Asphalt Plant Environmental Issues

Under the background that all current production activities are oriented by environmental protection policies, environment-friendly and energy-saving products are more favored by customers. Especially in the process of road construction, we should pay attention to the asphalt plant environmental issues. Luton, as an advanced China’s manufacturer with more than 22 years of experience in the export of asphalt plants, pays special attention to the asphalt plant environmental issues during the construction. The asphalt plant environmental issues and relative measures are discussed below.

LB stationary asphalt batch mix plant

Model: LB500-LB4000 Stationary Asphalt Batch Plant

Capacity: 40t/h-320t/h


Model: LBQY60-LBQY160 Mobile Asphalt Batch Plant

Capacity: 60t/h-160t/h


Model: LTDY20-LTDY80 Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Capacity: 20t/h-80t/h

About the Asphalt Plant Environmental Issues

LB1200 asphalt mixing plant

Stationary Batch Asphalt Plant

Model: LB500-LB4000

Capacity: 40t/h-320t/h

Asphalt mixture mixing requires high temperature, that is, high temperature heating of crushed stone and asphalt. During the process of heating crushed stone, a large amount of dust will be generated and discharged. Of course, during the construction process, dust emission will be controlled, which requires better mixing equipment.

The production of asphalt mixing plant itself is very large, which consumes a lot of stone raw materials and asphalt raw materials. Every day, materials and finished product transport vehicles will bring dust to the asphalt mixing plant area.

The dust generated in asphalt mixing will also cause pollution to the surrounding water surface, and even the toxic and harmful substances in the dust will bring a certain degree of toxic side effects to water users.

A large amount of fugitive dust will also cause early damage to the mechanical equipment itself. As the dust particles generated during the operation of the asphalt mixing plant are very small, it is easy to enter the mechanical equipment.

Various kinds of dust produced by asphalt mixing plant will also cause serious harm to the health of workers. If all kinds of machine drivers in the mixing plant, including logistics personnel, are surrounded by a large amount of dust for a long time, they will be forced to unconsciously inhale a large amount of dust, accumulate a large amount of dust in the human body, causing cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease.

Technical Measures

LTDY60 asphalt drum mixing plant

Mobile Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant

Model: LTDY20-LTDY80

Capacity: 20t/h-80t/h

It is an important measure to reduce the discharge of waste materials and oversized materials by strengthening the material receiving management of the material department and preventing unqualified raw materials from entering the site. In addition, it is a very effective measure to strengthen the contact with the power supply department to avoid waste generated by sudden power failure, and to strengthen equipment maintenance to reduce waste generated by equipment failure.

Let the recycled powder discharged from the equipment pass through the water mixing device first, and then dig a pit to dump and bury it in a centralized way to prevent secondary pollution caused by directly dumping the recycled powder.

The fineness of the recovered powder discharged directly from the asphalt mixing equipment is like cement, but the temperature is higher than 150 ℃. It has stronger fluidity than cement and is easier to float in the wind, which is very easy to cause secondary environmental pollution. At present, it is better to install a dust water mixing device at the outlet of the side where the powder is recovered.

To solve the dust problem, we should at least pay attention to the following two points:

First, the construction site of asphalt mixing plant must be equipped with corresponding dust removal equipment. In addition, the selection and arrangement of dust removal equipment shall be carried out in strict accordance with certain standards. The environmental protection dedusting equipment produced by Luton has won the favor of more and more users with its advanced technology, excellent quality and perfect after-sales service system.

Second, in the production process, the dedusting equipment must be carefully inspected and maintained to ensure its dedusting efficiency. This is very important for the working efficiency of the dust removal equipment, but so far, a large number of users of asphalt mixing plants are still not aware of its importance. When the dust removal effect is not ideal, the safety relief valve starts to emit dust, and the dust remover has been filled with dust.

At this time, if the dust accumulated above is cleaned, it is too late, and the equipment is difficult to recover as before. Therefore, a reasonable inspection system must be formulated, and certain personnel must be arranged to carry out inspection and maintenance in batches. Dust in the dedusting equipment must be cleaned in a timely manner. Parts that need to be replaced should be replaced in a timely manner.

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