Self Loading Transit Concrete Mixer

Self loading transit concrete mixer is a type of concrete mixing equipment that combines self loading, self weighing, self-mixing, short-distance conveying, as well as self discharging. It can mix raw materials (sand, cement, water, etc) into high quality concrete. It is also called as self loading concrete mixer truck, self loader concrete mixer, etc.

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Models of self loading transit concrete mixer

Specification of self loading concrete mixer

Why Choose Self Loading Transit Concrete Mixer?

floor construction of self loader concrete mixer

ONE self loading transit concrete mixer = ONE loader+ ONE mixer+ ONE concrete mixer truck

A self loading transit concrete mixer is equivalent to 3 construction machinery.

The self loading transit mixer can be loaded, mixed, transported, and unloaded at a fixed point, replacing some of the functions of loaders, mixers, transport vehicles, and pump trucks, it has been proved by practical operation that It was born to produce concrete and solve surrounding problems.

What Are the Advantages of Self Loader Mixer Compared with Concrete Mixers?

Self Loading Concrete Mixer in Indonesia

The efficiency is much higher than that of the mixer

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Taking a 3.5m3 self loading transit mixer truck as an example, an average of one tank of concrete is mixed every 15 minutes, and the production of concrete can reach 140m3 per day after 10 hours of construction, which is several times more efficient than just using a mixer.

 What Benefits Can Self Loading Transit Mixer Bring Me?

3.5m3 self loading concrete mixer sales
  • Save material cost
  • Save labor cost
  • The cost saved can buy a car again
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First of all, the price of commercial concrete is always high. The price of 1m3 of C30 concrete is about 200usd. For small and medium-sized projects, it is not a small expenditure. Considering the use of 40m3 of concrete per day, the cost of materials alone is about 8000usd, and the use of automatic feeding mixer truck, the price of concrete raw materials per 1m3 does not exceed 80usd, the cost and expenditure comparison is too obvious.

Second, labor costs are getting higher and higher. In the past, 7 or 8 people were needed to make concrete together. Even with the mixer, 5 or 6 people were needed to load, fill, transport, and unload, while the automatic loading mixer only needed 2 people. Operation, one person is responsible for the operation, and one person is responsible for the auxiliary material placement. Based on the daily salary of 25usd, the labor cost can be saved at least 150usd per day, and it can reach 2250usd a month. So self loading concrete mixer for sale is worth the investment.

What Terrain Can the Self Loading Transit Mixer be Used for?

Self Loading Transit Concrete Mixer
  • Can go up the mountain
  • Can go down the pit and walk on the plateau
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Going up the mountain is too difficult for a large tank truck, but it is quite simple for an automatic feeding mixer. Scientific design, articulated body, application of four-wheel drive, stable and powerful when climbing 30°. If the construction site is in a low-lying area, either it is matched with a pipeline to transport the concrete down, or it is “personally visited” and unloaded at a fixed point.

The plateau is also no problem for the automatic feeding mixer. It can customize the “plateau machine” in line with the local environment for users. How can the automatic feeding mixer “play well” on the plain, and how “excellent” can it be on the plateau play”.

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The above are the advantages of our self loading transit concrete mixer truck. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us, we will answer you online at any time.

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