Difference Between Concrete Mixing Pump and Trailer Pump

Definition of Concrete Mixing Pump

LUTON concrete mixing pump has some alternative names such as the mixer machine with pump, mixing trailer pump, mixing pump or mixing and conveying pump and mixing and pumping integrated machine, etc., and it’s a mobile concrete mixing station integrating a mixing system and pumping system. It is mobile, flexible, convenient, efficient, and has good concrete quality.


Definition of Concrete Trailer Pump

LUTON concrete trailer pump also named stationary concrete pump, is a type of concrete delivery pump generally mounted on a single trailer frame, which is powered by a diesel-driven or electric engine and uses the high pressure to continuously pump the concrete along the pipe. It’s mainly applied to high-rise conveying, railway, tunnel and bridge construction as well as special applications such as hydraulic power, mining and national defense. And it can be also used as the spray pump equipped with incidental spraying equipment for spraying concrete, mortar, refractory material and green soil. So it’s widely used in daily life. The concrete trailer pump is commonly-used in the aspects of fine stone concrete conveying, floor heating construction.

stationary concrete pump

Configuration Comparison Analysis

40 Concrete mixer pump40 Concrete trailer pump
Pump Capacity40 m³40 m³
Engine Power84kw82 Kw
Pumping distance :vertical :60 mHorizontal:300mvertical :80 mHorizontal:400m
Hydraulic HoseParkerParker
Electronic Control SystemSchneiderSchneider
Wireless Remote√ (50-100m)√(50-100m)
Voltage Converter
Outlet Diameter150mm150mm
PipelineInclude 100 mInclude 100 m
 using with1.Wheel loader(used for automatic feeding)2.concrete mixer truck 1.self loading concrete mixer2.concrete batching plant3.concrete mixer truck



Both machines meet the pumping requirements, vertically and horizontally.


The chassis and key parts of the two machines are made of first-tier brands, so don’t have to worry about the quality.


1.If you plan to use concrete mixer, self loading concrete mixer and pump machine at the same time for the same project, the concrete pump is very cost-effective choose.

2.If you plan to use your machine for different projects at the same time, the mixing pump seems to be good too.

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