Concrete Pump Machine

A concrete pump machine, also known as a concrete transporting machine, transports liquid concrete to different project locations through flexible pipes. It’s also known as a cement pumping machine or a pump concrete machine.

Concrete pump machines are extensively utilized in the construction business due to their fast-conveying performance and adaptability to most engineering settings.

Actually, the term “concrete pump machine” refers to a broad category of concrete pump equipment. Several sub-branches exist, such as mini concrete pump machines, portable concrete pump machines, small concrete pump machines, boom pressure concrete machines, pumping machines, concrete mixers, etc.

These concrete pump machines are often encountered in constructing canals, tunnels, bridges, highways, dwellings, roads, and buildings, among other things. They play key roles in their respective fields because of their distinguishing traits.

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diesel concrete trailer pump

Model: Concrete Trailer Pumps

Capacity: 30-88m3/h

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concrete mixer truck

Model: Concrete Mixer Pump

Capacity: 30-40m3/h

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concrete line pump for sale

Model: Concrete Line Pump Truck

Capacity: 30-88m3/h

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concrete pump truck

Model: Concrete Boom Pump

Capacity: 13m-62m

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Mini / Small Concrete Pump Machine

The term “mini or small concrete pump machine” refers to a concrete pump machine with a limited potential output capacity. Obviously, it also refers to these machines in mini or small proportions.

Mini kinds are concrete pump machines with a pumping capacity of less than 20m3/h, while small types produce concrete at 30-40m3/h.

The term “mini” or “small” concrete pump machine generally refers to a stationary concrete pump set on a permanent platform.

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Small Portable Concrete Pumping Machine

These small-sized concrete pumps have the whole equipment on mobile modules and may be readily carried on-site by vehicles or trailers. As a result, they are called tiny portable concrete pumping machines or small mobile concrete pump machines.

Small portable concrete pumps, with their compact form and flexible transportation, are ideal for small-scale concrete pumping operations in tight or high areas that are inaccessible to standard concrete equipment.

They are also often seen in conjunction with a concrete mixer truck.

In a broad sense, another form of portable concrete pumping equipment is the crawler concrete pump, which is self-propelled by crawlers and can be easily moved about on job sites.

Whatever form of tiny portable concrete pump machine you have, it is all efficient concrete pumping equipment desperately required in today’s construction business.

Small/mini portable concrete pump devices are often powered by diesel engines or electric motors.

  • As opposed to electric motors, diesel engines are better suited to distant places with no power source.
  • Electric motors with small structures and simple maintenance, for example, are also commonly utilized in projects where energy is available.

Small or mini portable concrete pump machines with robust energy sources enable a long pumping distance of up to 600m and a vertical pumping height of 120m.

mini cement pump

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Boom Pressure Concrete Machine

Another popular form of concrete pumping machine is the boom pressure concrete machine, which is available in various sizes.

In comparison to the previous two varieties of concrete pump machines, the boom pressure concrete machine is a one-of-a-kind existence in terms of both look and use.

It’s a concrete pumping giant, complete with a separate mechanic arm installed on a truck chassis with other pumping equipment.

It specializes in transporting concrete supplies to higher-elevation building sites.

Boom pressure concrete system can easily achieve fast arrival at sites, a fast extension of the mechanical arm, accurate delivery to the designations, fast operation, fast cleaning and maintenance, fast end of the operation to recover the working arm, fast transfer, and so on due to its unique design and manufacture.

The boom pressure concrete machine is very quick and efficient.

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Concrete Mixer with Pump Machine

Still, a more flexible concrete machine combines the functions of concrete mixing and pumping in one piece of equipment, known as a concrete mixer with a pump machine.

A LUTON concrete mixer with a pump machine with a potential concrete output of 40m3/h can mix high-quality concrete materials using a drum mixer or a two-shaft mixer and pump these concrete materials to destinations 500m horizontally or approximately 120m vertically distant.

There is no need for a separate mixer machine since this kind of concrete mixer with a pump machine is more cost-effective, practical, time-saving, and efficient. It is often found on a variety of small and medium-sized building projects.

Concrete Pump Machine for Sale

In the building industry, there are several varieties of concrete pump machines for sale, each with its own set of characteristics. Customers are advised to choose appropriate machinery for their projects after considering the following factors:

  • Manufacturers and Brands
  • Areas of Application
  • Scales for Projects
  • Situations in the Market
  • Related local Policies
  • Shipping Charges
  • Insurance Fees
  • Price of steel materials
  • Expenses for Repair and Maintenance

Concrete Pump Machine

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Price of Concrete Pump Machine

The price of a LUTON concrete pump machine varies from around $18,000 to $450,000, depending on output capacity, machine setup, concrete pump type, and so on. Customers are advised to use the LUTON Diesel Concrete Pump Machine Configuration table as a guide.

