How to Choose a Suitable Stone Crusher

Since the stone crusher can crush and process natural stones to high quality building aggregates, it has a very important role in many fields, whether it is building construction, road construction, bridge construction, or brick making, concrete making, construction aggregate is an essential and important raw material. Because of this, the stone crushing plant has also become one of the very worthy investment projects. Today we will introduce you how to choose a suitable stone crusher. There are several factors to know:

Stone Type

We know that there are various kinds of stones in nature, and although they look similar in appearance, there is a big difference in hardness. Some of these stones have strong hardness, such as granite, basalt, river stone, etc.

This type of stone, which we call hard stone, is usually recommended to use a cone crusher with extrusion crushing.

How to Choose a Suitable Stone Crusher


cone crusher

Of course, there are some stones that are not very hard, such as limestone, dolomite, marble, etc.

This type of stone, which we call soft stone, is usually recommended to use impact crushers that crush by striking.


impact crusher

Therefore, the type of stone will affect the type of equipment used and is one of the very important factors.

Output Size

Output size, meaning the final size of stone you need to get. With a stone crusher, natural stone can be crushed and screened to the size you need to meet a variety of needs.

stationary stone crusher

Usually in the construction field and for making concrete, the stone size is within 25mm.

Stone for road construction is within 30-40mm.

Stone for brick making is within 19mm.

For sand production, it is within 5 mm.

As you can see, the demand for aggregate size is completely different in different fields, but the stone crusher can meet the demand of each field without any problem.


The capacity is also one of the very important factors which determines the size of the whole line. But there is no good or bad capacity, only suitable or not.

We can provide capacity from 0-1000tph.You can choose the right capacity according to different needs.

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Types of Stone Crushers

Stone crushing plants are roughly divided into two major categories, stationary crushing plants and mobile crushing plants.

If the site needs to move frequently and produce at several different sites, you can choose a mobile crushing plant.


If the production is at a fixed site and there is no need to move the site frequently, a fixed crushing plant is the best choice.


If the production is at a fixed site and there is no need to move the site frequently, a fixed crushing plant is the best choice.

Mobile crushing plant is easy to move and quick to install. Stationary crushing plant is more economical. It is entirely possible to choose according to the demand.

More Information about Requirements

Based on these 4 important pieces of information, we can provide you with a reasonable configuration. However, if you can provide us with more detailed information as follows:

The size of the raw material dimensions.

The size of the site dimensions.

Whether the mining license is obtained or not.

Project start time.


A series of information that can be of great help in designing your project.

Luton Group has a history of more than 30 years, a professional design team and a strong production capacity. We are willing to provide reasonable solutions to our partners from all over the world, so as to help our customers to develop quickly in the field of mining.


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