Guidelines for the Safe Operation of Concrete Mixer Pumps in Cold Weather

How to operate a concrete mixer pump in winter? The guidelines for the safe operation of concrete mixer pumps in cold weather are as follows:

1. Replace the antifreeze in the water tank of the diesel engine and the generator set to prevent the water tank from freezing and cracking when the temperature is too low.

Guidelines for the Safe Operation of Concrete Mixer Pumps in Cold Weather

2. Fill up the water in the water tank of the concrete mixing pump before construction. Remember to drain it after construction to prevent freezing and cracking of the concrete cylinder and water tank. Add hydraulic oil directly if conditions permit.

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3. The water in the water cooler should be drained in time after each construction to prevent the water cooler from freezing and cracking.

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4. The power consumption of the heating grid is large in winter. When starting the main motor of the diesel concrete pump, you must pay attention to the fluctuation range of the voltmeter pointer. In principle, construction is not allowed when the fluctuation range is lower than 340V.

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5. Winter equipment start-up skills: slow start.

Reason: Under low temperature conditions, the viscosity of the hydraulic oil increases and the fluidity decreases, resulting in an increase in the flow resistance in the pipeline. When the viscosity of the hydraulic oil is very high, the main oil pump in the loaded working state will have difficulty in absorbing oil, and even “empty suction” phenomenon will occur, and the main oil pump will be excessively worn due to poor lubrication. Therefore, sufficient preheating must be carried out before the official pumping construction.

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6. The concrete pouring should be carried out during the day as much as possible to increase the pouring temperature of the concrete, and the concrete part after pouring should be covered with insulation to prevent the concrete from being frozen in the early stage.

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