Hot Mix Plant Cost

The hot mix plant, likewise named asphalt mixing or mix plant, is a set of equipment for asphalt production. As countries are vigorously developing infrastructure construction, asphalt mixing plants of various brands are emerging one after another. Then the question arises. What is the hot mix plant cost? A set of hot mix plant cost is not a fixed value, which is related to many factors such as types of hot mix plant, production capacity, manufacturers, the equipment combustion efficiency, site selection, installation and other factors. Here is a simple analysis of the hot mix plant cost.

LB stationary asphalt mixing plant

Model: LB500-LB4000 Stationary Asphalt Batch Plant

Capacity: 40t/h-320t/h


Model: LBQY60-LBQY160 Mobile Asphalt Batch Plant

Capacity: 60t/h-160t/h


Model: LTDY20-LTDY80 Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Capacity: 20t/h-80t/h

LB1200 asphalt mixing plant

Model: LB500-LB4000 Stationary Batch Asphalt Plant

Capacity: 40t/h-320t/h

LTDY60 asphalt drum mixing plant

Model: LTDY20-LTDY80

Capacity: 20t/h-80t/h

Production Capacity

The production capacity of different types of hot mix plant is different, and the different types of hot mix plant cost also varies. In terms of equipment itself, the higher the production capacity is, the more expensive the hot mix plant is, and the higher the hot mix plant cost is.

Different production capacity means different consumption of raw materials (sand, stone, asphalt and mineral powder). The larger the production capacity of the hot mix is, the more raw materials are consumed, which will naturally increase the the hot mix cost.
The capacity of small type asphalt mix plant is 80t/h and below, medium type asphalt mix plant is 100-240t/h and the large type asphalt mix plant is 320t/h and above.

Types of Hot Mix Plant

The hot mix plant consists of drum type and batch type from the prospective of production technology. Generally speaking, the price of batch type hot mix plant with the same configuration is much higher than that of the drum type hot mix plant. Therefore, the hot mix plant cost varies greatly between the two types. You can first determine the model and configuration of the asphalt mixing plant according to the scale of the plant to be built, then consult different manufacturers according to these data, and finally select equipment with reasonable quality, performance, price or model.

It should be noted that expensive equipment is not necessarily good equipment. The best is the right one. The specific selection shall be determined according to the construction conditions, procurement budget and actual conditions.


There are many hot mix plant manufacturers around the world, who are leading the development of asphalt equipment market. The leading hot mix plant manufacturers in the industry mainly include Marini, Ammann, Sany, XCMG, Astec, Nikko, Benninghoven and so on. It’s not difficult to find that the advanced manufacturers are based in the developed countries, which means the cost of the hot mix plant with the same configuration is much higher than that of the hot mix plant in other regions especially in Asia due to local high consumption level.

Luton, as an advanced manufacturer of asphalt mixing plant in China, has more than 22 years of experience in asphalt mixing plant exporting, and is in the leading position in the industry currently. The hot mix plants produced by Luton are featured by reasonable price, considerate service and superior quality. Compared with other manufacturers’ products, Luton’s products are cost-effective and suitable for the developing countries and regions.

Equipment Combustion Efficiency

In the asphalt mixing plant, the use cost of fuel is the largest consumption of the mixing plant. Therefore, the scientific and reasonable design of the entire equipment will directly affect the heat exchange efficiency of the asphalt mixing plant, thereby reducing the fuel consumption of the entire equipment.

One of the most important items of fuel cost is the reasonable design of material storage and site. The reasonable stacking and rainproof treatment of the front end of the aggregate and the rapid discharge of rainwater in the site will reduce the moisture content of the aggregate and further reduce the fuel consumption. Because if the moisture content in the aggregate is greater than 5%, the moisture will make the aggregate consume more heat. Through side calculation, if the aggregate moisture content is reduced by one percentage point, 9% oil consumption can be saved.

Site Selection

The site selection and layout of asphalt mixing plant directly affect the cost of installation and transportation, and also directly affect the production and transportation costs in the production process after being put into production in the future, and it also affects the cost of removal in the future. Therefore, the site selection and layout of hot mix plant is crucial in cost analysis, and the main factors affecting the production and transportation costs of the hot mix plant must be fully considered.

Large hot mix plant covers a large area and has many types of equipment. Stone must be stacked with a certain amount of storage. When selecting the site, the transportation cost of raw materials should be considered. The site should be selected as close as possible to the middle of the large amount of raw materials and the bid section. At the same time, the convenience of water and electricity sources should be considered. The most convenient transportation of raw materials and finished materials into and out of the mixing plant should be used, and the local social situation should also be considered to facilitate the removal of equipment.

The environment of the site should be dry, the terrain should be slightly higher, and the groundwater level should be low. When designing and prefabricating the equipment foundation, we should also understand the geological conditions of the site. If the site geology is good, the construction cost of equipment installation foundation can be reduced, and the equipment deformation caused by settlement can be avoided, which will increase the maintenance cost of equipment.

As the moisture content of raw materials has a great impact on the production capacity and economic benefits of asphalt mixing equipment, high moisture content increases the calorific value required to evaporate aggregate moisture, and the drying time becomes longer, resulting in increased fuel consumption. Therefore, the production capacity also decreases due to the extension of drying time, increasing costs.


The installation of asphalt mixing plant is a large systematic project and the most important link in the installation process of the hot mix plant. It not only involves the progress of the entire pavement project and the overall economic benefits of the project, but also is the most critical element of the installation cost. The more adequate the installation preparation is, the more orderly the organization is, the faster the installation progress is, and the lower the cost is; On the contrary, the progress is slow and the cost is high.

Other Factors

In addition to the factors mentioned above, when it comes to the hot mix plant cost, you also need to consider the following factors.

Purchased Raw Materials Cost: Because sand, stone, liquid asphalt, mineral powder and other aggregates are used in the hot mix plant to produce finished asphalt mixture. In the long run, the purchase cost of raw materials is also a big expense.

Fuel cost, Water and Electricity Charges: As the asphalt plant needs to dry and heat various cold aggregates, it is necessary to consume fuel during the production of finished asphalt materials. Besides, the operation of asphalt mixing plant also requires water and electricity, which should also be taken into account.

Labor Cost: The labor cost refers to the wages of relevant staff in the asphalt mixing plant. Although this link seems simple, it is related to the future production efficiency. Therefore, a more complete and professional team is essential.

The above contents are the main influencing factors related to the hot mix plant cost.

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