Cheap Concrete Pump

Cheap concrete pump has long been a key focus for concrete construction equipment investors. Experienced investors know that, as a small and flexible construction machine, concrete pump generally is cheaper than other large and medium-sized construction machinery.

cheap concrete pump

On the one hand, this is due to its light body, simple and firm structure, simple components composition, convenient maintenance and long service life. On the other hand, it is also because of the time-saving, labor-saving, low energy consumption and high output. These advantages save a lot of money for investors.

In addition, in order to occupy more market share, various construction machinery manufacturers in the world are constantly introducing various new types of concrete pumping machinery to meet the increasing production needs of modern construction. The market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and more cost-efficient concrete pumping products are popping up.

LUTON Cheap Concrete Pump

LUTON cheap concrete pump is used in major infrastructural projects such as constructing railway and highway tunnels, bridges and culverts, hydropower, mining, high-rise buildings, as well as self building in rural. LUTON GROUP introduces more choices of concrete pump models with high efficiency, advanced technology but low price to global buyers.

It is worth mentioning that the definitely LUTON cheap concrete pump mentioned here do not mean the products with declined quality, inferior materials, and low performance, but those with innovation technology and advanced design. Due to improvement of technology, the production cost, the energy consumption and the components wear have all been reduced. It saves the cost for customers by improving product performance in an all-round way.

JBS30 electric mini concrete pump with drum mixer

So, a really cheap concrete pump has the following features:

  • Reasonable Price and Thoughtful Service
  • Stable Structure and Durable Components
  • Time-saving and Labor-saving Operation
  • Design For Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction
  • Efficient Working Performance and Long Service Life

Economical and Cheap Concrete Spray Pump

In the traditional building wall plastering project, the transportation and application of mortar and concrete are all done manually. According to the statistics, taking a wall construction project with a building area of 100,000m2 as an example, a mortar spray pump will reduce the cost of labor by about 35% and save money by about 32%.

Concrete spray pump, equipped with efficient s-valve reversing device and low price, is especially suitable to wall galling spraying, waterproof surface spraying and other mortar and concrete spraying application.

mortar spraying machine

Model: PBM20
Theo. Output Capacity (m3/h): 1.5/1.8
Theo. Pumping Pressure (MPa): 1.5
Max. Vertical Conveying Height (m): 12-15
Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance (m): 50
Max. Aggregate Particle (mm): 6
Overall Dimensions (L×H×W): 1700mm×870mm×950mm

Horizontal Secondary Structure Column Pump with Electric Power

The horizontal secondary structural column pump is equipped with a 15kw pure copper motor. The actual flow is 6 to 8 cubic meters per hour. The horizontal conveying is 60 meters and the vertical conveying is 30 meters. Generally, it is enough for pouring a small villa with six or seven floors.


Power 15kw
Max. Aggregate Particle (mm): 20
Max. Vertical Conveying Height (m): 30
Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance (m): 60
Transport Capacity (m3/h): 6-8
Pipe Diameter (mm): 80
Cylinder Diameter × Stroke (mm × mm): 120 × 360

Efficient and Cheap Concrete Pump Trailer

LUTON HBT Series concrete trailer pumps are classic products in LUTON concrete pumping machinery and equipment. Now, LUTON Group is launching a series of promotional activities for HBT Series concrete trailer pump. Many high quality and cheap concrete pump trailers are on sale.

  • Reliable components from world-famous brands, simple structure, stable working performance, long service life and low maintenance cost.
  • Equipped with latest S-valve technology reduce wear and tear.
  • S valve, spectacle plate and cutting ring are cast from manganese steel alloy, which is with high pressure resistance and wear resistance.
  • Reliable main electric elements are from world famous brands, like Schneider, LG, Omron and so on.

The concrete trailer pump be be towed by a tractor to the operation site. Although the trailer concrete pump has many advantages such as: small and flexible, and the pipeline can be used for vertical and horizontal. But the price is cheap.

