Mobile Concrete Pump

What is a Mobile Concrete Pump?

The mobile concrete pump refers to the pump which can be transferred via a person or truck from one place to another. The mobile concrete pump includes the stationary concrete pump, the self-propelled concrete pump and trailer concrete pump.

The mobile concrete pump is a large-sized concrete conveying machinery, which is used for concrete conveying of large-scale concrete projects such as high-rise buildings, highways, overpasses and so on.

What is the Price of a Mobile Concrete Pump?

The price of the concrete pump of different type varies each other. The rough price list is as the following picture shown:

Types Stationary

Concrete Pump


Concrete Pump


Boom Pump


Boom Pump

Price range $18,000

~ $20,000


~ $95,000

$110,000 ~$450,000 $18,000

~ $44,000

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What is a Mobile Concrete Mixer Pump?

The mobile concrete mixer pump is an integrative construction machine mixing and pumping concrete, which combines the concrete mixer with the concrete pump. The mobile concrete mixer pump has some advantages to some extent.

Choosing a mobile concrete mixer pump means low labor cost because only one person can accomplish the operation task.

A mobile concrete mixer pump makes workers on the construction sites feel relaxed and unworried due to low labour intensity and simple operation, what’s more, a remote controller can be used to operate the mobile concrete mixer pump.

A mobile concrete mixer pump is convenient to transfer at any time.

The structure of the mobile concrete mixer pump is excellent, which is convenient to replace the parts if some part is fault.

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concrete boom pump

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Concrete Pump Mobile

The movement of the stationary concrete pumps need to consume manpower, there is no other way. And the stationary concrete pump can be just transferred a short distance with the help of labours.

The self-propelled concrete pump includes the truck-mounted concrete pump and the concrete pump truck, which can flexibly move to any construction sites needed under the driver’s manipulation.

The axle of a trailer concrete pump belongs to the low-speed axle, which can only be dragged on the site for a short time, not be dragged on the road. A flat-bed trailer is required for long-distance transport.

What are the Different Types of Concrete Pumps?

Boom Concrete Pump

Boom concrete pump is also known as concrete pump truck, which has its own independent support.

Therefore, concrete can be transported without laying pipelines. Generally, the operation flexibility of the concrete pump truck is quite good and the speed is very fast, however, compared with other concrete pumps, the costs of maintenance and use are relatively higher. But due to the limitation of operation height, there are many requirements for the site.

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Truck Mounted Pump

The truck mounted pump doesn’t have independent support, but it has other advantages that the area of occupation sites is relatively small and the running cost is quite low. And if a high-pressure hose operation is adopted, the conveying height will be higher.

Trailer Concrete Pump

The trailer concrete pump itself can’t move automatically because of lack of motor-vehicle chassis. But thanks to the tyres, it can be transported to the operation site via a motor tractor.

The operation cost is relatively low, and its conveying speed is slow and the pumping height is not as high as that of on-board pump.

The Concrete Mixer Pump

The concrete mixer pump includes trailer concrete mixer pump and truck mounted concrete mixer pump. The trailer concrete mixer pump cannot drive independently, while the truck mounted concrete mixer pump can do this.

Connected with other concrete delivery pumps, the mixing function is added, and mixing on construction sites can be carried out.

Mobile Placing Boom

The mobile placing boom is the supporting facility of a concrete pump expanding the conveying distance of concrete, which effectively solves the problem of wall painting and decoration and plays a vital role in improving the construction efficiency and easing the amount of labour.

Mobile Pumping Truck

The pump truck, also called concrete pumping truck, is a machine which uses pressure to continuously convey concrete along the pipeline. The pumping truck consists of a pump body installed on the automobile chassis, an elastic placing boom and a truck.

The concrete pumping truck is transformed from the truck chassis, which is equipped with motion and impetus transmission devices, pumping and mixing devices, distribution devices and other auxiliary devices.

After the impetus of a pumping truck is transported to hydraulic pump group and rear axle through the power transfer case, the hydraulic pump pushes the piston to drive the concrete pump.

Then, the concrete is transported to a certain height and distance by using the placing boom and delivery pipe on the pumping truck.

In addition to driving the pump truck, the engine of the concrete pumping truck is also used to drive the operating devices such as pumping mechanism, mixing mechanism and distribution mechanism.

The power of each part of the concrete pumping truck comes from automobile engine. When the concrete pump truck works, the impetus of the automobile engine is carried to the transfer case through the gearbox, and then conveyed to each hydraulic pump or rear axle on the chassis after the transfer case is switched.

Nowadays the control of a pumping truck is realized by a remote controller.

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How Much is a Pump Truck?

For the most part, the mobile concrete pump mainly refers to the pump truck in the construction field, and its price range is about $45,000 to $95,000.

What is the Largest Concrete Pump Truck?

Up to now, the largest concrete pump truck known is featured by 5 axle trailer, 5 axle truck with 175,000 GCW(Gross Car Weigh)

mobile concrete pump

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The Manufacturers of the Mobile Concrete Pump

With the rapid development of society, some large-scale construction projects can be seen everywhere such as high-rise buildings, highways, bridges, tunnels and water conservancy. The boom of construction projects stimulates the demand for concrete pumps, so the manufacturers appear in vast numbers in China.

And there are several leading brands of concrete pumps throughout China. They are introduced below.


Sany Group is founded in 1989, which is largest machinery manufacturer in China and the fifth largest in the world.


Zoomlion, established in1992, as a well-known trademark in high-end equipment industry around the world, is an equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating construction machinery, agricultural machinery and financing service.


XCMG, dated from 1943, world-renowned construction machinery brand, integrating research and development, production and sales, specializes in crane, scraper machinery, excavating machinery and concrete machinery and so on.

FYG(Fang Yuan Group)

FYG, built in 1999, located in Yantan City, Shandong Province, China, sets up 60 sale agencies and 120 sale branches across China, exporting to over 100 countries and areas.


Janeoo, founded in 1956, as the manufacturer of the professional concrete equipment and related solution, is one of the large-sized key enterprises that manufacture concrete mixer and delivery machinery early in China.


Liugong started from 1958, the renowned brand of construction machinery in China, is a large-sized industrialized enterprise which is noted for a series of construction machinery such as loader, excavator and so on.


Putzmeister, established in1989 in Germany, now affiliated to Sany Group, is a large-sized construction machinery manufacturer specializing in research and development, manufacturing and sales of construction machinery.

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