FAQ of Asphalt Mixing Plant

Could the working noise be further reduced below 85db(A).

Regarding working noise, the national standard is no higher than 85 db(A). When our machines leave the factory, engineers will conduct test-machine debugging and control the noise at around 50-60 db(A).

The burner. What are the most popular models your clients buy? Is it the coal-fired type? We requested Diesel. I guess this could be expensive. Could you please advise?

Most of our customers use diesel oil. Regarding the choice of fuel, you can refer to these points to consider:

(1) The price between coal and diesel.

(2) Whether your local energy storage is more coal or diesel? Which one can guarantee normal supply for you.

(3) Diesel fuel produces less pollution than coal. Whether there will be environmental protection required in your local?

The plant you have quoted to us is the batch type asphalt mixing plant. Is this the popular model type?

Batch type asphalt mixing plant is the most popular type. This kind of mixer has stable performance, the mixed asphalt is more uniform, It is the most mature technology on the market.

Please clarify what you mean by “without dust filter recycle use”

About “without dust filter recycle use”, Asphalt plant no need to recycle dust. Other plants, such as dry mortar plant, need to recycle dust for secondary use.