Mobile Hot Mix Plant

Hot Mix

The hot mix refers to the asphalt mix that the aggregates (sand, stone) in different particle sizes, binders (asphalt or residual oil) and fillers (mineral powder) are mixed according to specified proportion under the 180-220 temperature. The mobile hot mix plant is also called as the mobile asphalt mixing plant.

How Hot Mix Asphalt is Manufactured

How hot mix asphalt is produced by hot mix asphalt plant?

The cold sand and stone materials of different specification are sent to the drying drum for drying and heating by the cold aggregate belt conveyor after the initial batching by the cold aggregate storage and batching device, and then sent to the vibrating screen by the hot aggregate elevator for secondary screening.

Diverse screened sand and stone materials are respectively stored in the compartment of the hot storage bin, and then enter the hot aggregate weighing hopper for weighing and measurement according to the specified proportion.

The hot mix asphalt stored in the insulation tank is pumped to the asphalt weighing barrel for weighing and metering by the asphalt delivery pump through the insulated asphalt pipeline; the weighed hot asphalt, together with the powder measured according to a certain proportion, is put into the mixer and forced to mix according to the sequence set by the program.

working process of asphalt batching plant

Hot Mix Plant

The hot mix plant or hot mix asphalt plant is called the HMA for short. It is generally equal to the asphalt mixing plant. And the hot mix plant is one plant that is used for mixing the dried and heated aggregates and fillers together to constitute the homogeneous mixture under the effect of asphalt at a certain temperature. It has another name — asphalt mixing plant, which can produce asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture and colored asphalt mixture. The main raw materials of hot mix asphalt plant include asphalt, stone, fly ash, etc.

Hot Mix Plant for Road Construction

The hot mix plant is the plant used for quantity production of the asphalt mixture. There are two common types of asphalt mixture, including asphalt concrete and asphalt macadam. Asphalt concrete contains the mineral powder while the asphalt macadam doesn’t contain the mineral powder. Asphalt is a widely used cementitious material for pavement structure in road construction. It can be mixed with mineral materials with different composition in proportion to build asphalt pavement of different structure such as motorway, grade highway and urban road and so on. Hot mix plant for road construction is hot sale in LUTON GROUP.

Mobile Hot Mix Plant

How Many Types of Hot Mix Plants Are There

Do you know how many types of hot mix plants are there? There is no definitive answer. Let’s learn the details.

As a rough rule, there are two basic types of asphalt plants: batch plants and drum plants (continuous type) on the basis of the production technology or mixing mode.

To be more specific, the hot mix plants are divided into: small-size, medium-size and large-size asphalt plant based on the production capacity.

  1. The small-size asphalt mixing plant: refers to the plant that the productivity is less than 80t per hour.
  2. The medium-size asphalt mixing plant: is the plant that the productivity ranges from 100t to 240t per hour.
  3. The large-size asphalt mixing plant: has very strong production capacity that it can produces 320t per hour.
    The hot mix plants are also divided into: mobile, stationary and semi-stationary asphalt mix plant based on the transfer mode.
  4. The mobile asphalt mixing plant: refers to the plant which is mounted on a trailer frame and can be transferred based on the different construction sites. It is suitable for these projects such as the county-rural roads, low grade highways, road maintenance and mountainous highway.
  5. The stationary asphalt mixing plant: refers to the plant that the storage hopper and agitation tank need to be fixed on a foundation of cement, which is used for the municipal service roads and high grade highways.
  6. The semi-stationary asphalt mixing plant: is the plant that the part of equipment is mounted on a trailer and the components need an assembly job at the construction sites. It is commonly used for the first-class highway and below construction.
hot mix plant

Mobile Bitumen Plant

The mobile bitumen plant, also named mobile asphalt plant or mobile hot mix plant is the plant that the silo and mixing pot are equipped with tires, so it can be transferred with the construction site. Due to its flexible mobility, the mobile hot mix plant can perform very well on the long-distance and narrower road construction projects.

Mini Mobile Hot Mix Plant

The mini mobile hot mix plant is the combination of a mini asphalt mix plant and a mobile asphalt mix plant, therefore it integrates the characteristics of both sides. Before learning the characteristics of the mini mobile hot mix plant, we should learn the features of the mini type asphalt plant and the mobile type bitumen plant first.

A mobile hot mix plant is featured by convenient movement and fast assembly, so it’s very suitable for these projects such as the county-rural roads, low grade highways, road maintenance and mountainous highway.

Usually, a mini asphalt mixing plant refers to the plant that the output produced at one hour is less than 80t. Though the mini asphalt mixing plant is both smaller in size and production capacity compared with medium and large-size asphalt mixing plant, it enjoys great popularity in the industry market because of the compact size and low cost.

Having said all of above, the mini mobile hot mix plant has these advantages: convenient movement, fast assembly, wide application and low cost.

mini mobile hot mix plant

Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

A mobile asphalt drum mix plant is the combination of the mobile asphalt plant and the (continuous) drum asphalt plant, integrating their respective characteristics. A (continuous) drum asphalt mixing plant is the plant that heating and drying of the cold aggregate and the stirring of mixture are continuously carried out in the same drum. Thus the mobile asphalt drum mix plant is like the mobile asphalt plant not only suitable for these projects such as the county-rural roads, low grade highways, road maintenance and mountainous highway, but also has high productivity.

Mobile Hot Mix Plant Price

The mobile hot mix plant price is to be influenced by these factors such as the asphalt plant types, production capacity, finished material bin types, burner types and so on. Thus it’s very difficult to describe the price of a mobile hot mix plant. Generally speaking, the mobile hot mix plant price can be the probable price, the exact price is also related to the clients’ construction requirements and scheme of mode-selection.

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Hopper Capacity4×4.5m³4×6.5m³4×7.5m³4×7.5m³4×7.5m³5×12m³5×12m³
Collect Belt Capacity60t/h80t/h100t/h120t/h140t/h200t/h220t/h
Dryer Sizeφ1.2m×5.2mφ1.5m×6mφ1.5m×6.7mφ1.65m×7mφ1.8m×8mφ2.2m×9mφ2.6m×9m
Dryer Capacity60t/h80t/h100t/h120t/h140t/h180t/h240t/h
Vibrating Screen4 layer4 layer4 layer4 layer4 layer5 layer5 layer
Aggregate Metering hopper500kg800kg1000kg1300kg1500kg2000kg2500kg
Mineral Flour Metering Hopper120kg150kg200kg200kg300kg300kg320kg
Mixer Capacity500kg800kg1000kg1250kg1500kg2000kg2500kg
Cycle Time45s45s45s45s45s45s45s

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