Tips on Selecting the Right Concrete Pump for Your Work

Concrete pump plays an important role in the construction market. China’s fully hydraulic double-cylinder concrete pump has experienced a development process from weak to strong.

There are more and more concrete pumps of different manufacturers and models. Faced with the dazzling market of concrete pumping products, how should users choose the right concrete pump?

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diesel concrete trailer pump

Model: Concrete Trailer Pumps

Capacity: 30-88m3/h

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concrete mixer truck

Model: Concrete Mixer Pump

Capacity: 30-40m3/h

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concrete line pump for sale

Model: Concrete Line Pump Truck

Capacity: 30-88m3/h

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concrete pump truck

Model: Concrete Boom Pump

Capacity: 13m-62m

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Elements of Concrete Pouring:

The selection of concrete pump shall be comprehensively considered according to the type of building, characteristics of building, required maximum delivery distance, concrete construction plan, concrete pump type, as well as specific conditions.

Type of Building

In addition to the amount of concrete pouring, the type and structure of the building, construction technical requirements, site conditions and environment shall also be considered when selecting the model.

Generally, the main performance parameters of the selected concrete pump should be consistent with the construction requirements or slightly larger.

If the capacity is too large, the utilization rate will be low, but if the capacity is too small, it will not only fail to meet the requirements, but also accelerate the loss of the concrete pump truck.

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Construction Adaptability

The concrete pump truck is flexible, and the higher the boom height is, the larger the pouring height and distribution radius are, and the stronger the construction adaptability is, so the concrete pump truck with high boom should be selected as far as possible in the construction.

Concrete pump trucks with a boom length of 28 to 36 m are common products in the market, accounting for about 75%.

The long-boom concrete pump truck will become the main model in the construction. In addition, the concrete pump truck is limited by the bearing capacity of the chassis, the cost increases greatly when the height of the boom exceeds 42m, and it is limited by the space of the construction site, so it is seldom used.

Construction Volume

The number of concrete pumps used can be calculated according to the concrete pouring amount, the actual delivery amount of a single machine and the construction operation time.

For those concrete pumping projects with a large amount of one-time concrete pouring, there should be a certain amount of reserve in addition to the calculation.

Product Configuration

The performance of concrete pump should adhere to a high starting point in the selection. The quality from the internal to the appearance should be adapted to the high value of the whole pump.

Power System

The concrete pump adopts full hydraulic technology, so it is necessary to consider whether all hydraulic technologies are advanced and how the quality of hydraulic components is.

Because its power comes from the engine, besides considering the performance and quality of the engine, we should also consider the performance, bearing capacity and quality of the chassis.

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Operating System

The operation control system on the concrete pump is provided with manual, wired and wireless control methods.

The wired control is convenient and flexible, the wireless remote control can be remotely operated, and the manual operation mode can be adopted once the circuit is out of order.

After-sales Service

Due to concrete pump’s special function, after-sales service is more important.

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