Asphalt Plant Baghouse

Asphalt plant baghouse is an efficient dust removal equipment. It is mainly used to treat the dust and exhaust gas generated during the asphalt mixing process. It not only ensures the cleanliness of the production environment, but also meets the increasingly strict environmental regulations. So, asphalt plant baghouse is one of the indispensable environmental protection equipment for asphalt mixing plants.

asphalt plant baghouse

What Is The Asphalt Plant Baghouse

The asphalt plant baghouse uses a series of bags as the filter medium, collects the dust in the air to achieve the purification.

This kind of dust removal equipment usually includes parts such as air inlet, filter room, bags, ash cleaning system, and air outlet. The air with dust enters into the filter chamber through the inlet. Going through the filter bags, the dust is trapped on the surface of the bags. While the clean air enters into the outlet, then is discharged into the atmosphere.

Continuing the production of the asphalt batching plant, the dust on the surface of the bags will gradually increase. It will lead to a decrease in the filtering effect of the bags. In order to maintain the efficient operation of the dust removal bin, it is necessary to regularly clean the bags.

The dust removal system usually adopts methods as pulse spraying or reverse blowing to remove dust from the filter bags. Compressed air or mechanical vibration are produced by these methods, to restore the filtering ability of the bags.

Asphalt Plant Baghouse Of LUTON GROUP

According to the diversity of customer usage needs, LUTON GROUP has specially customized the baghouse for each asphalt plant to adapt to actual practice. Some of these customized baghouse, as secondary dust removal equipment, cooperate with gravity dust removal systems to complete the entire dust removal work.

On the other side, considering the specific production capacity, production environment, and environmental requirements of asphalt plants, some baghouses can be directly used single machines, while others are designed as dual or multi machine parallel dust removal systems.

LUTON asphalt plant baghouse is a kind of counter current pulse dust collector, consisted of shell, filter bags, ash hopper, ash discharge device, bracket, and pulse cleaning system, etc. Its working process can be divided into two stages, filtration and ash cleaning.

Bag type dust collector
bag house dust catcher

In the filtration stage, when the dusty gas enters the dust collector from the air inlet, it first touches the inclined partition in the middle of the air inlet, and the airflow turns to flow into the ash hopper. At the same time, the airflow speed slows down. Due to the gravity effect, the coarse dust particles in the gas directly fall into the ash hopper, playing a role in the first dust collection. The airflow entering the ash hopper then bends upwards and passes through the filter bag with a metal skeleton inside. The dust is captured and collected on the surface of the filter bag. The purified gas enters the clean room at the top of the filter bag room and is collected and discharged through the air outlet duct.

To the ash cleaning stage, the shell plate is divided into several independent dust collection rooms by partitions. Each dust collection room is cleaned at a certain time interval in turn. Each dust collection room is equipped with a lifting valve. When cleaning, the lifting valve closes, cutting off the filtered airflow through the dust collection room. Then, the pulse valve opens and sprays high-pressure clean air without water and oil into the filter bag, to remove dust on the surface of the filter bag. The pulse blowing width and cleaning cycle of each dust collection room are automatically and continuously controlled by a cleaning controller.

1.The bag house dust collecting adopts high voltage pulse cleaning with less dust residue.
2.The bag is made of DuPont high efficiency dust filtering material, with low loss and long life.
3.The recycling dust can be reused and reduce environmental pollution.
4.Emission concentration is not more than 20mg/Nm3.
5.Intelligent temperature control system, when the dust temperature is higher than the set value, the cold air valve turns on the cooling automatically to avoid the filter bag being damaged by high temperature.
6.Using high-pressure pulse cleaning technology, it is beneficial to reduce bag wear, prolong service life and improve dust removal performance.
7.The opening time of the pulse valve is short (only 0.1-0.12s), but it can generate strong reverse airflow and vibration, efficiently removing dust on the filter bag.
8.Mobile chassis as optional according to project solution.

LUOTN Asphalt Plant HXB1000

Technical Parameters Of Asphalt Plant Baghouse

Plant Capacity (t/h)60-8090-120120-160140-180180-240240-320
Filtering Area (m2)3164506326909501200
Processing Air Volume (m3/h)17180~ 3456017180~ 3456034560~ 691206200053760~107520 
Collecting Efficiency99.8%99.8%99.8%99.8%99.8%99.8%
Emission Concentration (mg/Nm3)≤20≤20≤20≤20≤20≤20
Processing ModeCountercurrent Pulse Injection Type High-pressure Pulse Cleaning Technology
Exhaust Fan power55kW75kW90kW110kW132kW200kW
Temperature resistance of bags≤204℃≤204℃≤204℃≤204℃≤204℃≤204℃

Configuration of Mobile Asphalt Plant Baghouse

Plant Capacity60t/h80t/h100t/h120t/h160t/h
Bag house filtering300m2380m2400m2500m2550m2
Processing ModeCountercurrent Pulse Injection TypeHigh-pressure Pulse Cleaning Technology
Exhaust Fan power30kw45kw55kw2x45kw2x55kw
Asphalt Temperature140-180 ℃140-180 ℃140-180 ℃140-180 ℃140-180 ℃

Types of Asphalt Plant Baghouse

The types of asphalt plant baghouse can be classified according to different standards. Compared with common baghouse, asphalt plants, at present, are usually designed with pulse filter baghouse to remove dust. Pulse filter baghouse combines common bag dust removal and pulse jet cleaning technology, with high automation, simple structure, and convenient maintenance.

