Concrete Mixer Pump Truck

The concrete mixer pump truck is a combination of a concrete mixer, a concrete pump and a truck chassis. And the mixer pump truck is improved and developed on the basis of the pump truck, integrating the functions of concrete transportation, pumping and distribution, which has the characteristics of compact structure, high efficiency and enough flexibility.

The concrete mixer pump truck has its own placing boom, which is widely used in urban construction, rural housing construction, villa group construction, small water conservancy projects, bridge construction, tunnel construction, etc.

concrete mixer truck

Concrete Mixer Truck with Pump Price

The differences of the concrete mixer pump and truck chassis lead to the different prices. The differences mainly refer to the delivery capacity, delivery pressure, engine type and truck chassis brand. Therefore, the different combinations may cause the different prices.

Generally speaking, the price of a single concrete mixer pump available in our company is around $18,000-$44,000. And the price of a truck chassis is $22,693 or so. Finally, it’s not difficult for us to calculate the price of a concrete mixer truck with pump.

Concrete Mixer Hydraulic Pump

The concrete mixer hydraulic pump consists of a concrete mixer and a hydraulic pump. To be more specific, the hydraulic pump is the hydraulic transmission concrete pump, which is composed of hopper, hydraulic cylinder, piston, concrete cylinder, distribution valve, Y-shaped pipe, flushing equipment, hydraulic system and power system.

The hydraulic system pushes the piston back and forth under the high-pressure. When the piston moves backward, the concrete cylinder sucks the cement materials, and when it moves forward, the concrete cylinder presses the concrete into the conveying pipe through the Y-shaped pipe.

Concrete Pump Mixer

The concrete pump mixer is equal to the concrete mixer with pump, which is a combination of the concrete pump and the concrete mixer. And the concrete mixer with pump generally refers to the trailer mixer pump.

The trailer mixer pump is a small concrete delivery pump which adopts fully automatic construction operation system and integrates feeding, mixing and high-pressure pumping. What’s more, the pump has the advantages of simple operation, stable performance and convenient movement.

Mixer trailer pump is a concrete pump specially for small civil buildings featuring simple operation and stable performance. During the construction, the safety is very high while the failure rate is very low, and the overall reliability of the equipment is higher than that of the old equipment.

The concrete mixer is a construction mechanical tool that all the components of the batching concrete are mixed together in specific quantities and proportions such as water, aggregates and cement to meet the requirements of the construction side and the project.

How Far can a Concrete Lorry Pump?

A line pump can usually reach 150 meters with the available pumping pipe while a boom pump or boom pump truck can usually reach approximately 70 meter when the boom is fully extended.

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