What is a Concrete Pump Used for?

Concrete Pumps are efficient and economical on large scale and small-scale construction sites. Using concrete pumps to transfer liquid concrete at construction sites is the best method.

The main purpose of a concrete pump is to transfer or pump liquid concrete from containers to the construction site-wherever it is needed in the construction process. Earlier the same function was carried out using cranes, which used to lift a single bucket approximately 2 cubic yards of concrete and transfer where it was needed. The process was slow, costly and used more labor.

What is a Concrete Pump Used for

Types of Concrete Pump

There are two basic types of Concrete pumps.

Boom Concrete Pump

A Boom concrete pump is also called Truck Mounted concrete pump. It is used for large scale constructions like flyovers, roads, highways and large plazas as well as small scale residential constructions as the pump itself is bigger in size.

The machine is easy to operate and is also mobile. Its mobility around the jobsite ensures better and efficient work. They are built in such a way that they can easily reach and deliver concrete at high rise buildings at perfect precision.  A boom concrete pump is independent of any labor thus no labor cost. It uses a robotic arm to deliver concrete which is light weight and flexible to transfer anywhere at any time.

concrete boom pump truck

Trailer Concrete Pump

Trailer Concrete Pumps (also called as static concrete pump) are best used for small scale constructions, they are efficient in running smooth operations and stable transfer of concrete to desired area through pipelines.

The secret behind the hassle-free smooth operation is the automated centralized lubricant system, which ensures the oiling of all parts during the procedure.

It exhibits low logistic cost and the equipment can be delivered through any medium, i.e., land, sea or air.

It is constructed using durable alloy which ensures maximum pumping of 30000m3 concrete.

It is ideal to use for laying the foundation of buildings or houses. The distance of 2000m can be covered used a trailer concrete pump. As referred to by its name, it can only be moved around the construction site if it is further attached to a truck.

concrete pump equipment

Uses of Concrete Pump

  • Faster Process

At construction site, any type of concrete pump is ideal to transfer concrete at a faster rate.

  • Less Water Usage

As compared to other concrete pouring techniques, a concrete pump uses lesser water, which is suitable as the concrete doesn’t shrink or crack at any point and it will uphold its strength.

  • Increased Pouring Efficiency

Pouring efficiency is maintained or increased when the concrete is being transferred to high rise buildings.

  • Filling with Precision

Even at inaccessible sites, the concrete is filled with precision. No matter you have to deliver concrete to a high-rise spot or a foundation slab, concrete pumps can do the job without spilling the mixture midway.

  • Less Labor Cost

Since these concrete pumps have come into existence, the need for labor has reduced drastically, which results in less cost of overall project, reduced man power and energy is saved.

  • Zero Wastage

When using concrete pumps at your construction sites, you ensure zero wastage. No concrete, other material, energy and money is wasted.

Using concrete pumps at construction sites is a win-win deal. They are efficient and cost effective and they are perfect for every weather conditions.

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