Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

Truck mounted concrete pump here refers to the pump machine integrates multiple functions on a flexible and steady truck chassis, including concrete mixing, pumping and placing, etc..

This kind of concrete pump actually is a combination of a pump, a mixer and a placing boom. With perfect flexibility, high efficiency and full automation, truck mounted concrete pump is now one of the most efficient concrete machine in market.

Three types of truck mounted concrete pumps are hot sold in construction market: truck mounted boom pump, truck mounted line concrete pump and truck mounted mixer pump.

Certainly, because of the advanced design, complex producing technology and high-quality materials and components, the cost of a truck mounted concrete pump is a little bit high.

However, if you consider about its high efficiency and flexibility, the most important, the rich profit return, you will recognize it is worth so much.

Still do not clear about it? In the following paragraphs, I’ll take some hot models of concrete pump truck for examples to calculate this count.

This is a small-scale concrete boom pump truck with small-sized output capacity (commonly 40-200m3/h) and medium boom length (usually 15-75m).

Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Price

LUTON Truck mounted concrete pump price varies according to multiple aspects, including different configurations, parameters, models as well as the market situation, local polity and so on.

Generally, the price of a LUTON truck mounted concrete pump ranges from $110,000 to $450,000.

Hot Models of Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

Boom Pump on Bridge Project Site

Model: 30m Concrete Boom Pump Truck

Theoretical Capacities: 85m3/h

Engine Type: Diesel Engine

Specifications of LUTON Concrete Boom Pump Truck

Max. Theoretical. Outputm3/h85
Max. Theoretical.Concrete Output PressureMPa8.7
Rated Working PressureMPa32
Pumping Frequency(High/Low Pressure)min-122
Hydraulic System Type Open Loop
Distribution Valve S Valve
Concrete Cylinder Diameter×Strokemmφ230×1400
Hydraulic Oil Cooling Air Cooling
Placing Boom Structure Type 30m-4Z
Placing Heightm29.2
Horizontal Placing Distancem25
Placing Depthm17.8
Slewing Angle ±360°
Pipe Diametermm125
End Hose Lengthmm3000
Engine Type YC6J200-52
Engine PowerkW147kw
Oil tank VolumeL300
Tail Gas Exhaust Standard Nation V
Overall Dimensionsmm10010x2370x3610
Lubrication Mode Manual And Hydraulic Dual-Purpose Synchronous Lubrication Pump
Oil Tank VolumeL500
Control Mode Manual+Remote Control

Why is Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

Now let me tell you why it is worth to purchase a concrete pump truck.

Actually, there is another common method to pumping concrete. That is truck mounted concrete pump rental.
It is said that, in Maine, the rental rate is usually about $800.00 dollars for the first four hours and $100.00 dollars an hour after that.

According to the technology parameters shown above, we can see the theoretical output capacity of this 30m concrete boom pump truck is 85m3/h, which means the truck can yield 680m3 of concrete materials in an eight-hour work day.

If it is a medium-scale high-rise building construction project with 100,000m2 of construction area.

Every square meter of construction area needs 0.3 cubic meters. This project will need 30,000m3 of concrete materials.

That means it will take about 44 workdays. That will be a large cost. Consider the long-term project, it is obviously more cost-effective to buy a concrete pump truck.

vehicle-mounted concrete mixing pump

Models: Concrete Line Pump Truck

Theoretical Capacities: 30m3/h

Engine Type: Diesel-Electric Dual Engine

Mixer Type: Drum Type / Twin Shaft Type

HJBC30 Series products is a team of concrete line pump truck with or without mixer.

The biggest feature of these pump trucks is that they can easily meet the engineering needs of long-distance transitions. And the powerful driving ability of its diesel power group enables it to operate in complex terrain, flexible, convenient and adaptable.

What’s more, instead of the placing boom, concrete line pump truck delivers concrete materials by flexible pipeline.

After a reasonable on-site pipeline arrangement, this pipeline pumping method can be more flexibly adapted to the construction site environment, and pump concrete liquid to higher and farther places.