A concrete pumping machine’s price ranges from $ 20,000 to $ 38,000. The size and the engine type influence the concrete trailer pump price. Available size are regular, small, or mini; engine includes diesel or electric.

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diesel concrete pump

Diesel Concrete Line Pump

Models: HBT30/HBT40/HBT50/HBT60/HBT80/HBT90
Max. Theoretical Output Capacity 30~90 m3/h
Max. Pumping Pressure () 6~20 MPa
Max. Theo. Vertical Conveying Distance 100~300 m
Max. Theo. Horizontal Conveying Distance 300~1200m
Max. Aggregate Diameter 40mm scree
Main Power Engine Diesel Engine 52kw~199kw

HBT60 electric trailer concrete pump

Electric Concrete Line Pump

Models: HBT30/HBT40/HBT50/HBT60/HBT80
Max. Theoretical Output Capacity (m3/h): 30~80
Max. Pumping Pressure (MPa): 6~16
Max. Theo. Vertical Conveying Distance (m): 140~300
Max. Theo. Horizontal Conveying Distance (m): 450~1200
Max. Aggregate Diameter (mm): 20~40
Main Power Engine: Electric Motor 37kw~110kw

Multi-functional Cheap Concrete Mixer Pump

Concrete mixer pump is also known as concrete mixer with pump and concrete pump with mixer machine, etc. Combined with multiple functions, including concrete loading, mixing, pumping and conveying, still with small and portable structure and powerful performance, versatile concrete mixer pump has now become one of the most popular concrete pumping machinery in the construction machinery industry market. With low price, a multi-functional cheap concrete mixer pump can complete the concrete job that requires a combination of a loader, a mixer and a concrete trailer pump. It can save lots of cost on various equipment.

  • One device, multiple functions, saving space, labors and purchasing cost
  • On-site mixing and continuous pumping, high efficiency, it can greatly improve construction efficiency.
  • Concrete mixing pump trailer with flexible mobility and strong maneuverability is very suitable for multi-site transition operations.

A concrete mixer pump is more convenient to use than a large and medium-sized concrete pump, a pump truck, and a vehicle-mounted pump, and is particularly suitable for the construction of buildings in rural towns or urban areas. The actual vertical height of pumped concrete can reach 80-100 meters, and the horizontal distance is 150-1000 meters.

A concrete mixer pump is slightly more expensive than a stationary concrete pump since it is fitted with an extra mixer. The price range is between $ 18,000 – $ 44, 000.

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JBT50 diesel concrete mixer pump

Diesel Concrete Drum Mixer Pump

Models: JBS30/JBS40/JBS50
Max. Theo. Output Capacity (m3/h): 30/40/50
Max. Pumping Pressure (MPa): 6/10/10
Max. Theo. Vertical Conveying Distance (m): 120/120/130
Max. Theo. Horizontal Conveying Distance (m): 300/500/600
Max. Aggregate Diameter (mm): slick/scree 20~40/40~50/40~50
Main Power Engine: Diesel Motor 52kw/82kw/92kw


Electric Concrete Pump With Drum Mixer

Models: JBS30/JBS40
Max. Theo. Output Capacity (m3/h): 30/40
Max. Pumping Pressure (MPa): 10
Max. Theo. Vertical Conveying Distance (m): 120
Max. Theo. Horizontal Conveying Distance (m): 300/500
Max. Aggregate Diameter (mm): slick/scree 20~40/40~50
Main Power Engine: Electric Motor 37kw/45kw

