Concrete Pump Price Malaysia

There are many kinds of concrete pump in Luton Group, Including concrete trailer pump, concrete mixer pump, truck mounted concrete pump as well as concrete boom pump.The price various from type, configuration, model, capacity, etc. We can supply the specific price according your requirement.

The concrete trailer pumps include diesel engine concrete trailer pump and electric engine concrete trailer pump, with capacity of 30m3/h to 80m3/h, price ranges from $20,000 to $38,000.

The price range for concrete mixer pump with capacity of 30m3/h to 40m3/h is from $18,000 to $32,000.


Concrete Pump Price List in Malaysia

Trailer Concrete Pump for Sale in Malaysia

Compared with concrete mixer pump, the concrete trailer pump has the stronger pumping height and delivery capacity. So many contractors in Malaysia prefer to buy it. And it can be applied to various kinds of medium and large construction projects such as high-rise building construction, water conservancy, slope protection and dam construction and so on. Trailer concrete pump is suitable for frequently shifted construction sites because of its small size and convenient movement. What’s more, it’s easy to maintain with low cost. Luton has manufactured diesel and electric trailer concrete pump for sale including: HBTSB40-10-66R, HBTSC40-10-82R, HBTS60-12-82R, HBTS80-16-129R, HBTS80-13-129R, HBTS60-13-90, HBTS80-13-90, HBTS80-16-110, HBTS40C and BS30D.

Model: HBT40 Diesel Concrete Pump

Max.theo.concrete output: 40m3/h

Price range: $20,000-$23,000


Model: HBT60 Diesel Concrete Pump

Max.theo.concrete output: 45-67m3/h

Price range: $23,000-$25,000

Luton concrete trailer pump

Model: HBT80 Diesel Concrete Pump

Max.theo.concrete output: 45-84m3/h

Price range: $34,000-$38,000

Model: HBTS60 Electric Concrete Pump

Max.theo.concrete output: 60m3/h

Price range: $25,000-$27,000

Model: HBTS80 Electric Concrete Pump

Max.theo.concrete output: 80m3/h

Price range: $26,000-$32,000

Concrete Mixer Pump for Sale in Malaysia

The concrete mixer pump for sale integrates the function of mixing and pumping, owning one device is equivalent to having a concrete pump and a concrete mixer, so it saves a part of cost to some extent. Besides, it has strong portability and compact size, which can save labour and time. therefore it is one of two hot-sale products in Malaysia. The concrete mixer pump for sale in Malaysia with 30 ~ 40 m3/h capacity is suitable for medium and small-size construction projects like houses, buildings, bridges, tunnels, etc.

Model: JBS30 Concrete Mixer Pump

Max.theo.concrete output: 30m3/h

Power: Diesel/electric

Price range: $18,000-$26,000

JBS40 diesel mini concrete pump

Model: JBS40 Concrete Mixer Pump

Max.theo.concrete output: 40m3/h

Power: Diesel/electric

Price range: $26,000-$32,000

Exporting Case and Feedback of Concrete Pump in Malaysia

The HBTS30-6-42C diesel concrete pump was exported to Malaysia in Apr. 2022. The reason why the contractor bought this type of diesel concrete pump is for his middle and low floor building construction project in Jul. 2022. When the customer browsed the relevant products of concrete pump on the Internet, he saw our company and communicated with the salesperson in the Internet. The salesperson then learned the relevant background information of this customer. The customer often contracts small-scale construction projects locally, and has his own team of about 5 – 6 people. Recently, there is an urgent construction project on hand, which cannot be completed on schedule by renting the old local concrete pump.


According to the construction conditions and corresponding budget of the customer, our salesperson promoted this diesel concrete pump. The relevant aggregate size and work volume, especially the budget, meet the requirements of the customer. Due to the epidemic, we made a video call with the customer and showed the customer the actual factory site, and finally reached this order. Above are some pictures of shipment.

This is the best concrete pump I have ever used. It has low noise, no interference, simple and convenient operation, and the equipment runs smoothly. Luton is a trusted business partner. I will recommend it to my friends later.”

—Encik Tuah

Why Choose the Concrete Pump from LUTON

Thanks to the complete production line and mature supply chain system, Luton’s products cover a wide range of products including concrete pump, concrete mixer pump, truck mounted concrete pump, concrete boom pump, self-loading concrete mixer, concrete mixing plants, asphalt mixing plants and other mechanical equipment.

Luton’s products have acquired the trust and favor of overseas customers with advanced technology, excellent quality, exquisite design, reasonable price and considerate service, and won a significant reputation in overseas regions. Currently Luton’s products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions including Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Ireland, Iceland, Canada, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Guyana, South Africa, Vanuatu, Singapore, Philippines, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, etc.

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