Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps for Sale

Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps for Sale

The truck mounted concrete pump for sale refers to as the concrete pump that is installed on the motor vehicle chassis, so it has the dual functions of driving and pumping. Meanwhile, the truck mounted concrete pump has the features of convenient movement and enough flexibility. And it can be divided into vehicle mounted concrete pump and concrete pump truck (also called concrete boom pump) according to whether there is a placing boom.

Types of Truck Mounted Concrete Pump for sale

Luton’s truck mounted concrete pumps for sale are popular for compact design, powerful pumping, and easy operation. It includes truck mounted concrete mixer pump and truck mounted concrete trailer pump.

Truck-mounted Concrete Mixer Pump Models

Concrete output50m3/h
Pump pressure9Mpa
Main Motor Power45kw
Mixer ModelJS500
Main Oil Pump Model112L
Pumping hopper volume400mm
Feeding height of pumping hopper1500mm
Max. aggregate diameter (mm)Gravel 40 / Pebble 50

Truck-mounted Concrete Trailer Pump Models

Luton HBCS-80 truck mounted concrete pumps
ModelHBTS 80
Max. Output capacity (m³/h)88
Max.Concrete Pumping Pressure (Mpa)16
Max. Vertical Conveying Distance (m)180
Distribution Valve TypeS Valve
HBCS-90 truck mounted concrete pumps in Luton
ModelHBTS 90
Max. Output capacity (m³/h)96
Max.Concrete Pumping Pressure (Mpa)18
Max. Vertical Conveying Distance (m)220
Distribution Valve TypeS Valve

Truck Mounted Concrete Pump VS. Concrete Boom Pump

Truck mounted concrete pump is a special engineering vehicle, which is mainly used to pump concrete. Compared with ordinary concrete trailer pump, it has stronger mobility. Truck mounted concrete pumps for sale has the characteristics of strong pumping pressure, convenient movement and wide application. And it’s different from the pump truck. The difference mainly lies in whether it has a placing boom. In addition, there is a certain difference in the displacement, scope of application and pumping height between the two pumps.


The displacement of the pump truck is larger than that of the truck mounted concrete pump, and the pumping pressure is much smaller. Because the boom length is limited, the pumping process can be completed without too much pressure.

Scope of Application

The truck mounted concrete pumps for sale appears to meet the needs of rapid transfer and special construction sites, especially for short-term projects; Pump trucks are more suitable for middle and low-rise buildings and complex construction sites with large square demand.

Pumping Height

The pump truck is equipped with the placing boom on the basis of the truck mounted pump, which is more flexible but the pumping height is also more limited, it can generally reach 100 meters; Although the flexibility of the truck mounted pump is not as good as that of the pump truck, the pumping height is higher, up to about 250 meters

How do Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps Work?

As for the working principle of the pumping system, the truck mounted concrete pumps for sale are basically the same as the trailer pumps, that is, the engine drives the hydraulic pump to produce pressure oil, and high pressure oil drives two main cylinders, which then drives the pistons in two concrete delivery cylinders to produce reciprocating activities. Then, through the orderly action between the S valve and the main oil cylinder, the concrete is continuously sucked into the conveying cylinder from the hopper and sent to the construction site through the conveying pipeline.

Advantages of Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps

The truck mounted concrete pumps for sale integrate the advantages of the towed concrete pump and the concrete pump truck. They are more flexible and mobile than the trailer concrete pumps without transportation, loading and unloading, installation and fixation, so they are suitable for working conditions such as small batches, multiple construction sites, narrow construction sites and short-term construction projects. In addition, the truck mounted concrete pumps for sale also have the following characteristics:


The vehicle chassis has strong versatility, convenient maintenance and long service life;

Four hydraulic outriggers are controlled independently to effectively ensure the stability of the whole vehicle during operation;

Most parts of the pumping system can be interchanged with the trailer pump or concrete pump truck;

The source of power can be selected and customized. So motors or diesel engines can be equipped according to user requirements;

The truck mounted concrete pump for sale can move to the construction sites required without a flat-bed truck or trailer, which saves the transportation cost;

Using concrete pumps reduces water compared to other concrete pouring techniques. Thus, when the concrete is poured, it does not shrink and crack at all, thereby maintaining its quality.

Applications of Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps for Sale

The truck mounted concrete pump is mainly applied to these fields:

Concrete pouring construction of buildings and workshops;

Concrete pouring construction of roads, overpasses and bridges;

Airport, rail transit and tunnel concrete pouring construction and other fields.

Safety Tips on Operating Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

1. The size of pump hose joint of the truck-mounted line pump must match the that of the hose, and the pipe core shall not be knocked in with a hammer. It indicates that the core tube is too large and overstretched, which would damage the fabric.

2. When applying the truck-mounted concrete pump in the extreme cold winter, appropriate insulation measures should be taken to wrap the concrete conveying pipe to prevent the concrete in the pipe from freezing.

3. When using truck mounted concrete pump in hot summer, it is suggested to use wet straw bags, wet cover cloth and other things to cover the concrete transport pipe to avoid direct sunlight and prevent concrete. blockage due to quick slump.

4. After connecting between truck mounted concrete pump and conveying pipe, a comprehensive and careful inspection shall be carried out in accordance with the operating instructions. Run the machine to have a test to check whether the mechanism or system is working correctly.

5. The outriggers should be set up according to the regulations, the whole machine should be leveled, and the tires are about 50 mm from the ground.

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The truck mounted concrete pumps for sale have the advantages of compact structure, easy and safe operation, strong flexibility and high mobility, here the author can say that the truck mounted concrete pump is the ideal construction equipment for pumping concrete due to the combination of advantages of trailer pump and boom pump.

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