FAQ of the Concrete Pump

What is the pumping distance of the concrete trailer pump?

Vertical distance of 6-10 floors and horizontal distance of 100-150 meters.

How will the concrete trailer pump be shipped?

Most of the equipment can be shipped in containers by sea.

How far can this concrete mixer pump?

The concrete mixing pump can produce concrete on site and pump it to any place. The vertical height can reach 100m and the horizontal distance can reach 400m.

Can the concrete mixer pump pave the way?

Yes, concrete mixer pump is often used in road construction.

1. The concrete mixer pump can produce concrete by itself and pump it anywhere.

2. The concrete mixer pump can not only undertake paving projects but also build houses (horizontal distance can pump 400m, vertical distance can pump 40-60m)

3. When you want to build a road, you can lay the pipeline first, and you can reduce a pipeline for every 3m pumped until the road is laid to the position of the mixing pump, and the cycle is repeated until the road is paved.

What’s the difference between JBS30 and JBS40?

They have same lifting hopper and mixing drum, but they have different pumping capacity, JBS 30 has a pumping capacity 30m3 per hour, JBS40 has a pumping capacity 40m3 per hour.