32 Meter Concrete Pump

Luton concrete boom pump truck

Luton 32 meter concrete pump is a small type with 4Z boom used for rural building, factory construction or other small or medium-sized project. 32m concrete pump is also called as the concrete boom pump truck which is composed of chassis, boom system, turret, hydraulic system, electrical system, as well as the pumping system.  

Introduction on the Parts of 32 Meter Concrete Pump

Introduce the Parts of 32 meter concrete pump, learn more about how does the boom pump work


The chassis is composed of the car chassis, PTO (transfer box) and transmission shaft. It is mainly used to provide power when the pump truck moves and works.

Through the pneumatic device to push the shifting fork in the transfer box, the shifting fork drives the clutch sleeve, the power of automobile engine can be switched to the rear axle of the automobile through the transfer box to make the pump car travel, and also can be switched to the hydraulic pump to complete the transmission and distribution of concrete.

32 Meter Concrete Pump chassis

1 – Main oil pump; 2- triaxial; 3 – three-axis bearing; 4 – three axis gear; 5 – boom pump; 6-two-axis gear; 7 – two axes; 8-two-axis bearing; 9 – empty sleeve gear; 10 – bearing cover; 11 – Connecting disc; 12 – Input axis; 13 – input shaft bearing; 14 – hollow sleeve gear bearing; 15 – cylinder; 16 – fork lever; 17 – box; 18 – Fork; 19 – clutch sleeve; 20 – Output shaft; 21 – one shaft bearing; 22 – Output shaft bearing

Boom System

The boom system is composed of multi-section boom, connecting rod, cylinder and connecting parts.

The boom has a variety of folding forms, such as R type, Z type and RZ type. R type boom has compact structure, and the Z type boom opens and folds quickly. The RZ-type boom combines the advantages of Z boom and R boom. The boom of Luton 32 meter concrete pump adopts the the Z-type boom.

concrete pump 36m boom working on site


The turret is composed of a rotating table, a rotating mechanism, a fixed turret (connect frame) and a supporting structure.

The turret is installed in the middle of the truck chassis. When driving, its load is pressed on the truck chassis. When pumping, the tires are lifted off the ground, chassis and pumping system are also hung on the turret, the load of entire pump truck including chassis, pumping system, boom system and the turret is transmitted to the ground by the four legs of the turret.

The boom system is mounted on the turret, which provides a stable base for the boom. The whole boom system can be rotated with 365 degrees on the base. Each boom can also be rotated around its own axis. The four legs of the turret support the ground directly.

The rotary mechanism integrates the functions of support, rotation and connection in one, with high strength and rigidity, strong anti-overturning ability, low and constant torque. It consists of a high-strength bolt, a slewing support, a slewing reducer, and a transmission gear.

Pumping System

The pumping system is composed of six parts: pumping mechanism, hopper, S valve assembly, swinging mechanism, mixing system, piping assembly and boom piping.

The pumping system is the actuator of the concrete pump truck, which is used to continuously transport the concrete along the pipe the the pouring site.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is mainly divided into pumping hydraulic system and boom hydraulic system. The pumping hydraulic system includes the main pumping oil system, the distributing valve oil system, the stirring oil system and the pump oil system. The boom hydraulic system includes three parts: boom oil circuit system, leg oil circuit system and rotary oil circuit system. The hydraulic system is mainly composed of hydraulic pump, valve group, accumulator, hydraulic motor and other hydraulic components.The electrical system is mainly composed of control cabinet, remote control and other electrical components.

Buy a Reliable Small 32 Meter Concrete Pump Truck, Get a Stable Profit

Compact structure, better passability:

Due to the 32 meter concrete pump has the short wheelbase, more flexible body, better passability, so it is more suitable for narrow site conditions. At the same time it Supports to place the concrete with 360 degree.

Small footprint and wider placing range:

The 32 meter concrete pump truck has 4 -section Z boom, the minimum unfolding height is only 6.27m, it is more flexible folding and unfolding. It can be supported on one side to meet the needs of small space operation, with a smaller footprint and a wider placing range.

Coarse material or fine material can be pumped

High and low pressure can be switched by one button. No matter coarse material or fine material can be pumped by the 32 meter pump truck. Due to the large diameter pipe, so he conveying resistance is small, and it is easy to pump the C60.

Can be switched to the truck-mounted pump

At the same time, the 32 meter concrete boom pump can be switched to the truck mounted pump if the truck tail has been mounted with the pipe. Customer can choose this function according to the needs.

More comfortable driving and smarter operation

The cab is designed based on the ergonomics. It is equipped with airbag damping seating, so the driver can adjust the sitting position. Full upgraded digital configuration in the cab makes the operation more intelligent.

Max. Theor. outputm3/h85
Max. Theor. concrete output PressureMPa8.7
Rated working pressureMPa32
Pumping frequency(high/low pressure)min-122
Filling heightmm1400
Hydraulic system type Open loop
Distribution valve S valve
Placing depthm29.2
Horizontal distancem25
Placing depthm17.8
Slewing angle ±360°
Pipe diametermm125
End hose lengthmm3000
Min. height of opening placing boommm9000
Outriggers span (front×rear×side)mm5560×4360×5877
Engine type YC6J200-52
Engine powerkW147kw
Oil tank capacityL300
Tail gas exhaust standard Nation V
Overall dimensionsmm10010x2370x3610
Lubrication mode Manual and hydraulic dual-purpose synchronous lubrication pump
Oil tank volumeL500
Control mode Manual+remote control
Maximum water pressureMPa0.8
Water tank volumeL570
Pipe cleaning mode Water cleaning

32 Meter Concrete Pumps Working on the Site

concrete boom pump working in mountain terrain
Boom Pump on Bridge Project Site
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