Specifications of LUTON Concrete Line Pump Truck

Product ModelUnitHBC80-18-176RSHJBC30-18-85RS
Max. Theoretical Output Capacitym³/h88/6030
Concrete Pumping PressureMpa18/128
Max. Theoretical Conveying Distancem260/960120/400
Conveying Cylinder SizemmФ230*1800Ф200*800
Hopper VolumeL600650
Engine Power RatingKW17685
Gross MassKg120008000
Overall Dimensionmm8745*2370*27605100*2200*3150

4 section concrete boom pump

Models: Concrete Mixer Boom Pump

Theoretical Capacities: 60m3/h

Engine Type: Diesel Engine

Mixer Type: Twin Shaft Mixer

Compared with normal concrete boom pump, a mixer is added into the system. The concrete mixer boom pump can realize mixing, pumping and placing functions in process. The multiple-function design makes it more economical and efficient.

But, it is worth reminding that be sure to calculate the matching output capacity of the mixer and pump machine, according to the actual concrete needs.

Specifications and Price of LUTON Concrete Mixer Boom Pump

Product ModelUnit33m Luton Concrete Mixer Boom Pump
Mixer Mode JS500
Max. Theoretical Output Capacitym³/h60
Theoretical Concrete Pumping PressureMpa13/7.6
Hydraulic System Mode Open Type
Max. Theoretical Placing Heightm27
Main Oil Pump Kawasaki / Rex
Conveying Cylinder SizemmФ200*800
Cooling System Air Cooling
Control Mode Manual and Wireless Remote
Outrigger Form RZ

Advantages of LUTON truck mounted concrete pump

LUTON truck mounted concrete pump with superiority is popular with construction investors.

1. High yield

The pumping yield is large.
The pumping displacement can be infinitely adjusted.
The commutation frequency is low and the commutation impact is small.

2. Advanced technology

Adopting the intelligent reversing buffer control technology, the computer monitors the movement process of the main cylinder in real time.

  • Realize buffering and reversing
  • Further reduce the impact of the main cylinder reversing on the boom
  • Improve the reliability and service life of the main cylinder
  • The pressure shock does not exceed 10%
  • Computer simulation aid design and intelligent boom shock absorption technology reduce the end hose litter more than 50%.
  • Automatic high and low pressure free switching
  • No leakage and pollution, friendly to the environment, effectively eliminate the blockage.
LUTON concrete mixer boom pump truck

3. Security and stability

The controller directly communicates with the engine ECU to control the engine speed. And the engine speed changes with the pump displacement when pumping, which greatly reduces fuel consumption.

With the boom buffer technology, even when the output is high, the boom is small and the micro tube is stable.

4. Intelligent and flexible

With the engine remote control flame out function, the engine can be started or stopped according to the working conditions.

The remote control has a speed adjustment function, which can adjust the engine speed according to the actual working conditions.

5. Efficient and fast

Pumping hydraulic control system, low commutation impact, low noise, eliminating the intermediate link of electronic control signals, good stability and high efficiency.

Large-diameter conveying cylinder with good suction and large pumping capacity.

6. Energy saving and easy maintenance

With a centralized valve plate, the system is more compact and the oil leakage opportunity is lower. The self-designed and developed piston retraction technology facilitates the maintenance and maintenance of the daily squat piston.

Tips On Purchasing Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

There are some tips on purchasing truck mounted concrete pump. Hope they will help you find your ideal machine.

  • According to budget and engineering needs, carefully calculate the concrete requirements and the output capacity of the selected pump truck.
  • Select the appropriate type and type of pump truck according to the actual project site and practical situation.
  • Consider about the cost of labor, water and electricity.
  • Think about the cost of buying concrete hoses, concrete pipe, concrete clamps & rubber gaskets.
  • Find a trained operator for your pump truck.
  • Pay attention to the cost of maintenance, cleaning, greasing, rebuilding the concrete pump, tires.

There are also other facts about owning your truck mounted concrete pump. For more details, welcome to contact LUTON GROUP. We support not only prominent concrete pump equipment but also professional before-sale and after-sale service.

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