Hot Sale Concrete Trailer Pump Sold to Jamaica

On September 24, 2023, Luton diesel concrete trailer pump with capacity of 50m3/h was shipped to Jamaica. This customer comes from Jamaica, and he found us from the website. He want to buy a concrete trailer pump for building construction. This concrete trailer pump sold to Jamaica opens up a new market for Luton Group.

As soon as we receive the customer’s request, we refer the the information to our sales man responsible for the Jamaica market. We recommended the HBT 50 concrete trailer pump with diesel engine to him according to his requirement. The capacity per hour is 50 cubic meters.

Concrete Trailer Pump Sold to Jamaica

Concrete Trailer Pump Sold to Jamaica

Max. Theo. Concrete output: 50m3/h

Max. Concrete pumping pressure: 10Mpa

Distribution valve type: S

The biggest transportation vertically: 150m

The biggest transportation in level: 600m

Production Pictures of Concrete Trailer Pump to Jamaica

In the whole production process, we always keep in touch with customers and send them detailed production pictures and videos, so that customer can grasp the production progress in real time and carry out online supervision, so that customer are satisfied and assured.

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S valve of concrete trailer pump
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Shipment Videos of Concrete Trailer Pump to Jamaica

Before to shipment, we carried out operational testing in according with the process of the concrete trailer pump. Because the customer is in Jamaica, it is not convenient to come to our factory. We sent the the testing video the customer. And the shipment will be arranged only after the qualification is confirmed.

Parts Advantages of HBT50 Concrete Trailer Pump Sold to Jamaica

Hydraulic System

The concrete trailer pump has double open hydraulic loops with two pumps, so the whole hydraulic system is more simpler.

The reliability of the whole system is also much higher as well as the components’ life is prolonged greatly.

Control Box

Control box applies Schneider electric part and Omron PLC unit.

The wireless remote equipment is convenient for operation far away.

S Valve

The design of hopper and S valve and so on adopt I-DEAS software to calculate, the hopper and S valve have good rigidity to avoid the phenomenon of hopper distortion and S valve breakage.

Cooling System

The radiator equipment makes the working oil temperature of hydraulic system below 70℃and makes the machine in normal status.

Pump Hopper

800L feeding capacity.

Contain mixing shaft inside hopper, keep mixing concrete again inside pump hopper.

Gear Pump

Double gear pump, one for cooling, one for drive mixing shaft of pump hopper.

Free Spare Parts

filter element of concrete trailer pump
free parts of concrete trailer pump
free parts of groun line concrete pump for sale
free parts of concrete pump for sale

Other Models of Concrete Trailer Pump for Sale in Jamaica

ItemUnit HBT30-6-52RHBT40-10-82RHBT50-10-92RHBT60-13-129RHBT80-16-176RHBT90-22-199R
Max. Theo output m3/h30405067/4584/4590/57
Max.concrete pumping pressure MPa610107/137/1620/14
Distribution valve type SSSSSS
Diesel engineering powerkw528292129176199
The biggest transportation(vertically/Level)m100/300120/500150/600180/1000260/1200300/1200