Small Portable Concrete Pump

Small portable concrete pump is also called as the secondary structure pump and the fine stone concrete conveying pumping, which is composed of the pump body and the conveying pipeline. It is mainly used in the concrete pouring of secondary structure columns and beams of buildings, and also as a concrete conveying equipment of pit … Read more

Concrete Mixing and Pumping Machine

Concrete mixer and pumping machine can be equipped with diesel engine or electric motor according to customer’s requirements. Distribution valve type is S valve. Luton concrete mixing and pumping machines have been exported into many countries such as kenya, Zambia, Jamaica, Sierra Leone, Indonesia, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, UAE, Dubai, Pakistan, Philippines, Ireland, Guyana, United … Read more

Concrete Mixer Pump with Batching Machine and Loader

Why to Buy the Concrete Mixer Pump with Batching Machine and Loader It is a combination of concrete mixer pump, batching machine and wheel loader, the batching machine is suitable for the capacity of concrete mixer pump. The combination equipment has cheaper price and highly cost effective. The batching machine can weight aggregates accurately to … Read more

32 Meter Concrete Pump

Introduction on the Parts of 32 Meter Concrete Pump Introduce the Parts of 32 meter concrete pump, learn more about how does the boom pump work Chassis The chassis is composed of the car chassis, PTO (transfer box) and transmission shaft. It is mainly used to provide power when the pump truck moves and works. … Read more

Cheap Concrete Pump

Cheap concrete pump has long been a key focus for concrete construction equipment investors. Experienced investors know that, as a small and flexible construction machine, concrete pump generally is cheaper than other large and medium-sized construction machinery. On the one hand, this is due to its light body, simple and firm structure, simple components composition, … Read more

Towable Concrete Pump

Towable concrete pump, with small and light body, flexible mobility and wide application range, has been the indispensable concrete machinery in construction industry. Since the whole pump body is installed on a movable frame with wheels, it can be easily moved by a trailer, and moved flexibly around every corner of the construction site. Towable … Read more

Static Pump For Concrete

Static pump for concrete, also known as stationary concrete pump, concrete trailer pump and concrete line pump, nowadays has become one of the most significant construction equipment. With compact structure, small body size, efficient and reliable working performance, static concrete pump is widely used in all kinds of construction sites. Once the series of steel … Read more

New Concrete Pumps

New concrete pumps presented here are all LUTON concrete pumping equipment with new technology and advanced design. LUTON GROUP provides the full line of concrete treatment machinery. All these machines are available for customers around the world. HBT Series LUTON New Concrete Pumps LUTON HBT Series concrete trailer pumps are classic products in LUTON concrete … Read more

Fixed Concrete Pump

Fixed concrete pump refers to the machine installed on a fixed frame. It needs to be towed to the work site by a trailer. The fixed concrete pump has the characteristics of high capacity and high conveying height. With the maximum horizontal conveying distance of 250m to 600m, maximum vertical conveying height of 150m. It … Read more

Small Cement Pump

Small cement pump, also known as small concrete pump, small portable concrete pump and so on. Benefited from its small size, compact structure, flexible environmental suitability and high working efficiency, small cement pump is widely used in all sorts of small-sized construction sites, including small residential building, narrow tunnel construction or underground mine projects, etc. … Read more