Concrete Belt Conveyor

Concrete belt conveyor, also called belt conveyor machine, is used to transfer construction materials horizontally or inclined upwardly in concrete batching plant production line, stone crushing plant and other construction sites.

Compared with other conveying equipment (such as cranes, etc.), concrete belt conveyor has simple structure, strong conveying capacity, and low power loss. With labor and time saving, easy use and maintenance, it is an indispensable economical and practical aggregate conveying equipment in construction engineering.

Hot Concrete Belt Conveyor Show

Nowadays, more and more types of concrete belt conveyors are available in market. Mobile belt conveyors mounted on trailer frames with wheels for easy movement are popular with customers in conveyor market. They are especially suitable for construction jobs needing moving around the site.

LUTON concrete belt conveyors are equipped with different high-quality and heavy duty devices to realize weighing, feeding, transferring and stocking.

LUTON Concrete Belt Conveyor For HZS240 Concrete Batching Plant

HZS120 Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant

Inclined Concrete Belt Conveyor

Belt Specifications:B=1200mm
Belt Speed:2.5m/s
Delivery capacity:1200t/h
Drive Motor Power:55kW

Horizontal Concrete Belt Conveyor

Belt Specifications:B=1200mm
Belt Speed:2.5m/s

LUTON Concrete Belt Conveyor For HZS90 Concrete Batching Plant

belt conveyor machine

Inclined Concrete Belt Conveyor

Belt Specifications:B=1000mm
Belt Speed:1.6m/s
Delivery capacity:300m3/h
Drive Motor Power:15kW

Horizontal Concrete Belt Conveyor

Belt Specifications:B=1000mm
Belt Speed:1.6m/s

Advantages of Concrete Belt Conveyor Machine

Strong Conveying Capacity

Low Power Consumption

HZS 90 installed In Indonesia

There is no relative movement between the belt and materials when concrete belt conveyor is running. Compared with other types of feeding equipment in concrete batching plant (such as hopper elevator), belt conveyor will not cause large wear and tear due to the increase of the transportation speed. Since there is no friction with the material, the power consumption is small.

Long Conveying Distance

Easy to Arrange

belt conveyor machine

Conveyor belt is a flexible component, which has the characteristics of strong adaptability to the transportation slope, and is easy to be arranged in a curved shape. It is easy to arrange when the work site is uneven. The loading and discharging interface of the belt conveyor is easy to arrange. The feeding port and discharging port can be set at any position for easy operation.

Easy Operation

Simple Construction

There are no large-sized and high-accurate components in concrete belt conveyor, which makes operation, maintenance and manufacturing all easy.

Components of Belt Conveyor Machine

There are two types of belt conveyor according to the conveying direction, horizontal type and inclined type. The components of the two machine is not same totally.

belt type conveyor

Horizontal Belt Machine

Horizontal belt machine is mainly consisted of adjusting screw, turning drum, parallel lower idler, conveyor belt, rack, drive device and cleaner, etc..

1.The turning drum is used to change the conveying direction of the belt or to increase the enclosure angle between the conveying belt and the drive drum.
2.The adjusting screw is designed for tensioning the conveyor belt and adjusting the running state of the conveyor belt to keep the belt running at correct position.
3.The roller idler is aimed to support the belt and the materials on the conveyor belt in order to maintain the stable running of the conveyor belt.
4.The cleaner is used to clean the belt.
5.The directing hopper is for adjusting the falling down position of the materials to direct them to fall down at the preset position.

HZS120 Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant

Inclined belt conveyor

Inclined belt conveyor is mainly consisted of cleaner, drive device, rack, idler, turning drum, tension device, hood, maintenance walkway, belt, adjusting screw and emergency stop switch, etc..

1.The tension device is aimed to provide sufficient tension to conveyor belt
to make sure friction between belt and transmission drum and avoid slip. At the same time, it can adjust the influence of the belt length.
2.The hood takes charge of dust-proof and rain-proof to avoid air pollution on working process and belt slipping caused by rain.
3.The maintenance walkway is designed for worker to repair and maintain the belt conveyor.
4.The emergency stop switch is as safety protection device installed at the both ends of the belt machine. Stop the machine urgently by the switch once the accident occurrence of the belt machine.

Application Of Belt Conveyor In Concrete Batching Plant

Nowadays, belt conveyor as one of the most popular material feeding machine is commonly use in various concrete batching plants. Here, take LUTON concrete batching plants as examples, to show the application of belt conveyor in concrete batching plant.

A Case of LTF-100 LUTON Free-foundation Concrete Batching Plant

In this model of LTF-100 free-foundation concrete batching plant, a plat belt conveyor and an inclined belt machine are used in aggregate batching system and material hoisting system.
The horizontal belt conveyor is arranged under the four weighing buckets of aggregate batching system. After the aggregate is weighed, it is sent by the horizontal belt conveyor into the inclined belt and transported to the temporary hopper of the roof, waiting to be discharged into the mixer together with other materials.

Inclined Belt Conveyor

Motor Power:22kW
Belt specification:B=800
Belt Speed:2.0m/s
Delivery Capacity:350m3/h
Belt Inclination: 18°

Horizontal Belt Conveyor

Belt Width: 800mm
Belt Speed: 1.6m/s

There are also other models in this series of concrete batching plants, like HZS60/HZS90/HZS120/HZS180/HZS240 showing in the following table.

HZS60 belt type concrete batching plant
HZS90 Concrete Batching Plant
LTF-100 Free-foundation Concrete Batching Plant

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