What is a Concrete Placing Boom?

The concrete placing boom consists of a rotatable, elastic and folding boom and the conveying pipe, conveying concrete materials within a certain range.

The frequently-used boom has 3, 4 or 5 sections, which can be folded hydraulically. And it’s common that a placing boom is made into a box shaped boom structure.

According to the different folding methods, it can be generally divided into R-shaped folding and Z-shaped folding or the mixture of the two folding methods.

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shape of the placing boom


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  • a-Z-shaped Folding
  • b-Rolling Folding
  • c-the mixture of Z-shaped   Folding and Rolling Folding

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R-shaped Placing Boom

Z-shaped placing boom

R-type placing boom has these advantages like easy placement, the compact structure, strong lifting force, large effective working area, etc.

The advantages mentioned make the placing boom fully unfolded. However, the disadvantage of the R-type placing boom is that boom can’t be fully spread if the working area is much too small.

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Z-shaped Placing Boom

R shaped placing room

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Z-shaped placing boom has these advantages including simple operation, convenient construction and rapid speed of boom expansion.

While the disadvantages of the Z-shaped placing boom are that it can not make full use of working area, and the boom will not be closed completely if it is used for a long time.

The z-boom can only be used on the truck with the short boom, and if the oil cylinder is exposed under non-working conditions , which can easily damage the piston rod.

RZ-shaped Placing Boom

RZ shaped placing room


The advantages of RZ boom placing boom are that the arrangement mode has high space utilization, and the boom seems compact and solid when closed.

Therefore, this boom can only be selected for trucks with the long wheel base. Compared with the Z-shaped boom, the disadvantage of RZ boom is that unfolding and folding the placing boom is trouble and complex.

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Mobile Concrete Placing Boom

The mobile concrete pump refers to the pump which can be transferred via a person or truck from one place to another.

The mobile concrete pump includes the stationary concrete pump, the self-propelled concrete pump and trailer concrete pump.

The mobile concrete pump is a large-sized concrete conveying machinery, which is used for concrete conveying of large-scale concrete projects such as high-rise buildings, highways, overpasses and so on.

concrete placing boom

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Hydraulic Placing Boom

The hydraulic placing boom, as an intellectualized concrete placing boom, is the improved version of the traditional placing boom.

The concrete placing boom is the end delivery equipment for concrete pumping, the role of which is to convey the concrete to some particular mould or designated locations through the pipe installed on the boom.

The hydraulic placing boom adopts hydraulic climbing mechanism to spread the boom and gain height, which saves arduous manual climbing.

Wireless remote control is also a major feature of the hydraulic placing boom. Currently, the traditional concrete placing boom adopts the manual rotating boom, however, the hydraulic placing boom can rotate by adopting the hydraulic climbing and hydraulic gear rotatory machinery under the effect of the wireless remote control.

When placing concrete, the efficiency of the hydraulic placing boom is more than three times that of the traditional types.

What’s more, the hydraulic placing boom is driven by hydraulic pressure in the process of lifting and rotating, which saves the time and promotes the construction efficiency.

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Static Concrete Placing Boom

Manual concrete placing boom is a new product which is designed to expand the scale of concrete pouring and develop the mechanization level of pumping construction.

And it is the supporting equipment connected with the concrete pump, solving the problem of walling pouring. Also, it plays a significant role in promoting the efficiency of construction and alleviating the labour intensity.

How Does a Concrete Placing Boom Work?

The front end of the feed elbow of the concrete placing boom is connected with the end of the distribution pipeline of concrete pump to form the conveying pipeline of the complete pumping project.

The concrete in the hopper is continuously transported to the placing range of the construction site under the pressure of the pumping system via these procedures: the conveying of the concrete delivery pipeline, passing the main girder frame and the rotation of the two-section pipe.

Concrete Placing Boom Parts

A concrete placing boom consists of the main girder frame, the balancing stand, the delivery pipeline and supporting seat.

The main girder frame:

The main main girder frame is installed on the reverse rotation supporting seat and can rotate 360 degrees.

The pipe support at the upper parts of the first two main girders is used to the delivery pipeline of the concrete placing boom, and the rear end is equipped with clump weight to achieve counterweight balance.

The balancing stand:

The balancing stand is equipped with a clump weight, which is installed at the joint of flange behind the main girder frame to ensure the overall stability of the concrete placing boom.

The delivery pipeline:

The conveying pipeline is fixed on the main girder frame, and the 90 degree elbow pipe at the rear end is connected with the end of the concrete conveying pipeline.

The manual pipe at the other end can place the concrete within 360 degrees through the movable elbow.

Supporting seat:

The supporting seat is mainly welded by steel pipe and steel plate. The slewing bearing is installed below the main girder frame to support the weight of the whole machine.

The upper main girder frame realizes 360 degrees rotation through the ball slewing bearing of the supporting seat in order to place the concrete material in the different ranges.

concrete placing boom supplier

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What is a Boom on a Concrete Truck?

A boom on a concrete truck is the supporting equipment for the pumping pipeline, so the pumping pipeline is installed on the support frame of the boom. Eventually the concrete can be transported to which you require it.

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Concrete Placing Boom Power Requirements

The power requirements of the concrete placing boom are different from that of frequently-used the electric appliances in family.

The concrete placing boom, as the construction equipment in the industrial field, needs to work at the 380v. The requirements for industrial electricity is 380v because of enormous motors are applied in the industrial circle.

What’s more, the internal coils of the industrial electric engine are roughly similar with that of a generator, the electric engine must be connected with three live lines and the voltage between any two wires is 380v.

Placing Boom Installation

  1. Before installing the concrete placing boom, check out the pipe fastener and separate parts of the placing boom assembled.
  2. When using the tower crane to carry the concrete placing boom, we should check on the lifting appliance used carefully.
  3. When the concrete placing boom is in position above the mould, we should select the position of the concrete placing boom and strengthen the four feet. At this moment, it is noted that the reinforcement should be carried out under the top slab of the mould, and the size of reinforcement should be determined according to the size of the concrete placing boom.
  4. After completing the reinforcement, lay down the placing boom, buckle on the cable and then carry the clamp weight to ensure the equilibrium and steadiness of the concrete placing boom.

The Operating Method of the Placing Boom

In the process of pouring concrete, the base of the boom and the fixed frame are firmly fixed with steel pipes to ensure that the placing boom is stable during concrete transportation.

When using the concrete placing boom is to pour concrete, tracking and inspection of the concrete placing boom is necessary.

If any problem is found, the pouring process should be stopped immediately and rectified promptly. The concrete should be poured again after confirming that there are no potential safety hazards.

After the completion of concrete pouring, the base of the concrete placing boom should be cleaned first.

After cleaning the base, the concrete placing boom should be lifted down with a tower crane and installed stably. Finally the cable of the concrete placing boom should be fastened.

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