Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale

Overview Of Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale

A self loading concrete mixer for sale, often known as a self-loading concrete mixer truck, is a versatile and multifunctional piece of mobile concrete mixing equipment. It combines numerous operations such as self-feeding, self-mixing, self-weighing, self-unloading, and transportation in a single machine. As a result, it is a multifunctional integrated machine.

self loading concrete mixer for sale

Because of the widespread use of concrete in the contemporary construction sector has evolved an increasing amount of concrete mixing and production equipment.

Designers and engineers have devised a range of concrete mixing equipment to satisfy the demands of rapid and efficient production in the current building sector.

With the fast advancement of current design and manufacturing technology, concrete production equipment has evolved from the collaboration of numerous equipment such as auxiliary loading trucks, core mixing equipment, and transport trucks to just one piece of equipment performing all operations. This is one of the many functions of this kind of concrete mixing equipment, a self-loading concrete mixer.

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LUTON Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale

1.2m3 self loading concrete mixer
1.2m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer
Capacity1.2 m3/h
Engine Modelsuper charged engine 55kw
Gear2 forward 2 backward
Oil Tank & Water Tank16L & 400L
Drum Rotate270 Degree
1.8m3 self loading concrete mixer
1.8m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer
Capacity1.8 m3/h
Engine Model4102 Turbo-charged 78kw
Gear2 or 4 forward 2 or 4 backward
Oil Tank & Water Tank16L & 500L
Drum Rotate290 Degree
Luton 2.0m3 self loader concrete mixer
2.0m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer
Capacity2.0 m3/h
Engine Model4105 Turbo-charged 85kw
Gear2 or 4 forward 2 or 4 backward
Oil Tank & Water Tank16L & 620L
Drum Rotate270 Degree
2.6m3 self loading concrete mixer
2.6m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer
Capacity2.6 m3/h
Engine Model4108 Turbo-charged 91kw
Gear2 or 4 forward 2 or 4 backward
Oil Tank & Water Tank16L & 920L
Drum Rotate270 Degree
3.5m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer
Capacity3.5 m3/h
Engine Model6110 Turbo-charged 110kw
Gear2 or 4 forward 2 or 4 backward
Oil Tank & Water Tank16L & 860L
Drum Rotate270 Degree
luton 4.0m3 self loading concrete mixer truck
4.0m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer
Capacity4.0 m3/h
Engine Model6105 Turbo-charged 92kw
Gear2 or 4 forward 2 or 4 backward
Oil Tank & Water Tank16L & 1465L
Drum Rotate270 Degree
5.5m3 self loading concrete mixer for sale
5.5m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer
Capacity5.5 m3/h
Engine Model6105 Turbo-charged 92kw
Gear2 or 4 forward 2 or 4 backward
Oil Tank & Water Tank16L & 1465L
Drum Rotate270 Degree
6.5m3 self loader concrete mixer for sale
6.5m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer
Engine Model6105 Turbo-charged 92kw
Gear2 or 4 forward 2 or 4 backward
Oil Tank & Water Tank16L & 1465L
Drum Rotate270 Degree

Factors Affecting Price of Self Loading Concrete Mixers

Capacity for Production

The manufacturing capacity of self loading mixer trucks is the most critical element influencing their pricing. Self loading trucks with a high output capacity are more costly than those with a low output capacity. When selecting a self loading mixer truck, the quantity of concrete required must be calculated in order to choose the appropriate output capacity.

Various Configurations

Luton has created several self-loading mixer products with varying configurations based on the regular one to meet each client’s unique needs. Obviously, self-loader mixers with sophisticated setups will be more valuable, as seen in the table below.

Luton self loader mixer

Regional Distinction

There are also geographical variations in the cost of self loading concrete mixer trucks. Suppose a region has fewer self loading concrete mixer truck producers and strong demand. In that case, the price of a self loading mixer truck will surely be high. In the end, it is influenced by the variables of supply and demand.

Supply and Demand in the Market

Commodity prices are affected by changes in market supply and demand. This basic approach is also applicable to self-loading concrete mixer trucks.

The Cost of Raw Materials

The price of a self-loading mixer truck fluctuates in response to variations in the price of raw materials, particularly steel. Steel accounts for about 90% of the weight of a self-loading mixer truck. The price of the self-loading truck skeleton’s steel structure, particularly certain wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant steel elements, directly impacts the price of self-mixing concrete trucks.

