Asphalt Mixing Plant Portable

Do you know the applications of asphalt mixing plant portable? Do you understand the its attributes? As it’s recognized to us that the asphalt mixing plant has numerous types according to the various recommendation criterion. And also each asphalt mixing plant has its detailed function. This post will certainly present the Luton asphalt mixing plant portable thoroughly.

portable asphalt plant for sale

Enough Flexibility

Convenient Assembly and Dismantle

Fast Transportation and Relocation

Low Maintenance Cost and Simple Structure

About Asphalt Mixing Plant Portable

LTDY-20 mobile asphalt drum mix plant

Model: LTDY20

Capacity: 20t/h


Model: LTDY40

Capacity: 40t/h

LTDY60 asphalt drum mixing plant

Model: LTDY60

Capacity: 60t/h

small portable asphalt plant

Model: LTDY80


Many tiny construction tasks make use of asphalt mixing plants portable since the regular change of the job site has high requirements for the wheelchair and also installation of the asphalt mixing devices. In view of this situation, asphalt mixing plants portable arise. An asphalt mixing plant portable is the plant that components are installed directly on the trailers. So it will be the ideal tool when the job site needs to be altered frequently without influencing manufacturing schedule.

Attributes of Asphalt Mixing Plant Portable

Attributes of asphalt mixing plant portable are explained as the following contents:

Fast Relocation and Transportation

Basically, the main modules of the asphalt mixing plant portable are equipped with wheels and tires, which enables it to be quickly transferred from one job site to another. In addition, the asphalt mixing plant portable adopts a modular design, and the structure is relatively more simple compared with the fixed asphalt plant, which makes it easier to install and disassemble, greatly reducing the burden of the preparatory work of the asphalt plant, and saving a lot of time and labor costs.

Simple Operation and Easy Maintenance

The asphalt mixing plant portable has the characteristics of simple structure, high degree of automation and modular design, which makes its operation relatively simple. At the same time, because there is no mixing tower and vibrating screen, its maintenance is not difficult.

Small Construction Area

The asphalt mixing plant portable is composed of individual modules. The structure is small and compact, and does not include the mixing tower and vibrating screen. The main support part is the trailer frame, so it has a small floor area and construction area.

Low Equipment Cost

Unlike the stationary mixing plant, the portable hot mix plant doesn’t need to lay the foundation, you can save a portion of extra expense and you can use it to buy more material for producing asphalt.

Components of Asphalt Mixing Plant Portable

Cold Aggregate Bin: Luton asphalt mixing plant portable is usually equipped with four cold aggregate containers as a group. Of course, the number of cold aggregate bin can be customized according to the clients’ requirements, budget plan and construction conditions. Each container has a draw-off bin gate to control the flow of cold aggregate. So cold aggregate can meet the requirement of proportion.

Conveyor Belt: The conveyor belt conducts a preliminary measurement of cold aggregate. Then it conveys the cold aggregate to the dryer drum.

Dryer Drum: For Luton asphalt mixing plant portable, the dryer drum is mounted on a chassis. That makes it easy to move from one construction site to another and saves much time. The external surface of the dryer drum is coated with thermal insulation layer to reduce the loss of heat. What’s more, the utilization of the stainless steel alloy materials can prolong the service life of the dryer drum.

Dust Filter: The dust collecting system of the Luton portable hot mix plant has multiple options such as water dust filter, bag dust filter and cyclone dust collector. Among them, the bag dust collecting system is the optimal choice because of its environmental friendly. After dust collecting, the concentration of dust can be maintained at a level of 50 mg/ nm3.

Asphalt Storage Tank: The role of the asphalt storage tank is to store and supply asphalt. Also, it can receive the heat from the heat conduction oil tank and heat asphalt to a certain temperature.

Filler Silo: The role of filler silo is to store and supply filler materials.

Mixer: The Luton asphalt plant portable uses the twin-shaft mixer. The materials of mixing blades and liners are wear resistant, so the mixer has a long service life. And one mixing cycle is 45 seconds, which realizes the stable production process.

Types of Asphalt Mixing Plant Portable

Currently there are mainly two types of asphalt mix plant portable for sale in Luton: portable drum type asphalt mixing plant and portable batch type asphalt mixing plant.

Portable Drum Asphalt Mix Plant


A portable drum asphalt mix plant is the combination of the portable asphalt plant and the (continuous) drum asphalt plant, integrating mutual respective characteristics.Thus the portable drum asphalt mix plant is like the mobile asphalt plant not only suitable for these projects such as the county-rural roads, low grade highways, road maintenance and mountainous highway, but also has high production efficiency and low capital cost because it doesn’t need an extra mixing drum or mixer and saves corresponding expense. Luton portable drum asphalt mix plant is LTD(Y) or LJY series with the capacity of 10tph ~ 80tph.

Portable Batch asphalt Mix Plant

specification of portable asphalt batch mix plant

A portable batch asphalt mix plant not only has the function of a typical portable asphalt plant, but also has that of an asphalt batch mix plant. A portable batch asphalt mix plant is the equipment that the components (macadam, sand, limestone powder and asphalt) are relatively measured accurately in a certain proportion, fed in batches and mixed forcibly. The production of the batch asphalt mix plant can summarize in this way: measurement in batches – feeding in bitches – forced mixing in batches – discharging in batches.

A portable batch asphalt mix plant is the main supporting equipment for asphalt pavement construction. Because of its perfect structural characteristics, correct gradation, high measurement accuracy, good quality of finished materials and simple control, it has played an important role in the construction of asphalt pavement, especially expressway.

The Luton portable batch asphalt mix plant is QLBY series with the capacity of 10tph ~ 80tph.

Luton portable asphalt mixing plant has many advantages such as enough flexibility, convenient assembly and dismantle, fast transportation and relocation, low maintenance cost and simple structure, which makes it popular among the construction sides and machinery investors. Besides, it’s able to perform in the special job sites such as narrow roads and steep mountainous areas. In a nutshell, it’s worth of buying.

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