Diesel Concrete Pump for Sale in Indonesia

Recently, Luton diesel concrete pump for sale in Indonesia. Indonesia is one highly potential market of LUTON’s construction machinery in South-east Asia. Customers in Indonesia are our important partners. LUTON diesel concrete pumps are the one of our hot sale machines in Indonesia. Recently, one of our customers in Indonesia purchased another LUTON diesel concrete pump.

Towable concrete pump

Diesel concrete pump as one most common used construction machine, it was used for high-rise buildings, roadways, bridges, and water conservation projects as well as other projects.LUTON concrete pumps were powered a diesel engine thus it is available for pumping concrete making it in where electricity supply is short.

diesel concrete pump machine

How Can LUTON CONCRETE PUMP Win the Trust in Indonesia?

We would like to share a few pump traits with you.

Electrical system: Simple operation with PLC programming computer control. Equipped with wireless remote control.

Oulet high pressure&Pumping system: horizontal transportation can reach 400 meters to 500 meters, and vertical transportation is 150 meters to 180 meters. The dual -cylinder omnidirectional pumping is used to improve the efficiency and reduce the failure rate.

Direction changing system&Hydraulic oil circuit: use electric and liquid control to replace the direction. The opening hydraulic system is used to improve the direction changing speed and higher efficiency.

LUTON diesel concrete pump was ready to deliver to Indonesia

Luton diesel concrete pumps have been sold so many to Indonesia in past decades. Luton to “Do stability, do fine, strong” for the purpose, constantly blaze new trails, strive to industry leading, efforts to be a famous brand in the world to provide high-quality construction machines.

Diesel Concrete Pump for Sale in Indonesia

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