China Self Loading Concrete Mixer

China self loading concrete mixer has advantages of high-quality, advanced manufacturing technology, affordable price, short delivery time, etc. After decades of production and technology improvement, China self loading concrete mixers are welcomed by domestic and foreign customers.

As a leading manufacturer of self loading concrete mixer, Luton has eighteen years experience on manufacturing and exporting. We can supply various types and models of self loading concrete mixer, such as self loading concrete mixer with drum mixer type and pan mixer type. Various of concrete output per batch available including 0.8m3, 1.2m3, 1.8m3, 2m3, 3.5m3, 4m3, 5.5m3 and 6.5m3.

5.5m3 self loading concrete mixer
Luton 1.6m3 pan self loader concrete mixer

We have rich experience in export and our self loading concrete mixers are exported to many countries and regions, including Vanuatu, Singapore, Indonesia, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, Guyana, Tanzania, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, Canada, El Salvador, Serbia, Sudan, Eswatini, Ghana, Guatemala, Indonesia, Kuwait, Sierra Leone, Belize, Senegal, etc. the following are only parts of our cases.

Why Choose the Self Loading Concrete Mixer?

1. One self loading concrete mixer = one concrete mixer + one loader + two concrete mixer trucks + four workers

2. The drum mixer tank can be rotated 270 degrees or 180 degrees, and the tank can be lifted and lowered.

3. The chassis is articulated, convenient and flexible.

4. Only fuel consumption, free of external power supply, especially convenient for remote mountainous areas, and construction site without electricity, fuel consumption is less than 40US dollars/day.

How to Choose China Self Loading Concrete Mixer

1. Understand the performance parameters of the China self loading concrete mixer, such as engine brand, power, the production capacity, etc.

2. Choose the well-known self loading concrete mixer manufacturers. The brand is a quality guarantee.

3. Whether it is convenient to buy the parts when replacing them. Whether the original parts can be supplied in time is also an important standard for us to choose the self loading concrete mixer.

4. Perfect after sales service is also the important factor for choosing the machine.

Models and Applications of Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Equipment ModelLT-1.2LT-1.8LT-2.0LT-2.6
Discharge Capacity1.2m31.8m32m32.6m3
Output/Capacity5~10m3/h8~12m3/h10m3/h11~17 m3/h

Models of LT-1.2, LT-1.8, LT-2.0 and LT-2.6 are suitable for ares and construction project within 150 Cubic meters per day on all kinds of terrains.

1. Our house building.

2. Small country roads.

3. Small area factory.

4. Pavement repair.

5. Small engineering construction.

Equipment ModelLT-3.5LT-4.0LT-5.5LT-6.5
Discharge Capacity3.5m34m35.5m36.5m3
Output/Capacity14~18m3/h16~20m3/h22~25m3/h26~30 m3/h

Models of LT-3.5, LT-4.0, LT-5.5 and LT-6.5 are suitable for ares and construction project within 300 cubic meters per day.

1. Building construction.

2. Road and bridge in mountain.

3. Water conservancy project.

4. Large factory.

5. Airport, landmark buildings.

6. Medium and large scale concrete projects.

Welcome to Luton China Loading Concrete Mixer Factory

Luton self loader mixer
China Self Loading Concrete Mixer
China Self Loading Concrete Mixer for sale

Parts show of Luton loader concrete mixer

Air filter of self loading concrete mixer
steel wire vacuum tire
cab of self loder mixer
Water tank of self loading concrete mixer
slewing bearing

Other Manufacturers of China Self lLoading Concrete Mixer

HAMAC: Founded in 2005, with headquarters in Zhengzhou, HAMAC is a self-loading concrete mixer provider in China.

VOTE: Jining Vote Machinery Co., LTD is a modern international company of industry and trade integrated enterprise engaged in construction machinery with product research, production, and sales.

CARMIX: Carmix is the number one off road, self loading concrete mixer in the world. Producing machines which are easy to use, and ideal for producing and distributing concrete at the most difficult sites, in the most congested traffic or on the remotest islands.

YCZG: Henan Yicheng Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd (Abbreviation YCZG) was established in 2000.

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