Tips About Concrete Trailer Pump From LUTON GROUP

Tips about concrete trailer pump from LUTON GROUP help you get a general impression about concrete pump products of LUTON GROUP. Concrete trailer pump from LUTON GROUP is a piece of construction equipment that is used to pump concrete from the ground to wherever it is needed. Hot Models of LUTON Concrete Trailer Pumps Operation … Read more

Cement Pump Trailer

LUTON GROUP is a professional manufacturer of cement trailer pump, our cement trailer pump adopts fully automatic construction operation system and high-pressure pumping. It can realize on-site continuous pumping, which greatly improves the construction efficiency. . For small and medium-sized projects, trailer pump is perfect! Welcome Our Factory! Advantages of Our Cement Pump Trailer Factory … Read more

Portable Concrete Mixer Pump

In today’s society, with the rapid development of urban and rural, construction projects put forward higher requirements for construction progress and quality. As a basic building material, concrete production and transportation are required to be simple, efficient, accurate and convenient. For this purpose, portable concrete mixing pump combining transporting, mixing and other function emerge in … Read more

Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

Truck mounted concrete pump is so expensive that you will give it up? Perhaps you have not seen what it can bring you. Brief Description of Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Truck mounted concrete pump here refers to the pump machine integrates multiple functions on a flexible and steady truck chassis, including concrete mixing, pumping and … Read more

Concrete Mixer With Pump Machine

What is the most efficient solution to solve concrete mixing and delivering in construction projects? The answer is obviously not unique. By far, there are many types of concrete machinery in the market with different characteristics aiming to concrete handling in construction projects. Selecting the most suitable solution according to the characteristics of different engineering … Read more

Hydraulic Concrete Pump 

Compared with bucket trucks and tower cranes, hydraulic concrete pumps have the advantages of stable operation, high construction efficiency, good quality, low cost and environmental friendliness, so they are widely used in concrete constructions of bridges, tunnel construction and other engineering projects. What is a Hydraulic Concrete Pump? Hydraulic concrete pump is a set of multifunctional and efficient concrete … Read more

Compact Concrete Pump

The compact concrete pump is a kind of construction machinery that is used for transporting the concrete. It is featured by small size and light weight, applied to such these fields as tunnels, grouting piles, hydroelectric power stations, mines and so on.       Scope of Application This paper takes a compact mining concrete pump as … Read more

Concrete Transfer Pump

The concrete transfer pump is another name for the concrete delivery pump that is also named concrete pump. And the concrete transfer pump is a kind of machinery which uses the pressure to continuously transport the concrete along the pipeline. The application of the concrete transfer pump can be seen in these fields such as … Read more

Concrete Mixer Pump Truck

The Introduction of the Concrete Mixer Pump Truck The concrete mixer pump truck is a combination of a concrete mixer, a concrete pump and a truck chassis. And the mixer pump truck is improved and developed on the basis of the pump truck, integrating the functions of concrete transportation, pumping and distribution, which has the … Read more

Ready Mix Concrete Pump

What Is A Ready Mix Concrete Pump?A Ready Mix Concrete Pump, shortly called a RMC Pump, is a series of equipment used for pumping ready mix concrete, which can conveys concrete materials swiftly through pipes to various project sites by continuously high pumping pressure. Ready Mix Concrete is a kind of common construction material that … Read more