Reasons of Measurement Error of Concrete Mixing Station

There are 3 reasons of measurement Error of concrete mixing station, including human factor, electrical factor, as well as insufficient structural rigidity of equipment.

Human factor

During the batching process of the batching machine, when the material in the weighing hopper reaches the set value, the feeding belt conveyor will automatically stop, but at this time, some materials still fall into the weighing hopper from the air, and the weight of this part of the material is called the drop. In order to ensure the batching accuracy, a drop value is generally set for the material to be corrected.

However, due to the fact that the aggregate is dry or wet, or is impacted by the loading of the loader, there will also be an error between the actual drop and the set value. Generally, a shelter is added above the storage yard, batching machine and inclined belt conveyor to improve the drainage function of the storage yard and prevent rainwater soaking or sun exposure after feeding.

Reasons of Measurement Error of Concrete Mixing Station

Electrical factor

The most difficult to deal with the electrical problems of the mixing station is the measurement problem. For other problems, such as a certain motor or solenoid valve does not work, it is easy to find the problem along the line after reading the drawings. There are many reasons for the measurement problem. Some of them are mechanical problems reflected in the electrical. For example, the scale bucket is stuck, causing the sensor to display 0 without force, and some are caused by external disturbances that cause signal instability.

Most of the electrical problems in metering are sensor line failures or sensor failures, including wiring errors, line or sensor aging, and instrument failures. For these intractable diseases, after eliminating mechanical problems, you can follow the steps below to troubleshoot them one by one.

Luton belt type concrete batching plant

Insufficient structural rigidity of equipment

This problem is mainly because the supporting steel structure of the weighing scale itself is not rigid enough. When the weighing hopper is loaded, the supporting steel structure will deform. After the material is discharged, the supporting steel structure will rebound, and the load cell will produce additional harmful deformation. A wrong signal is sent. This error is manifested in the continuous beating of the weighing value, and the values in the discharging process are constantly changing.

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