Concrete Mixing and Pumping Machine

Concrete Mixing and Pumping Machine

Concrete mixing and pumping machine is also called as concrete mixer pump or concrete mixer with pump. It can mix high-quality concrete and pump the concrete to the construction site in horizontal and vertical. It can be used in any working conditions, including small or medium projects, buildings in city or rural area. The vertical conveying distance is from 120m to 130m, the horizontal conveying distance is from 300m to 600m.

Concrete mixer and pumping machine can be equipped with diesel engine or electric motor according to customer’s requirements. Distribution valve type is S valve.

Luton concrete mixing and pumping machines have been exported into many countries such as kenya, Zambia, Jamaica, Sierra Leone, Indonesia, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, UAE, Dubai, Pakistan, Philippines, Ireland, Guyana, United States, etc.

Parameter of Diesel Concrete Mixing and Pumping Machine

Concrete Mixing and Pumping Machine for sale
Concrete Mixing and Pumping Machine price
Concrete Mixing and Pumping Machine manufacturer
Item JBS30JBS40JBS50
Max. theo.output(L./H)30m3/h40m3/h50
Mixer rated feed capacity0.56m30.56m30.56m3
Mixer rated discharge capacity0.45m30.45m30.45m3
Max. pumping pressure(H./L.)6MPa10MPa10MPa
Distribution valve typeS  ValveS  ValveS  Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokeФ200×500mmΦ180/1000mmФ200×800mm
Diesel engine model52kw82kw92kw
Max. theoretical vertical conveying Distance120m120m130m
Max. theoretical horizontal conveying distance300m500m600m
Max. aggregate diameterSlick/scree:20~40mmSlick/scree:40/50mmSlick/scree:40/50mm

Parameter of Electric Type Concrete Mixing and Pumping Machine

JBS30 electric mini concrete pump with drum mixer
JBS40 electric mini concrete pump with drum mixer
Item JBS30JBS40
Max. theo.output(L./H)30m3/h40m3/h
Mixer rated feed capacity0.56m30.56m3
Mixer rated discharge capacity0.45m30.45m3
Max. pumping pressure(H./L.)10MPa10MPa
Distribution valve typeS  ValveS  Valve
Electrical engineering power37KW45KW
Pumping system pressure28MPa28MPa
Max. theoretical vertical conveying Distance120m120m
Max. theoretical horizontal conveying distance300m500m
Max. aggregate diameterSlick/scree:20~40mmSlick/scree:40/50mm

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Features of Luton Concrete Mixing and Pumping Machine

The small model is light, easy to move, suitable for small construction projects;

The concrete mixing and pumping machine can be towed by a trailer, it is easy to move, and can be suitable for almost construction projects.

The full hydraulic system can improve the reliability of machine, extend service life, reduce the failure rate and maintenance cost.

The S tube valve are cast into shape with austenitic manganese steel and has advantages of anti-high pressure and anti-wearing;

Glasses plates and cut loops are made of anti-wearing horsiness alloy.

It can be equipped with the aggregate batching machine to ensure the accuracy of material ratio and quality of concrete.  

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