclone dust collector or big house dust collector) and control room.
There are two types of bitumen production plant: bitumen batch mix plant and continuous (drum) asphalt mixing plant from the prospective of production technology. According to the mobility, the bitumen production plant includes mobile asphalt mixing plant and stationary asphalt mixing plant.

How Does a Bitumen Production Plant Work

The working process of bitumen production plant

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