Why Is The Self-loading Mixer Truck Immensely In Vogue

Do you know why is the self-loading mixer truck immensely in vogue? Do you really understand it? what is it used for? In recent years, the construction industry has emerged a device called self-loading mixer truck.This post will explain it for you.


The self-loading mixer truck is fully automatic equipment that integrates feeding, stirring and unloading, which makes it become very popular in construction sectors. The reason why it is so popular in the industry is that it brings together many advantages.

These advantages are shown as the following sentences:

Independence: independent operation completes the functions of loading, stirring, transporting, and unloading.

Mufti-functionality: The automatic feeding mixer truck replaces the functions of loaders, mixers, transport vehicles, generator sets, etc., it has its own water tank and an external suction pump to continuously supply water to the mixer truck in places with water sources; multi-angle 270-degree rotating unloading, accustomed to a variety of different regional environments.

Simple operation: only two people are needed, the driver operates the automatic program, and the other does some auxiliary work. The operation of the automatic program is very simple, and you can learn to control it in a few hours.

Cost-effective: It saves equipment costs and labor costs such as loaders, mixers, transport vehicles, generator sets, water trucks, etc., saving time and effort, with reasonable prices and high-cost performance.

Full horsepower can get used to many environments.
The automatic feeding mixer truck is a combination of a mixing tank truck and a loading truck, which can be operated by 1-2 people, saving time and effort, and is mostly used for road construction, bridge repair, tunnel repair, foundation construction, etc. If you have a rural project to be constructed, a small self-feeding mixer truck with a compact body is the optimal choice. Overall, it’s especially suitable for the construction and transportation of concrete in a narrow environment. After all, it has the characteristics of high flexibility, compact size and strong performance as well as wide adaptability.


There are more and more manufacturers of self-loading mixer trucks, and the product variety is complex, which makes it difficult for users to choose and buy. The author hopes that these four tips summarized could help you.

Understand the performance parameters. For example, take a look at what kind of engine is installed, what the capacity is, and what size it is suitable for.

Find the popularity of the manufacturer, you can choose some well-known manufacturers to purchase from because the brand can be said to be quality assurance.

Consider whether it is convenient to purchase when need replace the accessories. The purchase of self-loading mixer trucks is straightforward, but if the accessories are broken, we must replace them in time. That whether the original accessories can be supplied in time is also a important factor you should consider when choice a self-loading mixer truck.

When choosing self-loading mixer trucks, it is also necessary to comprehensively consider the after-sales and repair problems to ensure that the equipment we purchase can be dealt with at a certain speed when accidents such as faults occur. LUTON GROUP strictly controls every procedure from brand to quality and after-sale, so as to give users the best experience. You won’t regret choosing Luton self-loading mixer trucks.

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