Concrete Trailer Pump for Sale

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concrete trailer pump for sale

About Concrete Trailer Pump for Sale

The concrete trailer pump for sale has multiple alternative names such as trailer mounted pump, stationary concrete pump, tow behind concrete pump, towable or towing concrete pump. The concrete trailer pump, as one of the concrete line pumps, is the concrete pump that doesn’t have its placing boom and needs to be attached to a long pipeline to convey the cement to the designated place. Besides, the concrete trailer pump itself can’t move. If you want to make the trailer pump move, the trailer frame is needed or several crews can pull it with the hard effort.


The concrete trailer pump for sale can be categorized as diesel concrete pump and electric concrete pump on the basis of power source. The diesel trailer concrete pump is mainly used for suburb, remote area or mountainous region where electricity supply is deficient to some extent. On the contrary, the electric trailer concrete pump is mainly applied to the downtown or urban area where electricity is sufficient. Of course, the diesel trailer mounted pump is a better choice because it have the stronger pumping capacity for the same configuration. Concrete trailer pump is suitable to these fields such as housing construction, bridge construction, tunnel construction and so on.

Work Principles of Concrete Trailer Pump for Sale

Pumping State

Anti-pumping State (Reverse Pump)

When pumping concrete materials, the concrete trailer pump for sale reciprocates under the action of the hydraulic oil of the main oil cylinder. One cylinder moves forward, and the other cylinder moves backward. When the swing cylinder retracts, the concrete cylinder piston connected with the piston rod of the main cylinder retracts at the same time and generates negative pressure, sucking the concrete in the hopper into the concrete cylinder connected with the hopper. At this time, the piston of the other concrete cylinder moves forward, feeding the concrete material in the other concrete cylinder into the distribution valve connected with it and pumping it out. Due to the continuous back and forth movement of the piston, it circulates in turn, and finally realizes the continuous pumping of the concrete trailer pump. In the reverse pump operation, the concrete cylinder of the suction stroke is connected with the distribution valve. The concrete cylinder in the pushing stroke is connected with the hopper, so that the concrete in the pipeline is pumped back to the hopper.

Why choose the Concrete Trailer Pump?

The concrete trailer pump has the following features during the construction:

Electrical System: The whole machine is controlled by PLC programmable computer. The control circuit adopts optimized design and is equipped with wireless remote control, which is convenient to operation the concrete trailer pump.

Pumping System: The pumping system adopts double cylinder full hydraulic pumping, which improves the working efficiency and reduces the failure rate.

S-shaped Distribute Valve: S-tube valve is equipped with floating wear ring, which automatically compensates for wear, has good sealing performance, simple and reliable structure and improves work efficiency and reduces maintenance costs. And it has two working modes: low-pressure large displacement and high-pressure small displacement.

Reversing System: It adopts electric and hydraulic control commutation, with sensitive response and good stability.

High Outlet Pressure: The horizontal transportation can reach 400 ~ 500 meters, and the vertical transportation can reach 150 ~ 180 meters, which can meet the transportation requirements of high-rise buildings and long-distance construction.

Cooling System: The hydraulic oil cooling adopts the oil-air cooler cooling system, which has large cooling power, ensuring that the working oil temperature of the hydraulic system is controlled below 60 ℃, avoiding the limitation of the water-cooled radiator connecting to the water source, which is convenient for construction and easy to move the equipment.

Hydraulic Oil Circuit: The open hydraulic system is adopted to improve the reversing speed and efficiency.
Reverse Pump Function: Automatic pressure protection is adopted to reduce pipe blockage, improve work efficiency and prolong pipe service life.

Hydraulic Oil Tank: Large volume hydraulic oil tank is adopted, which extends the oil change cycle of hydraulic oil and reduces the maintenance cost.

Mixing Device: Reliable sealing makes it not easy to leak; The mixing blade has a reasonable structure and can be applied to a variety of concrete proportioning.

Vibrating Screen: The hopper adopts an integrated vibrating screen, which is simple and convenient to replace and clean, and the mesh density and shape are optimized.

Convenient Movement: It is equipped with universal wheels, which can be dragged by a car and can move flexibly.

Types of Concrete Trailer Pump for Sale

Based on the power of source, the concrete trailer pump is divided into diesel concrete trailer pump and electric concrete trailer pump. The concrete trailer pump for sale in Luton has theses types: HBTS 40, HBTS 60, HBTS 80, etc. The detailed specifications of concrete trailer pump for sale are shown as below:

Specification of Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump

diesel trailer pump

Specification of Electric Concrete Trailer Pump

electric trailer pump

Price of Concrete Trailer Pump for Sale

The price of concrete trailer pump for sale is one uncertainty. Why? Because the price is to be influenced by many factors such as the concrete pump types, output delivery pressure, power types, configuration, customers’ requirements, etc. The price of concrete trailer pump for sale ranges from $15,000 – $ 40,000.

Applications Ranges of Concrete Trailer Pump for Sale

HBT 30/HBT 40/HBT 50 is mainly used for cement mortar transportation of buildings, groups of buildings and floors, including underfloor heating and concrete section thickening.
HBT 60/HBT 80 is used for the reinforcement and filling of main building projects such as piling, commercial concrete transportation of high-rise buildings, railways, hydropower, mines, national defense projects, foundations, roads, bridges, bridge slabs, supports, large structures, etc.

The author believes that through the introduction of this article, you have a certain grasp of the concrete trailer pump. The price of a concrete trailer pump for sale is very cost-effective so that almost every construction party can afford it. And because of its compact structure and low maintenance cost, that makes the clients free from worries. Pumping system is 10 times more than manual construction, effectively improves production efficiency, greatly shortens the construction schedule and reduces labor costs. Besides, the mobility can ensure you can pump the concrete to the location the project required. The benefits of buying a concrete trailer pump are numerous, the author just doesn’t list here. All in all, you deserve buying a concrete trailer pump. Take action immediately!

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