Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump

Diesel concrete trailer pump is a kind of concrete delivery pump with diesel engine. It can pump the concrete to anywhere by the pipeline. It can be used for building, tunnel, bridge, etc. Diesel concrete trailer pump has strong power system, especially in places where electricity is scare.

There are many models in Luton Group, including output of 30m3/h, 40m3/h, 50m3/h, 60m3/h, 80m3/h, 90m3/h. The maximum vertical conveying distance is 150m to 300m, the maximum horizontal conveying distance is 300m to 1200m.


Models of LUTON Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump

HBT30 Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump

HBT30 diesel concrete trailer pump is small model, with theoretical capacity of 30m3 per hour. It is light, suitable for small construction projects.

Max.theo.concrete output (L/H)30m3/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure(L/H) 6MPa
Distribution valve types
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokeФ200×500mm
Outlet diameterФ180mm
Diesel engine modelYuchai
Electrical engineering power52KW
The biggest transportation(vertically/Level)100/300m

HBT40 Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump

HBT40 diesel concrete trailer pump with theoretical capacity of 40m3 per hour, has features of small and light, easy to maintain The wearing parts are very convenient to disassemble and assemble. It is very suitable for high building, roads, water conservancy, bridges, etc.

Max.theo.concrete output (L/H)40m3/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure(L/H) 10MPa
Distribution valve types
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokeΦ180/1300mm
Outlet diameterФ150mm
Diesel engine modelWeichai
Diesel Engine power82KW
The biggest transportation(vertically/Level)120/500m

HBT50 Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump

HBT50 diesel concrete trailer pump with theoretical capacity of 50m3 per hour, is suitable for all kinds of construction projects.

Max.theo.concrete output (L/H)50m3/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure(L/H) 10MPa
Distribution valve types
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokeФ200×800mm
Outlet diameterФ180mm
Diesel engine modelYuchai
Diesel Engine power92KW
The biggest transportation(vertically/Level)150/600m

HBT60 Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump

HBT60 diesel concrete trailer pump with theoretical capacity of 60m3 per hour, is suitable for high building or large granular concrete.

Max.theo.concrete output (L/H)67/45m3/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure(L/H) 7/13MPa
Distribution valve types
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokeΦ200/1650mm
Outlet diameterФ180mm
Diesel engine modelWeichai
Diesel Engine Power129KW
The biggest transportation(vertically/Level)180/1000m

HBT80 Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump

HBT80 diesel concrete trailer pump with theoretical capacity of 80m3 per hour, is a large pump, is suitable for high building, project with large concrete throughput.

Max.theo.concrete output (L/H)84/45m3/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure(L/H) 7/16MPa
Distribution valve types
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokeΦ200/1800mm
Outlet diameterФ180mm
Diesel engine modelWeichai
Diesel engine power129KW
The biggest transportation(vertically/Level)260/1200m

HBT90 Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump

HBT90 diesel concrete trailer pump with theoretical capacity of 90m3 per hour, is a large pump. It is a high pressure pump for large project.

Max.theo.concrete output (L/H)90/57m3/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure(L/H) 20/14MPa
Distribution valve types
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokeФ200*1600mm
Outlet diameterФ180mm
Diesel engine modelWeichai
Diesel engine power199KW
The biggest transportation(vertically/Level)300/1200m

Features of LUTON Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump

Powerful power system: Yuchai, Weichai, a famous brand of diesel engine power, provides you with powerful power. The main oil pump is imported from Rexroth of Germany and Kawasaki of Japan, which are world famous brands. Domestic main pump with Rexroth technology. First-class quality, reliable guarantee.

The double filtering technology of suction and return oil is adopted to prevent foreign matters from entering the hydraulic system and further improve the reliability of the hydraulic system and the service life of components;

The pumping oil circuit adopts the valve block mode to carry out the high and low pressure switching technology, which greatly improves the pumping efficiency and the automation degree;

The reversing of the pumping oil circuit of the main pump is controlled by the external pilot pressure reduction of the main reversing valve, which avoids the reversing impact and makes the reversing of the pumping oil circuit of the main pump reliable and stable;

The new automatic lubrication system not only ensures the reliable operation of the main engine, but also prolongs the service life of the wearing parts and greatly reduces the cost of later use and maintenance.

Quality Certificates

LUTON Group ensures all export standards are met and has been awarded various certificates and patents like the certification of ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, CE, BV certificates.

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