Batch Type Hot Mix Plant

Batch type hot mix plant is one type of the most widespread complete set of hot mix asphalt equipment, which producing asphalt materials batch by batch in forced stirring machinery. This forced producing method of batch type hot mix plant, compared with the continuous mixing method of drum type hot mix plant, is more suitable for high-grade highway construction and municipal road projects.


High Quality & Perfect Performance

Accurate Ingredient Ratio

Friendly to Environment

Strong Producing Capacity

Hot Models of LUTON Batch Type Hot Mix Plant

Small Batch Type Hot Mix Plant


Model: LB500/LB800/LB1000
Output(t/h): 40/60/80
Collect Belt Capacity (t/h): 60/80/100
Fuel Consumption (kg/h): 70~600
Vibrating Screen (Layer): 4
Aggregate Metering hopper (kg): 500/800/1000
Mixer Capacity (kg): 500/800/1000
Cycle Time(s): 45

Large Batch Type Hot Mix Plant

hot mix plant

Model: LB4000
Output(t/h): 320
Collect Belt Capacity (t/h): 360
Fuel Consumption (kg/h): 260~2500
Vibrating Screen (Layer): 6
Aggregate Metering hopper (kg): 4000
Mixer Capacity (kg): 4000
Cycle Time(s): 45

Mobile Batch Hot Mix Plant


Model: LBQY-60/LBQY-80
Output(t/h): 60/80
Collect Belt Capacity (t/h): 80/100
Fuel Consumption (kg/t): 6~7
Vibrating Screen (Layer): 4
Aggregate Metering hopper (kg): 800/100
Mixer Capacity (kg): 800/100
Cycle Time(s): 45

Stationary Batch Hot Mix Plant

LB800 stationary asphalt plant

Model: LB1500/LB2500
Output(t/h): 120/200
Collect Belt Capacity (t/h): 140/220
Fuel Consumption (kg/h): 150~1800
Vibrating Screen (Layer): 4~5
Aggregate Metering hopper (kg): 1500/2500
Mixer Capacity (kg): 1500/2500
Cycle Time(s): 45

Applications of Batch Type Hot Mix Plant

Batch type hot mix plant can mass-produce various asphalt mixtures, modified asphalt mixtures, colored asphalt mixtures, etc. It is an indispensable construction equipment for building various highways, municipal roads, airports, port roads, etc.


An LUTON Asphalt Batch Type Hot Mix Plant Is Being Installed in Saudi Arabia.

A Set of LB1500 LUTON Batch Type Hot Mix Plant in Pakistan.

LB1500 LUTON Batch Type Hot Mix Plant in  Pakistan.

Characteristics and Advantages of LUTON Batch Type Hot Mix Plant

For more than 20 years, LUTON GROUP has always constantly optimized product structure design, improved product performance and production efficiency, and simplified operation steps, aiming at the actual use effect of users to produce more economical, energy-saving and durable asphalt treatment equipment.

bitumen batch plant

1.Batch type hot mix plant is also called as compulsory asphalt mixing plant. During the production process, the heating and drying of the aggregate and the stirring of the mixture are mandatory and periodic. The equipment produces asphalt mixture batch by batch separately, and each batch is stirred for about 45 seconds to 60 seconds. The stirring is more thorough.

2.The batch type asphalt hot mix plant measures the weight of various ingredients separately, so the ingredient is more accurate and the product quality is better. So it is widely used for the requirements of those high-grade road building projects.

3.The whole system is simple in structure and easy to operate. Batch type asphalt plant adopts the mixing mode of forward rotation for drying and reverse for discharging. It uses equipment as simple as possible to realize the whole process, so the operation is simple and easy.

4.The whole hot mix plant is designed in standard modular, convenient and fast installation and transportation.

5.The cold material is graded with frequency conversion speed regulation and the synchronous proportion is automatically controlled and adjusted, which is easy to operate.

Burner of LUTON Hot Mix Plant

6.With repeatedly optimized design, the batch mix plant is more energy efficient.

7.A wide range of fuel oil can be used and the combustion is sufficient.

8.Multiple dust removal system classifies dust according to particle size, improve the utilization rate of raw materials, and ensure the quality of finished materials.

9.The optimized design of the vibration inclination angle and sufficient screening area ensure strict ratio and screening efficiency; the unique fixed structure of the screen makes it extremely convenient to replace the screen.

10.Adopting high-strength wear-resistant alloy material, the working life of the mixing blade is more than 100,000 batches. High-pressure spray asphalt pump, the mixing time is shorter.

There are also many other advantages of LUTON batch type hot mix plant here not mentioned. In conclusion, LUTON Hot Mix Plant with modular structure design, advanced technology, convenient operation, economical cost and durable lifespan is the ideal asphalt resolution for various road projects.

Main Components of Batch Type Hot Mix Plant

Batch type hot mix plant is mainly consisted of ten functional systems, including cold aggregate batching and conveying system, aggregate drying and heating system, hot materials hoist system, hot materials storage system, weighing system, as well as bitumen supply system, powder materials feeding system, dust collection system, asphalt product storage system and control system.

Among them, some crucial equipment is necessary to mention:

Cold Aggregate Batching Machine

the cold material bins

Mainly used for the preliminary preparation of various cold aggregate materials

Belt Conveyor

tilted belt machine of LUTON asphalt plant

Belt conveyor delivery batched aggregates to dryer drum.