At first, there are mobile asphalt plant baghouse and relocatable baghouse, according to the mobility of the baghouse.

Second, there are also offline pulse bag filter and online pulse bag filter, according to different ash cleaning methods.

Offline pulse bag filterOnline pulse bag filter
FeaturesAdopting offline cleaning method, it has the characteristics of good cleaning effect, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and easy maintenance. Adopting online ash cleaning method, it has advantages such as high cleaning efficiency, low energy consumption, and stable operation. 
ApplicationWidely used in asphalt mixing plants. Suitable for occasions with strict emission concentration requirements.

Then, the bag material in the asphalt plant baghouse is also an important factor. Common bag materials include polyester, polypropylene, fiberglass, aramid, PTFE, etc. The selection of these materials is usually based on the different dust characteristics and requirements generated by asphalt mixing plants. In addition, the structure of the cloth bag, such as single-layer, double-layer, or multi-layer, can also affect its filtration effect and service life.

In addition, the standard bag dust removal bin is suitable for general dust removal needs, while the customized bag dust removal bin can effectively filter and remove dust according to the specific production capacity, dust emissions, and environmental requirements of the asphalt mixing plant, achieving the best matching effect.

asphalt batching plant from LUTON
Asphalt plant baghouse

Daily Maintenance Of Asphalt Plant Baghouse

The daily maintenance asphalt plant baghouse is crucial to its efficient operation and service life.

Regular Inspection And Cleaning

  • Check The Filter Bag

Regularly check the wear, damage, and blockage of the filter bag. Any damage or wear should be replaced immediately. For clogged bags, compressed air can be used for cleaning.

  • Cleaning Dust

Regularly clean the dust inside the baghouse to avoid affecting the dust removal effect.
When cleaning, the power of the asphalt plant baghouse should be turned off first, then special tools should be used to gently scrape off the dust. Finally, the surface of the filter bag should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or compressed air.

Dust Cleaning Operation

  • Pulse jet cleaning

For asphalt plant baghouse with pulse jet cleaning, the working status of components such as pulse valves and solenoid valves should be regularly checked to ensure the normal operation of the cleaning system.
Meanwhile, according to the production situation and dust properties, adjust the cleaning pressure and frequency to achieve the best cleaning effect.

  • Offline ash cleaning

For asphalt plant baghouse with offline ash cleaning methods, some or all dusty air needs to be turned of during the ash cleaning process. At this time, it is necessary to ensure that the normal operation of ash discharge device to avoid dust accumulation in the ash hopper. Because these dust accumulation may damage the filter bags.

Filter Bag Replacement

  • Replacement Cycle

Based on the material, usage, and dust characteristics of the filter bag, develop a reasonable replacement cycle for the filter bag. In general, the service life of filter bags ranges from 6 moths to 2 years.

  • Replacement Steps

When replacing the filter bag, the power supply and air inlet of the dust collector should be turned off first, then the old filter bag should be removed and a new filter bag should be installed. In the installation process, attention should be paid the sealing and tightness of the filter bag to ensure the full cover of the filtering area.


Equipment Inspection And Maintenance

  • Check The Sealing Performance

Regularly check the sealing performance of the dust removal chamber to ensure good sealing of components like the partition of the clean air chamber and the cool air valves. For components with aging or falling off sealing strips, they should be replaced timely.

  • Check Electrical Components

Regularly check the operation status of the electrical components of the dust collector, such as the motor, control box, and other components.For faulty electrical components, they should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

  • Lubrication And Anti-corrosion

Regularly lubricate and maintain the transmission components of the dust collector to reduce wear and failure rates. At the same time, rust removal and anti-corrosion treatment should be carried out on the dust collector to improve the corrosion resistance and service life of the equipment.

Safety Precautions

  • Fire prevention measures

Ensure that there are no flammable materials around the asphalt plant baghouse.
Regularly check the fire resistance performance of electrical circuits and equipment.

  • Protective measures

During the cleaning and maintenance process, protective equipment such as goggles and gloves should be worn to avoid dust irritation to the eyes and skin.

Other Dust Removal Methods For Asphalt Plant

In addition to asphalt plant baghouse, there are also two common dust removal methods for ashpalt plant: gravity dust removal and wet dust removal.

Gravity Dust Removal

This is a method based on the principle of gravity to deposit dust particles in the gas downwards and achieve dust removal. This method can seperate solid particles with larger particle size from the airflow, ususally dust particles larger thant 0.425mm. The equipment is easy to operate and has low maintenance costs. However, when dealing with smaller or special particles, the effect may not be satisfactory, and it is usually used as primary dust removal solution for asphalt plant dust removal system, combined with other dust removal methods.

Wet Dust Removal

Wet dust removal, also known as water dust removal, is a method of dust removal that combines water mist with dust particles in dusty gases to increase their weight and settle them. In asphalt plants, spraty devices are usually used to spray water onto dust areas, causing conflics between dust and water mist and achieving dust removal effects. Wet dust removal has higher dust removal efficiency, usually with a dust removal capacity of up to 400mg/m3. It does not use chemical agents, which may leading to secondary pollution. And it can also save energy and reduce consumption. In addition, the water dust removal system adopts an autmated control system, which is easy to operate and does not requie manual intervention.

water dust remover
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Combined with the gravity dust removal, wet dust removal and bag removal are usually used in asphalt batching plant to achieve the most economical investment and the maximum dust removal effect.