Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant

Asphalt drum mixing plant, as one of the two basic types of asphalt plant, can continuously produce the hot mix asphalt mixture. Compared with the asphalt batch plant, it has more simple structure, less occupation area, lower cost and more flexible operation. The capacity of asphalt drum mixing plant in Luton is 10t/h to 80t/h. If you have a medium or small size project to be started, the asphalt drum mixing plant is the ideal equipment for you.


LTDY-20 mobile asphalt drum mix plant

Model: LTDY-20

Type: Mobile

Capacity: 20t/h


Model: LTD-40

Type: Stationary

Capacity: 40t/h

LTDY-60 bitumen drum plant for sale

Model: LTDY-60

Type: Mobile

Capacity: 60t/h

LTD-80 asphalt drum mixing plant

Model: LTD-80

Type: Stationary

Capacity: 80t/h

The asphalt drum mixing plant is also called the continuous mixing plant. Unlike an asphalt batch mixing plant that produces hot mixes in batches, the asphalt drum mixing plant as the name implies that continuous mixing mode is adopted for production. The heating and drying of aggregate and mixing of mixture are carried out continuously in the same drum. And it is basically similar to the batch type asphalt plant in terms of the grading, metering, heating and drying of cold aggregate, but the continuous type has no processes such as hot aggregate lifting, screening, secondary metering, etc.

Types of Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant

Asphalt drum mixing plant has three different types including parallel flow drum type, counterflow drum type and double drum type according to the difference between the direction of cold aggregate inlet of drum and the that of burner flame and exhaust port.

The parallel flow asphalt drum mixing plant is that the direction of cold aggregate entering the drum is the same as the direction of burner flame and exhaust gas emission.

configuration of parallel flow asphalt drum mixing plant

The counterflow asphalt drum mixing plant is that the direction of cold aggregate entering the drum is opposite to the direction of burner flame and exhaust gas emission. This prevents some hydrocarbon emissions and increases fuel efficiency over the parallel flow drum mixer.

Counterflow Drum Mixer

The asphalt double drum mixing is that the internal counterflow dryer in the double barrel drum mixer gives the highest available thermal efficiency.

Double Drum Combination Dryer-Mixer


The drum asphalt mixing plant has a simple structure without a hot material elevator, the screening system and the secondary weighing system, which is equivalent to no mixing tower on the whole, so it does not need a large construction site to meet the requirements.

The drying, heating and mixing of asphalt and raw aggregate are carried out in the same drum, and no additional mixing equipment is required, so the investment cost is relatively low.

The simple structure makes the installation, disassembly and transportation of the drum asphalt plant very convenient, saving a considerable part of labor costs.

The continuous production mode of the drum asphalt mixing plant enables the construction party to efficiently produce abundant asphalt in a short time, so as to meet the needs of the project and ensure the completion on time.

How Does an Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant Work

flow chart of tar drum plant

Batching and Screening

Each feed bin has a weighing hopper, adjustable gate and a feeder belt with variable speed.
After filtering the extra-large aggregate, material in different particle size will be dropped down to the feeder belt at a specific ratio and conveyed to the drum dryer through the tilted conveyor.

Drying and Mixing

The drum dryer start working at the temperature of 120-180℃ when the fuel gets ready. The qualified cold aggregate, the liquid bitumen and the filler material will be mixed at the same time in this process.

Storage and Transportation

The finished asphalt mix will be stored in a silo or goes to the dumper truck directly and then to your job sites.

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