Bitumen Hot Mix Plant

Bitumen Hot Mix Plant, also known as Asphalt Mixing Plant, is a set of machinery used to produce bitumen mixture in volume for roads construction of different grades.

Simply say, it mixes fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, hot liquid bitumen, mineral powder as well as other filler materials together to yield different bitumen products.


Application of Bitumen Hot Mix Plant

These bitumen materials, with fire-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and other functions, is widely used in all sorts of road construction including highways, bridges, classified national roads, municipal roads, airport, harbor as well as rural roads.

Bitumen Hot Mix Plant Near Me

Recently, under the slowing-down situation of the covid-19 pandemic, countries start to resume economic construction and the development of infrastructure has gradually intensified, especially the construction of roads, highways and bridges, etc. That needs a large number of bitumen materials to meet the basic requirement of road construction. In the result, hot mix plant has also become the ideal choice of investment. Undoubtedly, they know it will bring a good return.

If you also have an investment plan of such a profitable bitumen plant, finding a suitable bitumen hot mix plant nearby is a wise way.

The method and steps are simple:

  1. Prepare a computer or a mobile phone
  2. Open a web browser
  3. Input the phase “ Bitumen Hot Mix Plant Near Me”
  4. Much more information about it will present and hope there will be what you want.

There are also other methods to find bitumen hot mix plant nearby.

One of them is to ask for friends who have purchase experience of this type bitumen plant. Usually, their suggestion is much more valuable. And their recommended products and brands are often reliable because of their own actual experience.

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LUTON Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Products

Here introduce the specification of hot-selling LUTON Hot Mix Asphalt Plants for customers to get LUTON products quickly.

1. Stationary type batch asphalt mixing plant with twin shaft horizontal mixer

Stationary type batch asphalt mixing plant, is also called Batch type asphalt mixing plant, hot mix asphalt plant as well as asphalt batch mix plant.

bitumen hot mix plant

Specifications of LB Series Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

Hopper Capacity4×4.5m³4×7.5m³4×7.5m³5×12m³6×15m³
Collect Belt Capacity60t/h100t/h140t/h220t/h360t/h
Dryer Sizeφ1.2m×5.2mφ1.5m×6.7mφ1.8m×8mφ2.6m×9mφ2.8m×10.2m
Dryer Capacity60t/h100t/h140t/h240t/h360t/h
Fuel Consumption70-300kg/h120-600kg/h150-1000kg/h180-1800kg/h260-2500kg/h
Vibrating Screen4 layer4 layer4 layer5 layer6 layer
Aggregate Metering hopper500kg1000kg1500kg2500kg4000kg
Mineral Flour Metering Hopper120kg200kg300kg320kg700kg
Bitumen Metering Hopper100kg150kg250kg250kg500kg
Mixer Capacity500kg1000kg1500kg2500kg4000kg
Cycle Time45s45s45s45s45s

LB series asphalt plant is some kind of compact asphalt mixing plants for production of a high-quality asphalt hot mixture with stable production and low emission.

The capacity of LB series asphalt mixing plant ranges from 40t/h to 320t/h.

LB series asphalt mixing plant adopts modular design. Each unit of the whole equipment is relatively independent with mixer centre, which is convenient to quickly unfold working, maintain and repair.

2. Drum Mobile Asphalt Plant

Features of mobile asphalt plant:

  1. Compact structure and unit design makes operation easy and saves a lot of cost for investors.
  2. Dry materials when the drum rotates clockwise, while discharge materials when the drum rotates anticlockwise.
  3. Intelligent PLC control and touch screen operation realize freely switching between the automatic operation and manual operation.
  4. Mobile chassis structure makes convenient and swift installation and transportation come true.
  5. Versatile burner with two fuel methods, oil and coal, flexible suits different fuel-burning sites.

Specifications of LUTON Drum Mobile Asphalt Plant

specifications of drum mobile asphalt plant

4. Mobile/portable Batch Asphalt Mixing Plant

Mobility, efficiency, easily transportable mobile/portable batch asphalt mixing plant

LBQY Series mobile/portable wheeled batch asphalt mixing plant are available from 60TPH to 160TPH.

  • Easily transportable & assembling & disassembling. Saving time and cost of installation for investors.
  • Adequate stability ensured by landing legs with support bases
  • Low maintenance operation & energy consumption & emission
  • Multiple fuel-burning modes suitable for different fuel supporting methods
  • Fully automatic controls make operation accurate and efficient.

Different Types of Bitumen Hot Mix Plant

There are some different types of Bitumen hot mix plant, which are classified by various methods.

According to the mobility of the plant, they are divided into Stationary hot mix bitumen plant and mobile/portable hot mix plant.

According to the production methods, they are cataloged into hot batch mixing asphalt plant and continuously drum hot mixing asphalt plant.

According to the producing capacity of bitumen hot mix plants, they are classified into mini/small hot mix plant, medium hot mix bitumen plant and large size hot mix plant, as well as super large hot mix bitumen plant.

  • Mini/Small Hot Mix Plant: the capacity is less than 80t/h
  • Medium Hot Mix Bitumen Plant: the capacity between 100t/h and 240t/h
  • Large hot mix bitumen plant: the capacity is more and 320t/h

Bitumen Hot Mix Plant VS. Asphalt Batching Plant

Usually, on a macro perspective, bitumen hot mix plant is another name of asphalt batching plant, which is from the hot mix method of bitumen production process. In the process, in order to yield of asphalt mixture products with accurate proportion, raw aggregate materials should be dried and heat to maintain the water rate to standard value ( 3%, under Standard ambient humidity and atmospheric pressure) .

Moreover, for even and thorough mixing, the asphalt materials should be heat into liquid state at 180℃-220℃.

At last, the finished asphalt products should be shortly kept at 160℃-180℃ for 4 to 6 hours.

But on a micro perspective, bitumen hot mix plant is different from asphalt batching plant.

The main difference is from the production methods. Hot mix plant manufactures bitumen in mixing drum continuously or intermittently. Asphalt batching plant mixes materials batch by batch.

Hot Mix Bitumen Plant Working Process

The working process of hot mix bitumen plant mainly includes the following steps.

  • Cold aggregates are transported, dried, heated, screened and measured, then fed into the mixer machine.
  • Measured mineral powder from the powder silos is also sent into the mixer by the screw conveyor.
  • Asphalt is heated into liquid and kept at 180-220℃. After accurate measurement, it is also pumped into the mixer drum.
  • Mixer machine uniformly mixes all the three kinds of raw materials to ensure fully contact fusion and finally form the asphalt concrete mixture.

All the operations run orderly according to the instructs from the electric control system.

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