Advantages of Mobile Crushing Plant

    Mobile crushing plant, as a kind of mining equipment, is favored by customers from various markets because of its advantages such as easy to move and install. Today we will take you to understand the reasons why mobile crushing plant is so popular.

    Four Advantages of Mobile Crushing Plant

    1. Easy to Move

    Tire-type mobile stations are usually equipped with a 2-axle chassis or a 3-axle chassis depending on the weight of the equipment.

    Either chassis can be towed by truck, which is very convenient to move, and greatly reduces the cost of moving equipment for projects that require frequent movement of the site.

    Advantages of Mobile Crushing Plant

    2. Wide Application

    Because of its convenience, it can be widely used in mining, coal mining, construction waste recycling and etc., which is one of the reasons why many customers choose it.

    3. Easy and Quick to Install

    Tire-type mobile crushing plant, because of its own solid chassis, after arriving at the site, only needs to harden and level the ground before it can enter the work.

    Compared with stationary stone crushing plants, which can take a month or even months to install, the mobile plant can usually operate within a week after arriving at the site, greatly reducing the installation time and cost.

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    4. Fully Meet Customer Needs

    Although mounted on a compact frame, the tire crushing mobile plant can accommodate capacities from 30-500tph. The right configuration can be selected according to the requirements, It can easily crush hard stones such as granite, basalt or soft stones such as limestone, dolomite and other raw materials.

    And because tire mobile stations are classified as construction vehicles in many markets, they do not even require a mining license or environmental assessment certification and can be used directly in cities.

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    In addition to the above advantages, the tire crushing mobile plant also has the advantages of convenient maintenance, simple operation, and so on. If you are interested in learning more about the mobile crushing plant, please feel free to contact us.

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