Concrete Pump Cost

Concrete Pump Cost is one of the most important things that customers consider about. This article is for those who are intended to purchase a concrete pump and have little or no construction machinery using experience. Hopefully the following aspects will help you to make a decision of which concrete pump to take.

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diesel concrete trailer pump

Model: Concrete Trailer Pumps

Capacity: 30-88m3/h

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concrete mixer truck

Model: Concrete Mixer Pump

Capacity: 30-40m3/h

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concrete line pump for sale

Model: Concrete Line Pump Truck

Capacity: 30-88m3/h

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concrete pump truck

Model: Concrete Boom Pump

Capacity: 13m-62m

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Firstly, determining your budget.

The cost of concrete pump is various determined by the difference of pump types, usage conditions and products configurations, etc.. The following table will help you get a general knowledge about LUTON Concrete Pump Cost.


Concrete Line Pump Trailer

Concrete Pump Truck


Boom Pump

Price range


~ $44,000


~ $95,000



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Concrete Pump Truck Cost

LUTON Concrete Pump Truck Cost ranges from $45,000 to $95,000. No need to budget a extra tow vehicle and labor cost, concrete pump truck is a type of cost-efficient concrete pump.

But compared with concrete trailer pump, the total sing price of a concrete pump truck is higher.

Concrete Line Pump Cost

Concrete Line Pump here mostly refers to the concrete pump trailer, concrete pump truck and crawler concrete pump etc.. that pump concrete in pipeline ways.

This kind of pump is different to concrete boom pump that pumps concrete in boom ways. Without giant and complex robot arm design, concrete line pump cost is lower than concrete boom pump cost.

But, concrete pump trailer will need a tow unite. This cost should also be taken into budge.

Some trailer concrete pumps are either single or double axel and in different size. Concrete pump trailer cost is usually determined by how much concrete it can deliver per hour.

It is worth recommending to investors that the cost above sometime is exclude all of the hoses, steel pipes, an air compressor, an water tank and a few tool boxes that mounted on a vehicle unit.

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Concrete Boom Pump Cost

LUTON Concrete Boom Pump Cost is from $110,000 to $450,000. For other common concrete pump, this kind of pump is a whole different animal. The broad boom size ranges from 10m to more than 63m that effects the concrete boom pump cost greatly.

Secondly, determining the type of concrete pump you need.

A concrete line pump or a concrete trailer pump is ideal for residential concrete placing and can reach higher that a boom pump is unsuitable for.

A concrete line pump can be widely use in multiple forms of construction areas, whereas a concrete boom pump is designed for delivering a large volume of concrete in minimal time.

Thirdly, applications of your concrete pump are crucial for investors.

Before investors make their decision to purchase a concrete pump, the following aspects about the applications of their concrete pump should be take into consideration.

  • The construction projects scales
  1. Concrete pump trailer is suitable for some and medium construction projects.
  2. Concrete pump truck is convenient for application of frequent sites changing.
  3. Concrete boom pump is efficient as a large volume concrete pumping solution in handicapped working sites.
  • The projects locations

The project locations is also an important affect on decision of purchasing certain pump.

Concrete line pump can deliver concrete to higher and longer area, which suits for almost any construction projects as the pipelines and hoses can flexibly bypass the handicaps to the working sites directly. Most of these areas are inaccessible for other pump.

Concrete boom pump with its giant and intelligent arm can also deliver concrete to placing areas over tunnels, bridges, river, houses and other handicaps.

  • The environment situations of the sites

The site environment affects the specific pumping scheme. Investors should consider the specific situation of the application environment in many aspects when selecting the concrete pump. Once the pump is selected, its scope of use will be certain.

  • The local policy of the application area

Different policies of different regions and locations are crucial aspects should take into consideration. These are the preconditions of investments.

Fourthly, shipping and transportation cost.

Shipping cost is a significant fact of the whole cost. It accounts for a considerable proportion of the total cost. Include this in your budget.

Fifthly, the accessories cost.

Usually, concrete pump manufacturers provide some necessary accessories and wear parts freely. In sake of the special needs or maintenance beyond the warranty period, customers should take charge for the accessories cost.

The sixth, the assurance and the labor cost.

The assurance and labor is necessary. So the cost of assurance and labor should be included in the budge.

Take all these factors into account before you make a decision. This will be a wise choice for investors with high returns.

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38m boom concrete pump

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Concrete Pump Truck Cost Per Hour

Think that if there is no concrete pump machine, concrete pumping will be solved by manual method, cranes and buckets etc..

Customers will most likely cost much more than twice of the cost of a concrete pump. So a concrete pump is really an efficient and economical solution.

Take a concrete pump truck as an example.

Generally, a concrete pump truck service life is 10 years, about 29,200 hours. The average price of a pump truck is $75,000. So it means a concrete pump truck will cost about $2.60 per hour.

That is the single truck cost. There is also other costs.

  • Electric Cost

The electric cost is determined by the engine rate power.

For example, the engine rate power of LUTON 80m3 concrete pump truck is 176KW. So, the electric cost is about 176KW per hour.

  • Fuel Cost

Pumping fuel consumption depends on the actual pumping distance, pumping height, mixing truck feeding timely, concrete type and so on. The larger the pumping volume, the shorter the distance, the lower the height, the more fuel is saved.

Generally, it is 0.5L per cubic meter concrete. The above data is single engine fuel consumption, double engine (pumping using two diesel engines) fuel consumption is higher than this.

  • Labor Cost

Labor cost is various in different location. It is a main cost fact should be considered.

  • Concrete Pump Hire Cost

Concrete pump is rented by hours. Generally, it will cost $150 to $200 per hour or $2 to $10 per cubic meter.

The prices are various on region and the amount of competition in the area. Most rental companies will require a minimum rental time about 3-4 hours.

Estimation should be make to assess which pump is suitable for your job. Not only make sure the pump you need, but also you should ensure all details and calculations in line before renting.

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