Truck Mounted Concrete Pump In Saudi Arabia

Truck mounted concrete pump in Saudi Arabia is hot in local construction machinery market.Recently, LUTON GROUP CO.,LTD. successfully signed an order for a JBS-30C vehicle-mounted concrete mixing pump with Saudi Arabia.

This is the first time that Luton Heavy Industry has exported vehicle-mounted pump products to the Saudi market, which will fully open LUTON GROUP the road to sales of truck-mounted concrete mixing pump in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi concrete machinery market has always had little demand for truck-mounted pumps. The concrete machinery sales of various companies are mainly small drag-type pumps, mixer trucks and mixing stations.

In 2015, the improvement of the Saudi construction machinery market situation brought sales opportunities for various construction machinery products, like self loading concrete mixer, stationary concrete line pump, protable concrete pump etc..

LUTON GROUP CO.,LTD. seized market opportunities, aimed at the equipment demand trend in Saudi Arabia’s engineering construction.

LUTON actively communicated with local large construction companies, analyzed the convenience of truck-mounted pumps during construction, and the future market prospects in Saudi Arabia, and successfully signed the first agreement JBS-30C vehicle-mounted mixing pump order. And it is planned to be arranged as an exhibit.

This not only allows local customers to experience the style of LUTON GROUP’s on-board pump products on the spot, but also lays the foundation for the future of LUTON GROUP’s truck-mounted pumps in the Saudi market.

The customer said that after the equipment debugging is completed and the first one is put into use, multiple equipment will be repurchased to supply more construction engineering needs in the future. This will help LUTON GROUP trouck-mounted pump products to seize the opportunity in Saudi Arabia.

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