Specification of Diesel Concrete Pump Machine 







Main oil pump






Main pump


112 ml/r

112 ml/r

112 ml/r

112×2 ml/r

112×2 ml/r

Theoretical capacity (m3/h)











Diesel engine



Weichai 82KW

Weichai 82KW

Weichai 129KW

Weichai 129KW

Control system components












Price range


~ $22,000


~ $23,000


~ $25,000


~ $36,000


~ $38,000

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Price of a Mini Concrete Pump Machine

Mini Concrete Pump Machines with theoretical output capacities less than 30m3/h are unquestionably less expensive than pump machines with medium and big output capacities due to their simple construction, mini size, simple design, and production process.
They are most likely in the $10,000 to $20,000 bracket.

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Price Of A Mobile Concrete Pump

The price of a mobile concrete pump is clearly greater than that of a fixed concrete pump with the same output capacity.

Mobile concrete pumps are popular among construction investors due to their great mobility, exceptional flexibility, and high efficiency.

In general, the cost of a mobile concrete pump now ranges between $45,000 to $450,000.
It is worth noting that the price of the boom pump machine is particularly notable, ranging from $110,000 to $450,000.

Certainly, the price of a certain concrete pump machine should be determined by the kind of product, configuration model, and other considerations.

Price of Concrete Mixer with Pump Machine

In LUTON, the price of a concrete mixer with pump, a kind of multifunctional concrete equipment, ranges from $18,000 to $44,000.

The LUTON concrete mixer with pump machine is adaptable, affordable, and effective. It is well-known among clients all over the globe.

You are free to contact our consultants, who are enthusiastic about offering professional service, for additional information about the pricing.

Concrete Pump Machine Components

A concrete pump machine with high efficiency, versatile functions, and strong impulse saves investors a lot of money and human resources. This is due to the outstanding performance of the main concrete pump machine elements.

The major components of a concrete pump machine are the power system, the pumping system, the electronic controlling system, and any other necessary accessories.

Components of Concrete Pump Machine

Main Parts



Power System


the main power origin






Main Oil Pump

the hydraulic power origin




Mixer Machine

concrete mixing and producing unit





Oil Cooling Pump

Hydraulic oil cooling unit

The Highest

Oil Temperature


Hydraulic Motor

Or Cylinder

The final actuator to drive mechanism.



Main Oil Cylinder

High pressure oil pushes and pull the rod in this place.

Main cylinder diameter/stroke(mm)




Concrete Cylinder

Concrete are sucked in this place.

Concrete cylinder diameter/stroke(mm)




Water Tank

The piston rod cooling and cleaning unit

S tube valve

The switch of concrete in or out.

Swing Cylinder

The mechanism that motive the s tube valve.


Concrete feeding unit

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Center controller of the concrete pump system


Electron Component

Important parts of central control system


Intermediate Relay

Important parts of central control system




Important concrete conveying access

Steel pipe

Bend pipe

High pressure hose


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Power System 

1. Power host

The primary power source for the concrete pump machine is the power host. Electric motors and diesel engines are the two kinds of power hosts.

  • Diesel engines with high torque and consistent performance are frequently employed in concrete pump machines.
  • Because there is no requirement for an electrical source, a diesel concrete pump machine is better suited for building projects in power-scarce locations.
  • Various power levels are available in the LUTON diesel concrete pump series, including 66KW, 82KW, 84KW, 129KW, etc.
  • There are many LUTON electric concrete pump options available, including 37KW, 45KW, 90KW, and 110KW.

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electric concrete pump machine

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diesel concrete pump machine

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2. The Primary Oil Pump

Together with the power host, the main oil pump is the energy hub of the whole concrete pump machine. The hydraulic power source is the main oil pump.

LUTON concrete pump machines are outfitted with high-quality main oil pumps from well-known manufacturers. The displacements are optional, with the most common being 71ml/r, 112ml/r, and 140ml/r.

3. Mixer Machine

Mixer Machines are essential. The excellent quality of concrete products is dependent on the mixer machine’s performance.

High-quality mixer machines with a capacity of 25m3/h or 35m3/h are all popular in the LUTON concrete pump machine line.

4. Oil Cooling Pump

The oil cooling pump is the most important part of the oil cooling system. It circulates heated oil via the radiator line, which is cooled by a fan.

Hot oil will have an effect on operating stability and longevity. It is critical to maintaining an appropriate amount of oil temperature. The LUTON oil cooling system maintains the oil temperature consistently at 70°C, ensuring the hydraulic system’s excellent condition.

5. Hydraulic Motors and Cylinders

This is the system’s ultimate actuator, which causes the mechanism to work (stretch, swing, rotate, etc.).

Small concrete mixer pump

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System of Pumping

This is the major working portion that performs the concrete pumping process. It includes the main oil cylinder, water tank, S tube valve, swinging oil cylinder, hopper, etc.

1. The Primary Oil Cylinder

High-pressure oil pushes or pulls the piston rod in the primary oil cylinder. It is connected to the opposite end of the rod in the concrete cylinder and continually inhales and extrudes concrete.

