Advantages of LUTON Self Loader Concrete Mixer Truck

Self loader concrete mixer truck is a cost-effective truck for producing concrete. Why LUTON self loader truck is hot sale? Advantages of LUTON self loader concrete mixer truck includes two aspects: our factory and our truck.

Advantages of Our Factory

1. Shot blasting machine

When the elements are moved in to the machine, thousands of the little steel balls will heat on the surface of elements. Then the surface will become uneven, and it will increase the adhesive force. So it will ensure good painting.

Advantages of LUTON Self Loader Concrete Mixer Truck

2. Robot welding

Here are advanced technology of welding robots, which ensures high working efficiency and high accuracy.

Advantages of LUTON Self Loader Concrete Mixer Truck

3. Closed painting room

In order to assure good painting and environmental protection, here is closed painting room. The machine will be shinning even after long time use. Moreover, we can also meet the environmental standards, so that we can manufacture and delivery the self loader mixer truck for our customers on time.

Closed painting room

4. Sufficient elements stored

Here are sufficient elements stored in our factory, which ensures short delivery time. Meanwhile, we have ability to accept big orders from our customers.

Sufficient elements stored

5. Strict quality inspection

Here are quality inspection department, and strict inspection guarantees that the unqualified equipment will be reworked and will not be delivered to our customers.

Strict quality inspection

6. Test run

Here are wide areas for our customers to test the self loading concrete mixer truck, and welcome to test the mixer truck in our factory. Driving, feeding, mixing, discharging and climbing are available.

Test run

Advantages of Our Equipment

1. Anti-rolling excavator cab

Anti-rolling excavator cab well prevent side falls.
Front window can be opened to Observe surrounding conditions and loading conditions.

Anti-rolling excavator cab

2. High durable braking system

Ruili brake system (standard for Sinotruk, FAW, Foton); Brake fluid LUTON GROUP use Ruili brand.

High durable braking system

3. Double brake

Double brake make sure the fixed parking and the safety of the operator. LUTON GROUP brake pumps used by major car brands Futon, Volvo, which are the leading brand of domestic Yuli Group listed companies.

Brake pipe is consists of four layers of steel wire, explosion-proof.

Double brake

4. Fully sealed turntable ( 5-year warranty)

Worm gearing type, not gear wheel type.

With self-locking function, if this part is broken, the tank will self-lock and no longer rotate. But if the gear wheel type machine broken,the drum will uncontrolled free rotation,it’s very dangerous for the operator.

With high performance and avoid the aggregate into this part, makes the ring more smoothly.

fully sealed turntable of self loader concrete mixer

5. Four-wheel drive

Engine power can be transmitted to each wheel separately, the driving force burden of each driving wheel is reduced, thereby ensuring that sufficient power is transmitted to the road surface without exceeding the tire friction limit (no wheel slip occurs). Make the car have strong off-road capability; Tire wear is uniform, which helps to extend the life of the tire

6. Automatic hydraulic suction pump

High performance,the tank can be filled within 2 minutes.

Automatic hydraulic suction pump

7. Hydraulic imported motor(5-year warranty)

American Sunny Park hydraulic motor,not conventional motors, and the price is very different. Our company adheres to the fact that quality is life, we only use high quality accessories.

Hydraulic imported motor

8. YUCHAI engine

The standard engine is Yuchai engine, which is the most popular brand in China, the engine can also be selected according to customers’ requirements or use Weichai Dongfeng Cummins series.

YUCHAI engine

9. Pipe arrangement

Pipes are well arranged, can protect the pipes well during equipment running .
10.Reverse image & Air condition& Automatic weighing system.

Pipe arrangement

10. Reverse image & Air condition& Automatic weighing system

Air condition

11. Vibrator under the bucket

Help the discharging of the aggregate completely.

Vibrator under the bucket

12. Engineering tire

LingLong/QianJIN brand tire,China most famous brand.

Engineering tire

13. Excavator axle (not wheel loader axle)

Excavator axle

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