Truck-mounted Mixer Pumps Popular In Market

Truck-mounted mixer pumps popular in market? Why? What attract so many investors to buy it?

The vehicle-mounted concrete mixing pump is a machine with autonomous driven power, high-efficiency twin shaft forced concrete mixer system with conveying concrete pumping system. It is fully automatic combined movable equipment can mix concrete and pump concrete at the same time. 

More advantages of truck-mounted concrete mixer pump:

  • Fully enclosed electrical control box, protection control device can work under harsh conditions.
  • The main electrical components are selected from world-renowned brands such as France Schneider, Japan’s Mitsubishi, and Panasonic.
  • The operation is safe and convenient.
  • The lift-able side door is very convenient to operate, maintain and maintain.
  • Adopt a double pump and double circuit open hydraulic system. The main oil pump adopts the original Japanese Kawasaki products, the system is simple, the component life is long, and the reliability is high.
  • The pumping oil circuit adopts non-contact automatic reversing and delay control, which avoids reversing impact, and the reversing is accurate, stable, and reliable. The hydraulic system is equipped with safety overflow protection and over-pressure automatic cut-off and interception device so that the main pump can be reliably protected in multiple stages.
  • The suction filtration technology is adopted to prevent foreign matter from entering the hydraulic circuit, which greatly prolongs the service life of system components while improving the reliability of the system.
  • Independent forced cooling and heat dissipation to ensure that the oil temperature is lower than 60 degrees.
truck mounted concrete pump arrived in Saudi Arabia

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