Drying Cylinder and Burner

Drying Drum of LUTON Asphalt Mixing Plant
In drying cylinder, aggregate is dried and heated by burner.

Vibrating Screen System

vibrating screen system

Classify and store hot aggregates according to particle size by vibrating sieving.

Mixing host

tilted belt machine of LUTON asphalt plant

In mixing host, all materials are stirred together by mixing blades on the mixing shaft.

Bucket Elevator

Drying Drum of LUTON Asphalt Mixing Plant
Bucket elevator is used to lift the dried and heated aggregates to the vibrating screen system on top of the mixing building.

Dust Removal Machine

bag house dust catcher

Dust removal machine is necessary in hot mix plant, which is aimed for collecting dust in the air. On the one hand, it is to reduce air pollution and protect the environment. On the other hand, the recovered dust can be reused, reducing the loss raw materials.

Powder Screw Conveyor

powder screw conveyor

Powder screw conveyors deliver mineral powder to mixing host.

Products Silo

Products silos are set beside the mixing building or under the mixing building. Products silo is not an essential system of asphalt hot mix plant, customers can choose it according to their actual needs.

Asphalt Thermal Oil Furnace and Burner

Bitumen Tank Of Hot  Mix Plant

The heat transfer oil is pumped and circulated flowing in the heat transfer oil pipeline. In this process, in order to keep the temperature of asphalt at 180~220℃,a burner is necessary. The fuels of burner is available for oil, gas or coal.

Control Room

control system

In control room, there is the automatic control system of the whole hot mix system. It exists alone in a corner of the hot mixing plant, and is equipped with a central control computer, a touch screen interface for human-computer interaction and automatic control equipment such as an operation console.

There is also an electric control cabinet to cooperate with the control system to execute the control commands. Electronic components such as contactors, PLC controllers, and air switches convert computer instructions into execution signals to control each execution unit.

Working Flow Chart of Batch Type Hot Mix Plant

Through the flow chart below, we can clearly understand the entire workflow of the hot mixing plant.

working process of asphalt batching plant

Step1. All sorts of cold aggregates are fed and firstly measured by batching machine, then conveyed to the drying and heating system.

Step2. In the drying and heating system, cold aggregates turns dry and hot. At the same time, dust collection is also carried out to absorb the dust in the air generated during this production process. This is the first dust removal in the whole hot mixing asphalt plant system.

Step3. Hot aggregates are sent to the vibrating screen system on the top of the hot mixing building by the bucket elevator.

Step4. In the vibrating screen system, hot aggregates are filtered, classified and stored in the corresponding storage hoppers.
Since this process will also generate a large amount of dust, the second dust collection system is installed here and operates together with vibratory screening.


Step5. After a series of processing procedures, the classified hot aggregates need to be weighed again to ensure the accurate ratio of raw materials before entering the mixing host.
Meanwhile, mineral powder is delivered into its measuring system by screw conveyor. Another raw material, asphalt, is also dehydrated and heated at this time, is pumped to its weighing unit.
All sorts of raw materials in this section are all in the final metering process preparing for the last job mixing all together.

Step6. Hot aggregates and mineral powder are fed into the mixing host. These raw materials are turned over and stirred by the mixing blades driven by the mixing shaft, and at the same time are sprayed and wrapped by the hot asphalt liquid material sprayed from the top of the mixing cylinder, and finally form a uniform asphalt mixture. To this point you will definitely find out that the real origin of the name “hot mix plant”- hot aggregate, mineral powder mixing together with hot asphalt.

The working process of the asphalt hot mixing plant mentioned here is just a brief introduction to the main steps. More specific work details are not described here. If you have any problem about this, you are welcome to contact LUTON GROUP. It is believed that this heavy industry manufacturer with nearly 30-year producing and export experience of asphalt machinery will give what you indefinitely want.

Batch Type Hot Mix Plant V.S. Drum Type Hot Mix Plant

Batch type hot mix plant and drum type hot mix plant are different in several aspects: configurations, working process and applications.
In short, the biggest difference between batch-type asphalt plant and drum-type asphalt plant is the working method.

Batch mixing asphalt plant yield high-quality asphalt product batch by batch after a series of procession including cold material weighing, aggregate heating and drying, particle size screening, and accurate hot material weighing and final mixing.

In batch type mixing process, aggregates are measured twice for accurate ingredient ratio and high product quality. Of course, it will take more time and need more equipment.

bitumen mixing plant cost

In batch mixing asphalt plant system, batch size and production capacity can be changed based on the designs. What’s more, plant operation can be controlled flexibly.

On the other hand, the working method of drum-type mixing plant is continuous.

In drum-type mixing plant, aggregate, mineral powder and asphalt are heated and dried in the drum, while continuously mixed and conveyed to the outlet without any interruption.

The process creates a homogeneous mixture that can be manufactured at a high rate (sometimes up to 600-800 tons per hour).

Table of Batch Type Hot Mix Plant V.S. Drum Type Hot Mix Plant


Batch Type Hot Mix Plant

Drum Type Hot Mix Plant

Configuration and Working Process

Cold Aggregate Weighing Device



The First Dust Removal system



Separate Aggregate drying and heating system


No; Aggregate drying, Heating and Mixing Are Completed in the Mixing Drum.

Vibrating screen and storing system



Working Method

Batch by Batch

Periodic Type

Continuous Type

Measuring Accuracy

Higher Accuracy


Working Efficiency


Higher Mixing Efficiency


High-grade road construction

Local Township Road Construction