40m3 concrete mixer pump

Diesel Concrete Pump With Twin-shaft Mixer

Models: JBS40B-JS500-129R/JBS40B-JS750-129R
Max. Theo. Output Capacity (m3/h): 40
Main Power Engine: Diesel Motor, WEICHAI 129kw
Main oil pump discharge(ml/r): 112DT
Mixer Machine Type: JS Series Twin-shaft Concrete Mixer
Concrete Cylinder diameter/stroke (mm): Φ200/1000
Discharge outlet diameter (mm): Φ180

electric concrete mixer pump

Electric Concrete Pump With Twin-shaft Mixer

Models: JBS40B-JS500/JBS40B-JS750
Max. Theo. Output Capacity (m3/h): 40
Main Power Engine: Electric Motor 45kw
Main oil pump discharge(ml/r): 112
Mixer Machine Type: JS Series Twin-shaft Concrete Mixer
Concrete Cylinder diameter/stroke (mm): Φ200/1000
Discharge outlet diameter (mm): Φ180

concrete pump with vertical shaft mixer

Diesel Concrete Pump With Vertical-shaft Mixer

Models: JW40D-750R/JW40D-1000R
Max. Theo. Output Capacity (m3/h): 40/50
Max. Pumping Pressure (MPa): 10
Mixer Discharge Capacity (L): 750/1000
Max. pumping vertical distance(m): 120
Max. pumping Horizontal distance(m): 400
Main Power Engine: Diesel Motor WEICHAI 82kw/129kw

LHB40 Vertical Shaft Concrete Mixer Pump

Electric Concrete Pump With Vertical-shaft Pan Mixer
Models: JW40D-750/JW40D-1000
Max. Theo. Output Capacity (m3/h): 40/50
Max. Pumping Pressure (MPa): 10
Mixer Discharge Capacity (L): 750/1000
Max. pumping vertical distance(m): 120
Max. pumping Horizontal distance(m): 400
Main Power Engine: Electric Motor 55kw/90kw

Cheap Truck-mounted Concrete Line Pump

A concrete line pump truck or truck-mounted concrete pump can be driven and used to pump concrete. The concrete pumping mechanism is installed on the vehicle’s chassis.

It is generally composed of chassis, subframe, hood, power system, pumping system, mixing mechanism (concrete mixer and pumping machine), cooling system, electrical system, hydraulic system, support system, water cleaning system, as well as lubrication system.

The price of a concrete line pump truck depends on the feature parameters, the type of truck chassis, and the auxiliary components. The market price ranges between $ 45,000 – $ 95,000. 

Cheap Concrete Boom Pump

A concrete boom pump is also called a concrete pump truck.

The operational flexibility of this boom-type pump truck is quite good, and the relative speed is also very fast. However, its maintenance and use costs are relatively high, and because of its volume and limited by the height of the operation, there are many requirements for the site.

According to boom, concrete pump trucks can be classified as short boom-type (13-28 m), long boom-type (31-47 m), and super long boom-type (51-70 m). Based on the boom length, the price range of LUTON concrete boom pump is between $ 30,000 – $ 400,000.

If you are looking for a custom-made boom pump, the customizing may affect the initial price.

concrete boom pump price

How to Find Cheap Concrete Pumps?

Online Market Search

Online search remains the most excellent method to find products from various marketplaces. Under the construction equipment category in the market, companies with good reputations and histories will appear at the top of the search results.

However, when searching online, you should focus on the price and take the service and product quality in consideration.

The market place offers various specifications to choose depending on your construction project, you should consider manufacturers with after-sale service, advice, and supporting custom services.

However, before making your decision when purchasing online, it is better to learn more about the suppliers and also compare them.


Buying From Experienced Manufacturer

Purchasing a concrete pump from a trusted manufacturer without an intermediary or dealers always guarantees value for money. The dealers will raise the price to earn more profits in most cases.

The famous manufacturers and upcoming manufacturers with a high reputation and good service often sell concrete pumps at a higher price, but the product quality is guaranteed.

Customers’ reviews or feedback

Customer feedback is always the direct and real reference before purchasing a concrete pump. Clients who have experience building or using machines from various manufacturers may help you with advice on which ones to invest in.

Products show of LUTON GROUP

Luton Group is involved in manufacturing high-quality construction machinery. Luton group has facilitated major infrastructural projects throughout the country.

LUTON Products Include:

Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete Pump

Self-loading Concrete Mixer

Asphalt Mixing Plant