Self loading mixer

Brands and Manufacturers

The cost of a self-loading concrete mixer truck varies depending on the manufacturer and model. Some manufacturers include the value of after-sales service in the price of the mixer, making the price seem to be exorbitant. However, this may be more cost-effective than cheaper options in terms of long-term use and maintenance.
There are some producers that produce the same high-quality items as the large brands, but the price may be lower due to the brand impact. Choosing high-priced major brand mixer trucks is not required as long as they are appropriate for our current financial condition. The Mr. Right we want is one with high cost-effective performance.

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The Benefits Of A Luton Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck


4m3 self loading concrete mixer to Canada

The Luton Self Loading Concrete Mixer unites numerous functioning mechanical equipment into a unique truck, eliminating the need for a loading truck and a transport truck, resulting in significant cost savings for these machines.

The simple operation of a Luton self-loading mixer truck requires just one operator and one auxiliary worker instead of the many more operators and people required by other conventional concrete mixing machines.

Luton concrete self-loading mixer is simple to maintain based on the compact design. As a result, the cost of maintenance is  lower than the others

High Productivity

As an example, consider the Luton 4.0m3 self-loading mixer truck. It can produce a batch of concrete every 12 minutes on average. If it constantly runs for 10 hours, the daily concrete production will be 500 tons, often the output of a standard mixer.
It’s obvious that it’s more efficient.

Self Loading Mixer Machine for All-Terrain

Luton self loading concrete mixer for sale is ideal for a variety of building sites, including isolated mountainous places and tiny tunnels, thanks to their strong diesel engine and wear-resistant tires.

The self loading concrete mixer for sale is an all-terrain construction equipment, thanks to its four-wheel-drive system.

Fast Recovery of Costs

Luton self-loading mixers can be swiftly put into service because of their small form, many functions, simple and straightforward operation, ensuring that investors quickly recover their expenses.

Simple Operation and Reliable Quality

The functioning of the Luton self-loading mixer truck may be readily managed from the driving cab, making the manufacturing process simple to execute.

It also gives a dependable assurance for manufacturing concrete products that match client quality criteria.

The visual control system of the Luton self-loader concrete mixer makes weighing aggregates with the hydraulic charging shovel and weighing sensor on the arm straightforward and uncomplicated.

Through a camera and a display panel in the cab, the operator may read the loading weight and reverse the loading situation.

All of those mentioned above provide good manufacturing quality to suit the needs of varied consumers.

Discharging Flexibility

Concrete mortar may be channeled into a waiting mold set practically anywhere around the mixer truck, thanks to the design of the rotating mixing drum and the associated chute. Because it is so adaptable, it can do numerous projects that a standard concrete truck cannot.

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Used Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale

1. The cost of a used self loading concrete mixer for sale is always less than the cost of a new one. Although the price is highly appealing, it is still not suggested that buyers purchase second-hand self loading vehicles for the following reasons:

  • The service life and performance of used self-loading mixer trucks have deteriorated compared to new ones. The condition of second-hand mixer trucks can only be approximated generally by utilizing time duration and frequency, and there is no absolute assurance.

2. In general, second-hand self loading concrete mixers have a greater failure rate.

  • The most serious hidden risk of purchasing a second-hand self-loading mixer truck is the presence of faults. It is impossible for us to see the true operating condition of the equipment while it is not in use.
  • As a result, buying a second-hand self loading concrete mixer poses a significant risk to investors. During the manufacturing process, investors will suffer huge or little losses. And, in certain cases, the loss exceeds the cost of obtaining a new one.

3. Another important factor to consider is the quality warranty of a used self-loading concrete mixer.

  • If you purchase a used concrete self loading mixer after the warranty term has expired, the owner will be responsible for any failures.

This is an incalculable passive cost if the equipment is in poor condition. Even if it is not expired, a used concrete self-loading mixer truck will not have the same quality guarantee as a new one, which has the complete warranty term. It is a loss in and of itself.

Self loading concrete mixer for sale

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Choosing The Best Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Sale

With the rapid advancement of contemporary machinery and equipment production technology, several brands of self-loading mixer goods are on the market. How can I choose the best concrete mixer product? The following remarks may be of use to you:

  1. Before purchasing, research the local policy requirements.
  2. Determine the procurement budget and the manufacturing capacity.
  3. Examine the local market scenario.
  4. Select a large brand with a long manufacturing history to ensure product quality and after-sales services are completely assured.
6.5m3 self loading conrete mixer
6.5m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

A high-quality self loading concrete mixer truck must have the following characteristics: stable hydraulic components, a strong and durable support structure, high wear-resistant and high-strength materials in the mixing drum blades, and a high mixing speed of the mixing drum, among others.

In China’s concrete mixing equipment business, Luton self-loading concrete mixing equipment is well-acknowledged as trustworthy products. Investors are welcome to consult with us and purchase these exceptional self-loading concrete mixer trucks. A trial will definitely convince you.

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