Screening System In Asphalt Batching Plant

As an important facility in road construction, the asphalt station’s aggregate screening system is a key link in the entire production process. The main task of the aggregate screening system is to screen the raw materials entering the asphalt station to ensure accurate separation of aggregates with different particle sized, and to provide qualified aggregates for the subsequent preparation of asphalt mixtures.

screening system in asphalt batching plant

Main Components Of Screening System In Asphalt Batching Plant

The aggregate screening system in asphalt batching plant mainly consists of vibrating screens, feeding devices, transmission devices, support structures, and electrical control systems. The vibrating screen is the core of the screen system, with multiple layers of screen mesh inside. Different mesh size are set according to different particle size requirements.

The feeding device is responsible for evenly feeding raw materials into the vibrating screen, while the transmission device drives the vibrating screen for efficient screening. The supporting structure ensures the stable operation of the entire system, and the electrical control system automates the screening process.

How Does Screen System Work

screen system working principle

The working principle of the aggregate screening system is relatively simple and efficient. When the raw materials enter the vibrating screen through the feeding device, the vibrating screen generates high-frequency vibration under the drive of the transmission device, causing the aggregates to jump and roll on the screen. The part of the aggregate with a particle size smaller than the sieve opening falls through the sieve, while the part with a particle size larger than the sieve opening continues to move forward until it reaches the next layer of sieve for further screening. In this way, aggregates of different particle sized are effectively separated.

What Is A Screen System Used For In Asphalt Plant

The aggregate screening system is crucial for asphalt plants. Firstly, it directly affects the quality of asphalt mixtures. Qualified aggregates are the foundation for preparing high-quality asphalt mixtures, and the precised screening capacity of the screening system is the key to ensuring the quality of aggregates. Secondly, the operational efficiency of the screening system is directly related to the production capacity of the asphalt plants. An efficient screening system can reduce waiting time in the production process and improve production efficiency.

Common Faults And Handling Methods

The aggregate screening system may encounter some common faults during operation, such as screen blockage, abnormal vibration, and wear of transmission components.For screen blockage, prevention and treatment can be carried out by regularly cleaning the screen, adjusting the feeding speed and angle, and other methods. For abnormal vibration, it is necessary to inspect the transmission device and support structure to ensure they are in good condition. If the transmission components are worn, it is necessary to replace the severely worn components in a timely manner to maintain the stable operation of the system.

vibrating and screening system of asphalt plant

Maintenance And Repair Of Vulnerable Parts

As a vulnerable component in the screening system, the sieve needs to be replaced regularly. In addition, bearings, couplings, and other components in the transmission device also require regular inspection and maintenance. During maintenance and repair, it is necessary to strictly follow the operation procedures to ensure that the replaced components are compatible with the original system and avoid equipment failures caused by improper operation.

In summary, the aggregate screening system in the asphalt station is an important link to ensure the quality of asphalt mixtures and improve production efficiency. Understanding the composition, working principle, importance, common faults, and troubleshooting methods of the system is of great significance for ensuring the normal operation of the asphalt station. At the same time, sufficient attention should be paid to the maintenance and repair of vulnerable parts to extend the service life of the system.

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