Various sizes of LUTON’s main hydraulic cylinders are available to accommodate different production capacities. There are more than six configurations for oil cylinder diameter and stroke, including Φ80/845, Φ80/1000, Φ100/1000, Φ100/1100, Φ125/1650, Φ140/1800, and more.

As a result, the concrete cylinder is much larger than the main cylinder. LUTON concrete cylinders are available in nine different cylinder diameter and stroke configurations, including 140/845, 140/1000, 180/1000, 180/1100, 180/1300, 200/1000, 200/1800, 200/1650, and so on.

These various configurations are intended for the final goal of varying pumping capacity. Different output specifications are supported by LUTON Concrete Pump Machines, including 5m3/h, 10m3/h, 15m3/h, 20m3/h, 30m3/h, 40m3/h, 50m3/h, 60m3/h, 80m3/h, 90m3/h, 100m3/h, and so on.

Concrete mixer pump

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2. Tank of Water

The water tank connects the hydraulic oil cylinder and the concrete cylinder. Its purpose is to cool and clean the piston rod.

3. The S tube valve

S tube valves are s-shaped tubes that connect the concrete output port to the two concrete cylinder ports. S tube valve is a valve at the same time. It connects one of the two-cylinder ports to the concrete output port on each swing to pump concrete out of the machine.

And the second port sucks in concrete to prepare for the next connection and then pumps out concrete.

It regulates the flow of concrete in and out, much like a switch.

4. Cylinder Swing

The mechanism that drives the s tube valve is the swing cylinder.

The swing cylinder is linked to the swingarm, which powers the fixed shaft on the S tube valve. The arm swings back and forth to activate the S tube valve’s left-right switch.

Hopper Hopper is the initial mechanism of the concrete pump machine with which concrete comes into contact. It is often fitted with a screen mesh and a vibrator to filter large particle stones and avoid clogging, allowing for more smooth concrete feeding.

Inside the hopper, mixing blades are operated by a separate hydraulic motor to make the concrete more homogeneous and avoid segregation.

System of Electric Control

The electric control system, which consists of a PLC and several electric components, is the brain of the whole concrete pump machine.

The PLC is the primary control unit in the system. All control instructions are delivered to all sections of the machine from here.

The Omron PLC and Schneider electrical components are used in the Luton concrete pump electric control system. International brand items provide optimum functioning performance.

Pipeline for Conveying Concrete

The concrete conveying pipeline is one of the most important accessories of a concrete pump machine.

LUTON concrete conveying pipeline comes in numerous varieties, including straight steel pipes, elbow steel pipes and high-pressure hoses.

Aside from cost-effective ordinary steel pipe, thicker seamless steel pipe is appropriate for high-pressure special operations.

Customers may choose from various combinations to match their specific building requirements.

These pipes, which are all in conformity with worldwide manufacturing standards, are simple to swap and connect.

The Benefits of a Concrete Pump Machine

The modern concrete building makes extensive use of concrete pump equipment. This is due to its many benefits.

1. Adaptable and Convenient

  • It can transport concrete to a tight or high building site where standard concrete equipment cannot reach it.
  • Operators can simply modify the location of the pipes or hoses by changing the position and direction of the pipelines or hoses.

2. Resource-Saving and Economical

Using a concrete pump machine is an excellent way to save people, energy, time, and money. A concrete pump is a multi-purpose machine that does not need a lot of manpower or other equipment.

3. Efficient

Concrete pump machines have a large pumping capacity. They can transfer concrete to practically any building site in a short period. Pumping work will begin as soon as it arrives at the project site. After completing the task at hand, the concrete pump equipment may be moved to another location in the same amount of time.

What is the Best Kind Of Concrete Pump?

We already know that there are several kinds of concrete pump machines. They each have their own distinct qualities and advantages. Each of them is involved in various aspects of building. When it comes to concrete pump machines, there is no such thing as the best pump machine.

The key is to employ the concrete pump machine in the appropriate construction task.
Contact LUTON for expert advice for additional information on selecting the correct concrete pump machine.

What is a Concrete Pump Called?

There are several additional names for a concrete pump. You may also call it concrete pump equipment, a concrete pumping machine, a ready mix concrete pump, a cement pump, or a cement pumping machine.

How Many Cubic Yards of Concrete Can You Pump Each Hour?

There are several concrete pump products with varying pumping capacities in the LUTON concrete pump machine series. They may pump 10m3 to 100m3 of concrete per hour. Please contact us for more information about our great goods.

Where Can You Find a Concrete Pump?

Concrete pump machines are efficient, adaptable, and cost-effective.

Because of these benefits, they are frequently employed in a broad range of small, medium, and large-scale building projects. They are often observed in constructing tunnels, bridges, canals, dams, rural roads, highways, buildings, and private dwellings, among other things.

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